February 19, 2013

Workin' On My Fitness...

My SIL and I started at the fitness centre on Friday night. I've always hated going to the gym by myself but can never convince anyone to go with me, which is why it took me so long to join again. I feel like people are staring at me when I'm there alone even though I know they really could care less about what I'm doing - its just always in the back of my head. We went again on Saturday and Sunday... and then this happened:

My SIL lives out of town and didn't want to brave the icy roads just to go to the gym  - I kept going back and forth on whether I was going to go by myself.  Finally I just sucked it up and went - I didn't want to 'fall off the wagon' after only starting a few days ago. I'm so glad I didn't psych myself out and not go - I feel so good after a workout and I just know I would've felt like shat last night if I wouldn't have made myself go


On Saturday I started doing Couch to 5 K. Apparently I didn't read the 'instructions' very well though because I blew through the first week in the last 3 days. Whoooops. I honestly thought it would be an everyday thing but that somedays would be easier/harder than others. Definitely not the case- you're only supposed to do it three times a week - NOT everyday like I was doing. So now I don't know if I should start on Week 2 this week or if I should start back at Week 1 and follow the schedule properly this time. Thoughts??


Watching curling while eliptical-ing it up at the gym last night. I purposely went right when curling started so I would have something to keep me occupied since I was by myself. I was to chicken to put my headphones in in case someone snuck up on me... I'm still kicking myself for watching an episode of American Horror Story a couple weekends ago (Thanks a lot for telling me it isn't scary sis!)


Yesterday was Family Day here in SK so I had the day off work. I spent most of the day prepping lunches and snacks for my work week 

Egg McMuffin-type breakfast sandwiches for the week. The recipe came from here. I omitted the bacon because I'm not a fan of bacon and only used half the amount of cheese. The verdit? Delicious! BUT I don't know if my muffin tin will ever come clean of egg gooeyness. Next time I will use a throw away one from the $ store

I also made Kadi's chicken fajitas for lunches for the week. When I first saw her post about them I was drooling just looking at the picture. I had the most delicious chicken fajita while in Mexico in December and have been craving them ever since. Kadi gets an A+ for these! I'm not a fan of tortillas (I hate the smell - is that weird?!) so I always skip the tortilla with fajitas


I've been on a major clean(ish) eating kick lately. Barely any cheats - even drunk toboganning last week didn't make me wanna eat everything in the house so thats a plus!

LOVING smoothies lately. I just wish my blender wasn't so loud

I can't get enough of fruit. AND I've been craving water like crazy

Other Weekend iPhone Photos

I painted my nails on Sunday night while watching curling. I painted them a plum-y colour at first and wasn't loving it because it was going to take a million coats to look good so I added some OPI Silver Shatter. I'm still undecided whether I like them or not but I'm to lazy to do them all over again so soon

I feel the need to defend the next 2 pictures. I am NOT a crazy cat lady. Up until I went away to College my family had never had a cat as a pet. Now there are three. And they think they rule the roost. They are always  up to no good, hence why you may see a ton of pictures of them on this blog

Hank and Luna. Here they are enjoying their morning coffee...

Kella giving me the staredown for even daring to ask her to move off the deep freeze so I could grab something...

I've been in a major blogging rut lately. Barely posting, rarely commenting on other blogs, taking forever to reply to comments on my own posts, etc., etc. I promise I am going to try and do better!!

Happy Monday Tuesday!


  1. American Horror Story is not scary. And I won't take back saying this. You need to toughen up :) Also I would go to the gym with you if I had somewhere to take my kids.

  2. It sounds like you've been having a really great week!I'm so glad to hear you're starting c25k--that program like changed my life! I totally did it everyday, too! Well, 6 days a week. I just repeated each day in the week twice. You might be able to just jump into the next week already--I'd be willing to bet you're in MUCH better shape than I was when I started. I had to repeat a few weeks on the program before I felt up to moving on. And YAY for joining the fitness centre/er! :-P


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