January 25, 2013

What's in my Make Up Bag & A BIG Giveaway...

What's in YOUR Makeup Bag?

When I saw that  Holly was linking up for a "What's In Your Makeup Bag?" linkup I thought it was a fun idea and I LOVE being snoopy  getting opinons on other products
I'm kind of a product whore
Remember this post where I realized I spend waaay to much money on beauty products?


Of course yesterday I was an hour away from home at the time I saw Holly's post so mine had to wait until today

To be honest, I don't wear makeup that often - Usually only on weekends and only if I'm going out
I don't wear makeup for everyday life
(I can almost hear the gasps)
I already get up early enough in the mornings and just don't have the energy to put on a facefull of a makeup when the only people I will see all day are my family, my employees, 90 children who love me even without makeup, a few parents if they decide to stop in the office that day and that one hot dad. 
On second thought, maybe I should be wearing makeup every day...

Kidding. He's married. But I can still look...

So. If I do wear makeup during the weekday it is usually just mascara and maybe (if I'm feeling energetic) some eyeliner

In the summer I tend to wear a little more because I wear my contacts all summer (so I can wear sunglasses) and I don't have glasses to hide behind when I'm inside

Here it is, my makeup bag in all its her glory

My Coach makeup bag. I got her (yes, its a her) for a steal of a deal at the Coach Outlet in Hershey, PA in the summer. I got my sister and mom mini ones too. Can't beat the prices at the outlets people!

The contents:

  • Victoria's Secret Face Prime Make-Up Primer & Setting Spray - I ALWAYS wear this in the Summer and especially on hot holidays to make sure my makeup doesn't melt right off my face
  • Hangover Helper inhaler- Extremely helpful for those raging hangovers. Especially the Vegas ones. I got this at an Oxygen Bar in Vegas and it goes with me everywhere my makeup bag goes. It legit works. Trust me
  • Clearasil Rapid Action Treatment Cream- If I start feeling like I might be getting a zit I throw this over the area and it magically disappears
  • Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara- Love, love, LOVE this mascara. It's a waterproof mascara so I can only use it when I don't have eyelash extensions done (I don't right now). I have tried so many different kinds of mascara and found this one to be the best in its price range
  • Victoria's Secret Smoky Shimmer Eyeshadow- Grabbed this gem right before my Mexican getaway and wore it everyday in Mexico. Love it so much. Now if only I could master making it look like the picture on the front...
  • Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream- Also helpful when I have a raging hangover and have to be presentable in public
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion- Hands down the best makeup purchase EVER. A bit pricy but so worth it. I got it at Sephora in Vegas on the recommendation of a friend. I owe that friend BIG time. When I use it my eyeshadow actually lasts. If you take anything away from this post it is that you NEED this product.  Need it
  • Revlon Lip Butter- Can't remember the name of the colour. I normally just wear gloss, not a big lipstick fan, so this Lip Butter is perfect!
  • Rimmel Eyeshadow- My go to eyeshadow before I bought the VS palette. If I happen to do full makeup for work I'll use this shadow
  • Revlon eyelash curler- I have to have long eyelashes. Have to. My cousin does eyelash extensions so I normally have extensions on but I took a little break over Christmas since they are quite pricy. No matter the occasion, if I am wearing mascara I always curl my lashes.
  • Ecotools Eyeshadow brush- I'm too cheap broke to spend a ton of money on brushes right now (one day I will!). I have the Ecotools eyeshadow brush and it is the only brush I have. I don't wear powder foundation or bronzer (I've been blessed with good skin tone - thank you native ancestors) so I don't have a use for any other brushes
  • Eyelash Extension Brush- When you have eyelash extensions you wake up in the morning and have to brush your lashes out or they are EVERYWHERE
  • Tweezers- gotta have em'
  • Grey and Black Eyeliner- I usually buy the $8 Rimmel version but am definitely going to look at options in Sephora on my next Vegas trip
So thats it for my makeup case
There's still time to linkup and showcase your products
You know you wanna...


Today Lora at Raising Steppe Sisters is hosting a  big giveway that yours truly is a part of
I'm giving a $10 Starbucks gift card and a Lululemon headband 
and there is SO much more to be won for ONE lucky person
That's right. One winner takes all
Make sure to head over there and check it out!
Maybe you'll be the lucky winner!


  1. Okay..wait... hold up - a hangover potion for your FACE. I'm in - where do I get it?

  2. I don't use any kind of makeup setter or eye cream or any of that stuff to help your makeup actually stay ON. I kept seeing products of that kind in everyone's post, though, so this week I'm thinking I should hit up Sephora at the MOA.

    Please tell me more about your hangover inhaler.

    Also, I just figured out THIS WEEK that the headband you sent me is from Lululemon. You made my dream come true! I never thought I'd be able to own something from that magical, expensive store!

  3. I'm with Mel...

    Thanks for linking up! :)

  4. New follower sent overbuy Lora's blog. Your layout is adorable! I work with kids too as a second grade teacher in a small town. You can check out my blog Mommy on a Mission at byram3.wordpress.com. Look forward to following you!

  5. I love wearing makeup but when I worked full time I didn't want to get up an extra 10 minutes earlier to put it on. After all, I was just seeing the same people everyday. And 95% of them I didn't care what they thought about me. That is when I invested in permanent cosmetics. I got my eyeliner tattooed on! Best $100 I have ever spent. Now it looks like I try even on days I don't. If I am running late I just grab my mascara and put it on at a stop light. WAH LA! Makeup is done. Maybe I am cheating but it works for me!

    I am a new follower! Hope you will stop by my blog. If you like what you see follow me back:

  6. Hello! I'm a new visitor! I am loving your blog and would love to gain you as a follower. I'm new to blogging! You're very inspiring. xo


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