October 15, 2012


Yet another busy weekend has come and gone...

Friday night I went out with two friends for supper and drinks at a pub in 'the city'. I had some much needed Vodka Cranberries (my latest 'vice'). It was nice to catch up - we try to do this at least once every two weeks.

I spent the night at one of the girls' house since we had to be at a work conference early in the morning (booo). Thank effin god there was a Tim Hortons right beside the hotel the conference was being held at - I don't think I could've handled the day without my morning cup of coffee. The conference wasn't as bad as most conferences are- I didn't fall asleep (though one girl did) She's lucky she wasn't one of MY employees - She would've gotten an ass kicking for sure.

 Luckily the conference ended an hour and a half early so I grabbed an Ice Capp. from Tim Hortons, some donuts for the fam (including football shaped Rider ones) and hit the road for home sooo thankful that I wouldn't miss as much as the Rider game as I had anticipated. I ended up only missing the first quarter of the game... but unfortunately, we lost :(. You can't win them all I guess.

I had a maaaajor headache later on in the day and ended up falling asleep at 6:30 that night - so of course I was wide awake at 2:30 in the morning (who does that?!). I lazed around most of the day on Sunday- still trying to fight off my headache. I had to draaag myself out of bed to head to 'Dodge' where the bro and sis in law were hosting Sunday Supper at their house (delicious!).

Toni - minus the girls :( -  was there for supper too and after supper decided to run to her house and get her 'Faerie Cards'. (Remember a few weeks ago where she attended a trade show in 'the city' and I watched the girls for awhile? During this tradeshow she had her faerie and angel cards read by an angel card reader and she ended up buying a pack of 'faerie cards'. )

I didn't have a specific question to ask the 'Faeries' so Toni just told the Faerieis to tell me what they wanted me to know. I can't remember what three cards were pulled but I do know that I liked what they were telling me. Bascially, the 'Faeries' validated my decision to start saving up and move to NYC - so I'm officialy a 'Believer'! Anything that is going to approve of my future plans is OK by me.  (My decision to move to NYC will HOPEFULLY be the highlight of a future blog post - stay tuned :) )

I was feeling MUCH better by the time we left 'Dodge' and since it was such a nice night I decided to take Bear for a walk (for the middle of October in SE SK it was GORGEOUS!) I was wearing a light Lululemon hoodie and was sweating by the time we finished our 50 minute walk - halfway through the walk Bear was panting and yawning- the nice weather must've gotten to her too.

Hopefully the weather will hold up this week too - I'm not ready for snow quite yet!

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