November 7, 2012

What I'm Loving . . .

i'm loving . . . I know I already posted about this but I am LOVING that my car SOLD! I'm on cloud 9 right now
i'm loving . . . that the new Tim Hortons that is extremely close to my work is almost complete! Now if only a Starbucks would set up shop . . . A girl can dream...
i'm loving . . . that I will (hopefully) have a Starbucks in hand by Saturday. Planning a trip across the border to get some Christmas shopping done and a stop at Starbucks is always a must. Hopefully Mother Nature won't interfere with our plans
i'm loving . . . our costumes for Ladies Night Out next weekend! Here's a hint: Cowabunga. I LOVE being able to dress up when its not even Halloween :)
i'm loving . . . these brand spankin' new T-Discs for the Tassimo from Tim Hortons. I'm a coffee lover, what can I say
i'm loving . . . this dress from Victoria's Secret. I'm hoping to order this for Mexico (only 41 more days!)
and finally
i'm loving . . . that this weekend is a loooong weekend!

What are you loving?

Happy Hump Day!

1 comment:

  1. oh I love grabbing Tim Hortons when I'm up north. it's so yummy! have fun shopping :)

    xoxo, Amy

    I'm hosting my 1000th post party, love for you to come!


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