May 31, 2013

Operation Red Bikini...

Today I'm going to be very, very candid. I've never disclosed my starting weight before and never posted any 'before' pictures - and definitely no bikini pictures! - but today I am. I'm so proud of how far I've come that I don't want to feel ashamed anymore of where I was. I will never be that girl again.

Operation Red Bikini came along when I needed it most. When I got back from my friends wedding in Mexico in December I knew I needed to make a lifestyle change. I couldn't even look at pictures of myself without wanting to cry. Body image has always been an issue for me and I hit my breaking point.

The wedding was the week before Christmas. I weighed myself a few days after Christmas (and all the food and drinks that go along with the holidays) and saw the highest number I have ever seen: 193 lbs. 

I was disgusted. I couldn't believe I let myself get to that point. I was mad at myself for not trying to get in shape for my cousin's wedding, or for my trips to NYC and Mexico. Some of the best times of my life and I wanted to burn every picture and un-tag myself in every  single photo on FB.

Getting back into blogging was the best decision I ever made. Without blogging I wouldn't have found Kassie or Leigh Ann and I wouldn't have participated in Operation Red Bikini.  I am so, so, soooo glad that I found Mama Laughlin's blog on Pinterest, which led to finding other awesome blogs and becoming a daily  stalker reader, which then made me want to start up a blog of my own again. I honestly can't even put into words how much the blogging community has helped me on my journey. From comments on my blog posts and IG, to posts from others that inspired me -  I never realized how much support and words of encouragement could mean from strangers. I've received more support from 'strangers' in the blogging world than the people I'm closest to IRL. So from the bottom of my heart, Thank YOU!

Two of my ORB goals were to wear a bikini this Summer and to get a tattoo on my thigh that I could show off in said bikini. Though I may not be quite ready to wear that bikini to the pool or on the boat yet, I am posting the picture here today. I've NEVER worn a bikini in public in my entire life. Even as a child, who had no weight problems back then, I wore one pieces. I bought my first ever bikini specifically for my ORB goals. And I WILL wear it this Summer. 

The tattoo? Goal achieved as of Monday May 27th. And I'm ready to put on some short shorts and show it off! :)

Today I weigh 169.5 lbs. 23.5 lbs GONE since I stepped on that scale in December and decided to make a lifestyle change. Though this last month with switching jobs has been crazy and I have been stressed to the max I have still managed to continue losing, even though I haven't been at the top of my game. I will get back to the top of my game and I will accomplish my goals this Summer. And just because Operation Red Bikini is over doesn't mean I will stop IG'ing and blogging about my progress. So stay tuned...

Huge thanks to Kassie and Leigh Anne for hosting the Operation Red Bikini challenge. You ladies rock!

Now for the pictures....

Taigz wedding in Mexico. One of the pictures that had the power to make me cry. 
Taken in January. Right after making lifestyle changes for the better. Before, I would've cropped from my chest down out of the picture

Not a diet, but a lifestyle change. 
Of course I had to IG gym pictures. It's a blogging right of passage...

I started C25K... and then quit because it was too slow of a pace for me. I'll be starting it again tomorrow, June 1st to get ready for The Colour Run in 6ish weeks!

What used to be a regular staple in my diet now only makes very, very rare appearances
Mid April 2013. About a year ago I had put that dress in a pile of clothes to sell because I hated the way it looked on me.   While going through the pile of clothes to sell I decided to try it on and couldn't believe how much better it fit. I wore it to my friends wedding in April and didn't feel the slightest bit uncomfortable with myself in it!

May 2013
When I was bigger I tended to choose clothes that made me blend in, not stand out. Not anymore! I'm so excited to try out different trends and to be able to shop for clothes that I actually LOVE

I can't believe I'm doing this.... Not even my mom or sister have seen me in this state of 'undress' in yeeeeeaars. Here goes nothing:

Am I completely 100% satisfied with this? No. But I've learned to take the small victories as they come.  I can only go up from here! And compared to the bathing suit photo below, I am so happy with where I am
Mexico December 2013
I'm on the left, looking about 5 months pregnant. No bueno! 

I've been wanting this tattoo for a long, long time. But I was not comfortable with my legs at all so I kept putting it off. Until I realized ORB was almost over and it was one of my goals.On Monday I made it happen. And I can't wait to show it off this Summer

This was me at my Cousins wedding in August 2012 where I was a bridesmaid

And this is me 'wearing' the dress this morning. The dress is so loose that it won't stay up at all. It catches on my hips and stays up just below my chest but I could completely pull the dress off without having to undo the zipper. Non scale victory right there!

This was me this morning, feeling very happy with what I've accomplished in just 5 months. I can't wait to see what else I can do!

May 30, 2013

It's Gonna Be A Long Hot Summer...

I've been planning my Summer since last Summer. When you live in a place where it's Winter 9 months of the year you really make every minute of Summer count

It's going to be very hard to beat last Summer. I was a bridesmaid in my friends wedding (while she married my cousin - matchmaker right here!) and we threw the best Stagette EVER (the wedding was alright too I guess). I went to freaking NYC - I don't know if I'll ever be able to top that! My parents bought a boat and we spent hours out on the water. I got a beer pong table for my 25th birthday (even though I asked for a sewing machine...) - no gift will ever top my beer pong table! 

My 2013 Summer plans include:

Taking the girls to the Fair in 'the city'. Mini donuts, mmmmmm

A trip to the Twin Cities with my Sis and Twin for shopping The Colour Run - where I also get to meet up with some awesome blog ladies! Ok, there will definitely be some shopping (and drinking) thrown in there with the Colour Run

Playing Bones for hours and hours with family and friends while we get completely shit-faced. If you've never played Bones while day drinking you are missing out!

