October 10, 2012

What I'm Loving...

i'm loving... that the new show, Nashville, starts tonight. I hope Connie Britton is as good as she was on Friday Night Lights
i'm loving... that I go for my first Twinrix vaccination today (not loving the needle part at all - I hate needles- but I am loving that it means my vacay to Mexico is that much closer)
i'm loving... making some extra $ to pay off my trip by selling a billion unused items from my closet
i'm loving... that I just ordered Season 7 of HIMYM on Amazon... can't wait til it gets here... best.show.ever.
i'm loving... that this is a short work week and that today is Wednesday, even though it only feels like Tuesday
i'm loving... that Vampire Diaries returns tomorrow night! I have been waiting MONTHS for it

Happy Hump Day!

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