January 14, 2013

Weekend Update . . .

I had one of the most low-key weekends ever but I'm gonna link up anyways because I don't have the energy to think something else up

I had zero plans made for my weekend which turned out be a good thing because of this:

On Thursday the Weather Network put out a Winter Storm Warning. The so-called 'storm' was supposed to start Thursday night and last into Friday afternoon. However, the Weather Network NEVER gets it right. Like, ever. By the time I went to bed late Friday night nothing had happened yet so I was hoping I would just wake up to a shit load of snow on Friday morning (only because that would mean I get storm stayed at home and not at work, 45 minutes away). No such luck. I woke up and looked out the window at nothing. Nada. Zilch. Not a single snowflake had fallen. The wind was really strong but I couldn't justify calling into work because of the possibility of a snow storm. So I started the trek into work. About 25 minutes into my drive it started blowing pretty bad and visibility was terrible, but I was already halfway there and didn't want to turn around after making it that far. I made it to work only to be told by countless parents and staff that walked in that it was just getting worse and worse outside. The longer I stayed at work the crappier it got.  I ended up staying at work for two and a half hours before I finally decided to call it a day.  I left at the perfect time - as soon as I got home you could barely see my house from the driveway. I curled up on the couch with Kirbster, watched some curling, and pretty much stayed in the same spot all weekend long. 

It didn't help that I started feeling sick Friday morning. I have been on a 2 year waiting list for a tonsillectomy since last May - I get Strep Throat every few months and I'm pretty sure that it has hit me again :(

I definitely didn't have a productive weekend ( I did make sure to get in a workout though! I've got #operationredbikini priorities!) but sometimes its nice to lay low and relax

I made over Kirbster:
She spent an hour trying to get it out  - She eventually gave up, covered her eyes, and hung her head in shame (picture on the left). She still loves me anyways probably because I didn't end up giving her the bright pink manicure I had promised 

Watched my boyfriend  curling:
 I am a HUGE curling fan and now that curling season is in full force expect to hear more about it (Sorry I'm not sorry. . . )

Graycie girl kept me entertained with her goofiness:

I gave myself and Graycie matching mani's: 

The one semi productive thing I did (which ended up being completely un-productive):
I started cleaning my bathroom but got distracted looking through all my products - which ended up in me triple barrelling my hair right before I worked out. (?! Right) I blame it on the sickness.  Aaaaand my bathroom ended up messier than it was before. Whoooops . . .

On a completely unrelated note, how good were Tina and Amy (yep, we're totes on first name basis) at the Golden Globes?! Of course I didn't watch the Golden Globes, I just caught the good stuff on Twitter as soon as it happened but OMG they were HI-LARIOUS. I want them to be my BFF's. And if they're not down with that I just want them to make more movies together . . . and with Kristen Wiig too . . . that shit would be amazinggg


  1. Lol! sounds like a great weekend to me!! I agree that weather.com ALWAYS gets it wrong! What the heck!!

    Stopping by from the link-up! Have a great night!


  2. FYI- a tonsillectomy is more painful than childbirth. (I have participated in both.) The plus side is that I lost 15 pounds in two weeks!


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