January 9, 2013

It's About Time Blogger! & Weigh-In Wednesday. . .

Apparently my prayers to the blogging gods worked because Blogger dug in deep and pulled that stick outta her ass and is finally letting me post pictures. HALLELUJAH!

Does this picture have anything at all to do with this post? NOPE. But its proof that Blogger finally accepted that I was going to go exorcist on her ass if she didn't start co-operating

Also, I posted this picture on Instagram last week (after losing it for a year and a half - whooops) and ever since I have been going back and forth on whether I (I meaning my fabulous hairdresser) should go back to bangs. Thoughts?? (Ps. I'm the one on the left in the Grey shirt)

Okay, enough distraction . . .

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On Weight Watchers (which I have stuck with for a full week already, thankyouverymuch *pats self on back*) my weigh in days are Mondays . . . as of this Monday I was down 4 lbs. Not a huge number but I will take whatever I can get as long as the number isn't going up

I was going to weigh myself again this morning but I forgot and didn't think it would be a good idea to do it right after inhaling eating a bagel with PB and downing an XL coffee . . . maybe next week I'll remember to do it before eating . . .

On that note, I've been watching what I eat like crazy and making sure to stay within my allotted daily points. I've also been researching different recipes on Pinterest and then just throwing some together myself, like this one: 

Ham and Cheese Pita Pizza
I've had  this twice already. It's a Weight Watchers whole wheat pita (4 points), 2 Tbsp pizza sauce (0 points), 15 g shredded mozzarella cheese (2 points) and two slices of baked honey ham (1 point). So a combined total of 7 points. It may not look that big but it was very filling and tasted just like regular pizza. The next time I make it I'll make sure to add tons of green peppers and red onions. Mmmmmm  

This little kitchen scale has become my best friend. I have been using my Weight Watchers app on my Iphone to calculate the points of pretty much everything in my house and making sure that the portions are accurate with the help of the scale. I even pulled my phone out in the grocery store aisles to determine whether I should buy something or not. Thank god for technology

I've been working out with Jillian's Ripped in 30. I like it soooo much better than the 30 Day Shred, mainly because the first week of Ripped in 30 there are NO jumping jacks ( I loathe jumping jacks! and the 30 Day Shred kills me with all the jumping jacks)

Normally I hate leaving a mess around. I always make sure to tidy up my room, make my bed, put dishes in the dishwasher, etc. before I leave for work in the morning but I find it pointless to put this stuff away.  Every morning it is right there calling my name and reminding me to get my ass in gear

Gotta get this body in shape for Vegas in April/May :)


  1. VEGAS BABY - great motivator - I like the bangs:)

  2. Hey! So happy to have found your blog--its crazy cute. And I like the way you write! I'm doing the weigh in Wednesday link up too. how do you like RI30? I just restarted 30ds (feel the same about the jumping jacks--my boobs seriously bounce everywhere), I haven't bought ri30...yet. New follower!


  3. 4 lbs is an awesome loss! Good luck with WW. I've tried it 3 times and started out great only to eventually fall off the wagon. But I have learned what to eat/not eat (for the most part). I have the Hungry Girl cookbook on my Kindle and love it. She is a big WW fan too.

    I'm doing the link up too. Can't wait until next week!

  4. Girlfriend, 4 pounds is nothing to sniff at! Way to be!!

    I'm a Weight Watcher too, and I laahvvve it! I think I might join this weigh-in Wednesday link-up because so many cool kids are doing it! My weigh-in day used to be Weds, but now it's Saturday. I guess I could weigh myself twice in a week. :)

    Oh! AND! I'm going to Vegas, too! Probably end of April or early May. If we end up being there at the same time, we should meet up for drinks!


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