November 19, 2012

Weekend Update . . .

Normally I feel stuck in a rut on Mondays, not sure what to blog about but for the next few weekends I have so much to do that I will actually have a weekend to update on. There's not usually much to do around these parts during the winter months so I am going to embrace it!
Friday was a complete whirlwhind. I was up at 4:45 am to get ready for work and was out of the house by 5:45 to make it to work for 6:30. My day sped since I was there so early (sometimes I wish I worked this early all the time) and before I knew it it was 2:30 and I was off. I went and got my hair cut and my hairdresser congratulated me for actually coming in for my 6 week trim when it had been 6 weeks and not 4 months - Seriously, my hairdresser had started to threaten calling ME to set up the appointments, that's how forgetfull I can be. So yay me for remembering! I then ran around 'the city' like a mad woman, picking up a last minute donation for the auction, grabbing dainties for the intermission, and getting last minute costume additions for Ladies Night. I sped home as fast as legally possible then headed 20 minutes in the opposite direction to grab my nieces from daycare. Then it was off to finish last minute details and get ready for the auction. We had so many awesome donations this year - the community support for our centre is amazing.
We haven't received a total yet but we did a rough estimate that night and came up with $11,500  which is wonderful!  

My favourite tree - It was called 'Merry & Bright' and had a 'Grinch-y' vibe to it. Would have loved to have been able to take it home- It went for $650 and is being donated to the local hospital
My SIL decorated this tree for her workplace - 'Black Magic' went for $800
 Some 'Jingle Table' items (aka Chinese Auction)

 A live auction item - a family game night - it's always a hit at the auction and goes for a high price. This ended up at my parent's house, bought by my Dad's company, to the tune of $800
I absolutely adore the plush woodland animals donated to our silent auction. They were bought at Kohl's and I am hoping I can head across the border one of these weekends and find something similar
Saskatchewan Roughriders mirror for the live auction. In our experience, anything that has to do with the Riders goes for a good price. I think this item went for $800
Sometimes I feel like I give so much to the community organizations that I am on and don't give myself enough 'me time'. But then after a night like this I feel so proud that I was a part of something special and was able to help my community out and ensure that our family centre is able to keep operating and offering such a great service to the small town that I call home
I didn't get to unwind at all on Saturday from my crazy week - I was up early putting last minute touches onto my costume for ladies night. Each table at Ladies Night came up with their own themes to dress up as - our table chose the theme 'Superheroes'. Rather than be a typical superhero, I wanted to be a Ninja Turtle. So me, my SIL, her cousin, and one of my BFF's
from high school made some awesome costumes and rocked the eff ouf of them (if I do say so myself . . .)
Getting ready to head to the event and my bro had to take a picture. He was OBSESSED with Ninja Turtles when he was little (confession: so were me and my sis). He uploaded it to Instagram and his caption says it all - he admitted before we left he was a little jealous he couldn't come to

 My friend 's tables theme was 'Gypsy's' - somehow I ended up taking a tambourine home that night
 I think I have these to blame for the massive headache I had on Sunday morning. It definitely wasn't the bottle of wine I chugged before we headed out or the shots of vodka I ingested. Nope, it was definitely all due to the jello shots. For future reference, 75 jello shots between 6 people is probably a bad idea

Me and the SIL
We closed the place down - a good night was definitely had by all
On Sunday morning my cousin and I were texting back and forth about our massive hangovers. I commented that I am glad Ladies Night only happens once a year - as much fun as it is I am definitely not as young as I once was. In College I did this every night AND went to class or practicum everyday AND was on the honour roll. Now I can't even handle one night out without staying in bed all day the day after. Go figure
We already have a theme for next year (if there is a next year . . . JK I don't buy into the whole the world is going to end). Any guesses what our theme will be??

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