October 16, 2012

Let's Talk Tattoos...

Today I am linking up with Melanie for 'Lets Talk Tattoos Tuesday'
I have eight tattoos... People always wonder how I can run an early learning centre and be 'covered in tattoos'. When I am dressed for work you can maybe see one or two tattoos - the only time you would be able to see more is in the Summer months when I dress more casually to battle the heat
Lets get started:
My very 1st tattoo - Done in Las Vegas at Vince Neil Ink when I was 21. BAD picture but it is very hard to take a photo of your own back! (ha). My cousin and I got our tattoos at the same time and they are very similar. They are both of our last name and mine also includes five stars around the M of my last name (1 for each member of my immediate family)

 My 2nd tattoo - also done in Las Vegas at Vince Neil Ink. It is a memorial tattoo for my Grandpa Ken who passed away when I was 16. 'Chigle' is my nickname that my Grandpa Ken ALWAYS called me - it means 'Cheeky' (I'm a bit of a smartass). My Grandma was in Vegas too (we were there for my cousins wedding) and she had known that I was going to get this tattoo. She brought along a card that my Grandpa had given her for an anniversary that had his name (Ken) signed. I LOVE my Grandpa's handwriting so it was definitely an easy decision to have his name added to the design
My 3rd tattto is also my largest one. This was done in Brandon, MB at Warlock's. Just a few weeks ago at my niece's birthday party my friends sister asked me to hold still so she could read my tattoo. My response - 'Good luck, its in Latin'. She looked at me like I was crazy to tattoo a language that no one knows. However, there is a reason for it. The top flower is an Alberta Wild Rose and the botton flower is a Saskatchewan Prairie Lily. These are the official flowers of the two provinces (my two homes). The words in latin are the mottos for the two provinces - which are in LATIN. I know what they translate into even if no one else does
My 4th tattoo was also done in Las Vegas. It is a memorial tattoo for my Grandma Dee who passed away when I was 15. Her name is Delta but she was always known as Dee. The writing underneath the D says 'Love, me'. At her funeral we played the song 'Love, Me' as the family walked out of the church. Everyone always asks me if this one hurt (it didnt, but I don't think any of my tattoos were painful)
My 5th tattoo was also done in Brandon, MB at Warlocks. It's a very small tattoo and I LOVE the placement. The feathers represent my Metis heritage. It is so inconspicious that it took at least 6 months before my hairdresser even noticed it was there
My 6th tattoo - also done in Las Vegas
My 7th tattoo was also done in Vegas. (It's a BAD picture but one of the only ones I could find that showed the placement of it the best). This is my 'sister' tattoo (my sister and I got this tattoo together - hers is on her shoulder). It says 'We do not remember the days, We remember the momemts'

My latest (but not last) tattoo is a memorial tattoo for my Grandpa Angie who passed away in April.The story behind the number 13 is a HUGE post in itself (maybe I'll get to it someday). The writing underneath is his signature (he also had beatiful handwriting and journaled almost everyday when I was younger).  This tattoo is on my right forearm and matches up in size and placement with the tattoo for my Grandpa Ken on my left forearm

So thats its... for now. I already have plans for at least two more....


  1. WOW I loved this post. How awesome and significance behind all seven. This is amazing:) Thank you so much for linking up.

    1. Thanks for hosting the linkup! My tattoos are always something I am willing to talk about and share! :)

  2. Hi there! New follower from the Let's Talk Tattos link up. I love your 2nd tattoo! It's beautiful! and I love that every single one of your tattoos has a special meaning.


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