November 20, 2012

25 Days . . .

I JUST REALIZED IT IS ONLY 25 DAYS UNTIL MY TRIP TO MEXICO! Eeeeek. I think I am having a mild panic attack right now

I have always been a planner and a list maker - I get anxiety if I don't have a plan. Everytime I travel I make a list at least a month before I leave. Yesterday I started writing out my list of items to pack

After writing out the list I realized something: I am not the least bit prepared!!! I have exactly one bathing suit. ONE! For a 7 day trip. WTF I am going to do?!

I tried to order another swimsuit off of Victoria's Secret yesterday and the website was acting up. Don't they know I am in a time crunch here?!

It has also sunk in that 25 days just isn't going to be enough time to give me Heidi Klums body. (Dang). BUT I do have a plan to at least be down a few pounds before I hit the beach. I'll admit I missed a few workouts in the last couple of weeks with everything I had going on but I am not going to allow any more excuses! I am going to keep doing The Shred in the mornings but am also going to add some extra cardio in the evenings

I drank my weight in vodka on the weekend so that probably didn't help with anything. . . AND I have a stagette to attend this weekend so I am definitely going to have to come up with something extra to do to balance out the booze. The bride has already let everyone know that there will be plenty of Jello shots to go around (so expect another post about my massive Sunday hangover) and for some reason I just can't say no to free booze shots

At least I don't have to worry about a Turkey coma this week - Thanksgiving was over a month ago for me. Although I may or may not have tried convincing my family we should celebrate American Thanksgiving since we live so close to the border . . .  It's probably a good thing they said no . . .


  1. UM, so jealous you're going to Mexico! When you go, will you bring me back a tan?

    1. I'll try but I'm thinking the only thing I'll be bringing back is a nasty sunburn for myself!


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