March 25, 2013

Once Again I'm Sorry...

Once again I have to apologize for my lack of posts last week (other than Weigh-In Wednesday). I missed over 20 hours of work last week due to icy roads and I usually do my posts during my lunch break at work. I barely even found time to read blogs *GASP*. I'm still playing catch up from posts from last week. (So if I comment on a post of yours from a week ago that's why!)

So on Friday I didn't head in to work because of the roads. I figured I'd have a relaxing day at home since I had big plans of getting stuff done on Saturday and Sunday. (My to do list is a mile long).  Then I saw that my cousin posted on FB that she would be down at the new daycare painting for awhile. I decided I'd be a nice person and go help her out for a couple hours since I wasn't working,  then I'd hit up the gym and then spend the rest of the day relaxing. I even put my work out clothes on under my painting clothes so I wouldn't have to stop back home afterwards. And that's where my relaxing day flew out the window. My cousin had somehow convinced our Aunt to help paint to and the three of us painted and painted and painted. Before we knew it we had been painting for three hours. By that time we were hungry so we decided to break for lunch. I called my Mom and we picked her up and the four of us went for lunch. Were making plans to go spend a weekend in ND with all the girls on that side for a girly weekend since we all had so much fun when we went to my cousin's then fiancees stagette.  We planned some of those details and then decided we'd go back and finish up painting. Then another 3 hours went by. When we finally started packing things up to call it a day I was exhausted and there was no way I was going to be able to walk, let alone run, at the gym. I decided it could be my one rest day and headed home.

When I had woken up Friday morning I had a little bit of a sore throat but really didn't think anything of it since I am constantly sick with throat infections. I usually don't even notice pain in my throat anymore until it's  really, really bad. As soon as I got back to my house and sat down I felt like absolute crap. Sore ears, sinus headache, super sore throat, even my eyes were hurting. I tried taking some cold medicine but nothing worked. That's when my plans for the entire weekend went up in flames. My huge to do list that I was hoping to have completed didn't even get started. Instead I spent basically the entire weekend between my bed and the couch, feeling sorry for myself and contemplating performing a tonsillectomy on myself. (No joke).

When I woke up this morning I could barely talk. If I hadn't missed so much work last week because of weather I would've called in sick. And I NEVER call in sick with throat infections since I get them so often. As soon as I got to work I started calling the Dr.'s office. And calling. And calling. And calling. An hour later I FINALLY got through and got an appointment for 12:00. As soon as the Dr. walked into the room he knew why I was there. He jokingly (at least I hope) told me he would take me out back and remove my tonsils himself. Then he told me it wast time to refer me to an ENT to talk about removing my tonsils. 'Umm, HELLO you already did that a year ago you idiot' was going through my head and it was so hard not to shout that at him. I calmly reminded him that I had already been referred and had went last April and was now one year down on a two year waiting list for surgery. Then he had a light bulb moment and decides he's going to write a letter to the ENT and plead my case for me. So please, please cross your fingers that it works! and so do my meds. 

(And I'm sorry for the long post about my problems blame it on the meds. I guess once you haven't posted in a while you feel the need to elaborate on EVERYTHING. I apologize).

So in other news my co-worker who shares my office with me came to work this morning and I could tell that something was up. Finally after an hour of working in silence she tells me that her boyfriend had broken up with her on the weekend and was a complete ass while doing so. I was feeling the need to go Lake Bell in 'What Happens In Vegas' on his ass. But even just picturing him writhing on the ground asking 'Why?!' makes me feel better. I could tell that she was taking it hard so while I was grabbing my prescription after my Dr.'s appointment I grabbed her some Mini Eggs because nothing heals heartbreak like chocolate right??


And finally, Trista from Stewart Street posted today that she is going to be hosting an Accent Challenge Vlog  Link Up on Thursday.  I'm so excited - I've been waiting for someone to host this link up since it was American Thanksgiving and everyone was vlogging Holly's Turkey Trot Linkup and pronouncing words completely different than I do. Like the word Pecan. I couldn't believe how many people pronounced it wrong (in my mind anyways). So since people have so many myths about Canadian accents I've been wanting to do my own vlog to prove that I don't say 'Aboot' or 'Eh'. (You gotta go out East if you want to hear that kind of stuff.) As long as my meds start kicking in and I no longer sound like a pack a day smoker I will be doing my FIRST EVER vlog for this link up! And I'm hoping lots of you will to because I wanna hear all the different accents!

When I think of Hank's voice I think of Bruce the shark's Australian accent from 'Finding Nemo'


  1. OMG, I'm totally joining up for that link-up!

    That was so nice of you to help your cousin paint and then to get your coworker a candy pick-me-up. You're so sweet! And I hope your lazy doctor gets his butt in gear and gets you moved up on that waiting list. Two years?? Seriously??

  2. That stinks you were sick all weekend!! A few weeks ago, I woke up sick on a Saturday and that blew the weekend :( Darn throat, I actually have that issue. Every day (or almost at least) I wake up with a minor sore throat. Sometimes its intense, sometimes its mild and sometimes its nothing, so strange!!! And painting, you arent dad and I did that all weekend. I come from a family of painters!


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