October 4, 2012


 (Found this old pic of yours truly from waaay back in the day)
I LOVE holidays. If you have checked out my old blog, Some Days U Gotta Dance... you will have seen the many, many pictures and posts about the Holidays. I can't help it, I've just always been this way.
I have been counting down the days til Christmas since January 1st aaand I have been patiently awaiting the day that I could start decorating for the Halloween season.
Since I didn't get my Fall/Halloween decorating done on the weekend (like I was supposed to before life got in the way) I am committing to getting it done this Thanksgiving weekend.
Hopefully by next week I'll be able to post some pics (here's to hoping Beer Pong and Board Games don't get in the way this weekend!) 
Happy  (thirsty) Thursday!

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