February 20, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday...


My weight stayed the same as last week. And I'm okay with that. What I wouldn't be okay with would be seeing that number go up. I'm not going to let not seeing a loss slow me down. I just have to have some faith that what I am doing is working and I will see some big results soon


I took a rest day from the gym last night since there was a wind chill warning for the area and I didn't want to get frost bite from just walking back and forth to my vehicle AND my SIL wasn't going to chance the roads and come in again so I just did some ab work at home while I watched TV before bed


My co-worker that works in my office with me brought me a Tim's XL French Vanilla Cappucino yesterday after her lunch break AND one of my good friends that works for me brought me some banana chocolate chip muffins. HELLO - do they not realize I am trying to stay away from all that?!  I gave my muffins away to the co-worker that brought me the Tim's and I only drank half of the Cappucino so I didn't do too bad. The cappucino made me so full for the rest of the day that I could barely eat supper. I also recently went from drinking an XL coffee every morning to only drinking coffee on the weekends so I was wired all afternoon - I felt like I had ADD. Not good!


My cousin comes to work with me three days a week and on our drive home last night we made some exciting plans!:

We're going to Minneapolis in July for the Colo(u)r Run!
We're going to register asap so that there will be no backing out
I'm super excited- I want to do a 5K AND I've wanted to make a trip to Minneapolis for forever so we'll be hitting 2 birds with 1 stone
I priced out plane and train tickets and they are expensive so we will be driving the 9 hours instead which is actually a plus because we'll be able to bring more back with us (I plan on shopping til' I drop)
I'm trying to convince my bro, SIL , and sis to come too - And I'm really good at getting my way :)

It was Kates at You Betcha Baby that had posted about the Color Run and made me aware that it was going to be in the Twin Cities. Her and a few other bloggers are going to do it so I hope we'll be able to do a blogger meet up. And I definitely expect to meet up with Kate. And dognap Cosmo  :)


  1. The Color Run sounds so fun! And way to go for avoiding the muffin!!

  2. travel, color run and shopping all in one go? sounds awesome!!

    way to go this week with the not gaining and especially the muffin avoidance! i would STRUGGGGLE.

  3. Color Run is so much fun!!! :) I did it in my city last Sept. I hope to do it again and get more people to do it with me this time!!


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