November 2, 2012

The Start of Winter on the Prairies . . .

Today did not start off on the right foot AT ALL
I braved icy roads to make the 45 minute drive to work because I had two
important meetings that I did not want to reschedule
I called ahead and informed my staff that I would be arriving
 late due to the 'shit ass roads'
 (my exact words . . . I'm so not a morning person)
Only to get stuck at not one but TWO effin' trains just as I got into 'the city'
Making me 35 minutes late for work
Good thing I'm the boss . . .
As soon as I got to work I logged onto my computer
only to find out that travel was not recommended on the highway I drive to work
that my Throwback Thursday post had disappeared (WTF?!)
I should've just stayed in bed this morning...

'Shit Ass Roads'  
 Train Number 2

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