November 1, 2012

Say My Name Link Up . . .

Running on Empty

I'm linking up with Janessa and Lora to explain how my blog got its name

Let's start off by saying I am in no way one of those people that is obsessed with the Kardashians (I do like to watch their show and make fun of them if that counts?!)

However, my blog name was partly inspired by the Kardashians

My little bro's FIL calls myself, my 'twin' (aka younger cousin), and my sister 'The Kardashians'. This is HILARIOUS because the only resemblance we have to any of the Kardashians is that we are all on the shorter side and have dark hair. That's it. We aren't millionaries, don't have famous parents, and haven't made sex tapes (that I know of . . . )

Here's the background on WHY he calls us this: My SIL's dad is a DJ and was DJ'ing a local Ladies Night Out fundraiser. The theme of the fundraiser was 'Cupcakes and Cocktails' and everyone was expected to get all dolled up for the event. So we did our hair and makeup, threw on a nice outfit and headed to 'Dodge' to drink our faces off. Her dad says we walked into the room like we 'owned the place' and were all fancified (I think he likes to exagerrate the story a little bit) and thus the nickname was born

When I finally decided to try out blogging again (you can check out my old blog here) I was super stuck on a blog name. I had been watching a Keeping Up With the Kardashians marathon on Netflix (in my defense, I am sure there was nothing else on tv that Sunday afternoon) and thinking about how I should marry Rob so I could be Kayla Kardashian (sounds good doesn't it?!). My SIL and little bro came by the house and I told them about my plan to marry Rob (and divorce 72 days later) so I could get their last name. My SIL brought up how her dad calls us 'The Kardashians' and because I was too lazy to come up with anything better my blog name was born

While browsing through blogs I saw that the name Keeping Up With Kayla (check it out here, super cute blog!) was already taken so I shortened my title to Keeping Up With K . . . to keeps things simple

Maybe one day I will think up something clever to change it to Who am I kidding, never gonna happen ;)

AND like I said in yesterdays post I will be doing a Halloween version of Throwback Thursday later tonight when I have access to my laptop so make sure to check back for some 90's greatness

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  1. Love your blog title! Thanks for linking up with us....and I'm pretty sure Rob is still available, right?!


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