October 31, 2012

What I'm Loving . . .

i'm loving . . . That it is FINALLY Halloween! My 2nd favourite Holiday (next to Christmas, obviously).  I went to the Queen City on the weekend for a Rider Game and we ended up going out to the bar - there were so many good costumes! I just love seeing how creative some people get - and the kiddos are always ADORABLE!
i'm loving . . . My new Jillian Michaels DVD that arrived this week! I wanted to switch up my workout after I finished 30 days of The Shred so I ordered Ripped in 30.   My dad saw the DVD sitting on the counter in their kitchen and said 'That Jillian is a bitch. Good luck with those." Thanks Dad . . .
i'm loving . . . this blog swap from Kassie! So excited to pick out some goodies for my partner! I LOVE gift giving!
i'm loving . . . that my drive in to work this morning was nice and clear. For the last two days the fog has been so heavy that I couldn't drive more than 80 kms (turning my 45 minute drive into at least an hour drive... ugh). It was pretty scary last night - not able to see the lines on the highway or the vehicles in front of you. I seriously felt like I was in a horror movie
i'm loving . . . this Halloween snack mix I whipped up last night. (source). I made this last year as Halloween gifts for some friends - so delicious! My family ate half the mix last night before I could even divide it up into bags

 i'm loving . . . these cute pumpkin treats I made for my nieces and 'nephew's and cousins kiddos. (source. What did people do before Pinterest?!)

Tomorrow on the blog: Throwback Thursday from the Ghosts of Halloweens Past! I can't wait to dig up some old pictures from Halloween!

Happy Hump Day!

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