October 24, 2012

Working on my fitness...

I started Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred (for the billionth time) on the weekend and my body is now protesting every move I make

I feel like all my muscles are being lit on fire with each step I take and it doesn't help that to get to my office at work I have to go up a flight of stairs and to get to the staff washroom I have to go down two flights of stairs (I drink a shit ton of water everyday so this is NOT fun!)

Getting up at 5 am is getting easier every day (really only an hour early than I have to be up anyways) and I feel like I get so much accomplished by getting up earlier and I just keep reminding myself 'no pain no gain' when it comes to getting in shape

I ordered Jillian's 'Ripped in 30' to do when I am done the Shred, just to mix it up a little bit. I'm even contemplating trying out Weight Watchers but I'm still on the fence - I'm not sure if I have the dedication to keep track of  every.single.thing.I.eat. It sounds like a loooot of work

For now I am doing the Shred each morning and trying to eat healthier. I've been browsing Pinterest for healthy snack and meal ideas (it certainly ain't cheap to eat healthy!)

I have exactly 54 days until I will be on a beach in Mexico to watch my childhood friend (and college roommate) get married and I want to be able to enjoy the experience and not be worried about what I look like in my bathing suit and wonder what other people are thinking about me. I just want to be able to relax!

I've been contemplating posting a 'before' photo but I'm just not sure if I am brave enough...yet


  1. I really want to post mine too - but I am too scared. I hear you. Awesome on the shred - getting up to JM is torture - so you are rocking it.

    1. Thanks! I think it would take a few cocktails for me to be ok with posting mine-then as soon as I sobered up I'd be mortified! It's getting easier every day to get up but sometimes I have to mute her voice, its too much for 5 am


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