Many, many margaritas outside on the deck. New deck is being built right away and I can't wait to get drunk on it every night  have my morning coffee on it every morning all Summer long 

Reuniting with all my crazy Cameron cousins to celebrate Jeremy and 'Fun Brittany's' wedding. 

 Spending as much time as possible outside with my girls 

 Reuniting with my College BFF after three long years to watch her get MARRIED!

Trip to NYC... If only I could win the lottery and go back to my happy place :(

Hours spent drinking on the boat and listening to 'Pontoon' on repeat

Pool time with the girls - my ass WILL be in a bikini this Summer!

Beer Pong. All.Summer.Long

Dressing up like a fool to show off my Rider Pride. Only a few more weeks until football season starts!!!!!

Day trip to the Kenosee Superslides

Camping trip with the family - I miss our Summer vacations. Being a grown up sucks

Going to the drive in 

Random Acts of Kindness for my 26th birthday

Weekend getaways 

Trip to a beach. Preferably in Florida...

Host a 'Favourite Things' party

Beaver Cove Town Council Spa Retreat in MJ

My bank account is already scared... Its not gonna know what hit it! And I'm sure I'm even forgetting some of the things I want to accomplish this Summer

What are your Summer plans?

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May 28, 2013

Bonus long weekend...

Technically last week was the long weekend in Canada; however, I had another long weekend due to having to change my EDO days at work so I got a bonus long weekend. If only every weekend was a long weekend...


Papa Bears big 50th birthday was Friday. My parents are camping in the Valley with friends so they had supper and drinks at the camper. My sister and I did up 50 presents for his 50th birthday, just like we had for our Mom and took it down to the camper. 

Part of the 50 presents for his 50th (I'll do a whole post on  it later this week)
Checking out his new shirts. This one reads: 'It's my 50th Year! Fetch me a beer!'  (Purchased at Spencers). He got a kick out of the bag they came in too.. (also purchased at Spencers). 
This was everyone's favourite part. An inflatable walker  (Purchased at Hobby Lobby). The 'old folks' had a lot of laughs with that thing...
While he blew out his candles, Kirby taste tested to make sure it was ok...

Rae's big dance recital was Saturday. She had two performances  - an afternoon and an evening and we attended the evening one. She did a really good job and looked so adorable up on stage!

Rae in her ballet performance dress

Posing in her jazz performance outfit at intermission
Unfortunately you aren't allowed to take any photos during the performances (Booooo) but my sister ordered the video from her dress rehearsal so hopefully I'll be able to get some stills from it.


Most of Sunday was spent doing a thorough cleaning of the basement and getting some spring cleaning done. I went through a bunch of items and have a pile of stuff to put into my aunt's garage sale this weekend and a pile to bring to the Centre. It feels so good to clear up some clutter. I've been accused of being a pack rat before but I'm working on it!

I've been having really bad sciatic nerve pain again so by the time evening rolled around I was really sore. I  sat down on the couch for a break and turned on Netflix. I've heard so many good things about Scandal but had never got into watching it. I saw that it was on Netflix and decided to check it out. I watched the entire first season in one sitting and now I NEED to get my hands on Season 2! I am in LOVE with this show! Why do we have to wait until fall for new episodes?! :(

I was sad that the first season only had 7 episodes but it was also probably a good thing or else I wouldn't have slept at all that night!

The girls were at the house in the afternoon and I was teaching them about important information aka: who the Spice Girls are. The bottom picture is Rae being Scary Spice

My little bro, SIL and I headed to MB for our tattoo appointments. This Friday was supposed to be my EDO day but because of a work meeting I had to switch the days around. 

Newest tattoo. Not completely finished- I'll be adding to it later this year
I've been looking EVERYWHERE for this wine and finally found it at a liquor store in Brandon. This and the fact that there is a brand new Target in Brandon means I will be making lots of trips to Brandon in the near future...

Got home to see that the package I've been waiting for had arrived! My project life album. Now I have to get caught up on 2012 so I can order my 2013 kit

That's my weeekend in a nutshell. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

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May 21, 2013

My Month of May So Far (with pictures)...

I took an unintentional blogging hiatus for about a month. I was in Vegas for a week,  then I had two busy weeks left of work in 'the city' to finish up all of my projects (while still also working on things for the new Centre in O-town) and then life has been crazy trying to get this Centre open. 

I'm definitely missing certain aspects of my job in 'the city'  - mostly the staff and the children, but also the things that 'the city' had to offer that I can't get in my small town. 

But I am loving having a two second drive to work. And being able to sleep in an extra 45 minutes in the morning. And just having more time at home

This past weekend was what is known as 'May Long' here in Canadaland - a long weekend to celebrate Victoria Day. In the past for me May Long has always been centred around drinking. Saturday, Sunday, and  Monday were usually spent drinking from the moment I woke up to the moment I went back to sleep. But not this year. The last month has gone by so fast because I have been so busy that the long weekend completely flew up on me - before I knew it it was here. So I didn't even have time to think about plans for May Long - which ended up being a good thing because I once again have a nasty throat infection.  So my weekend was vastly different than usual. Of course it wouldn't be May Long here in SK without it pouring rain (or even snowing) all weekend. We usually just grin and bear it but this year the rain coupled with being sick just made me miserable. I did however find the energy to get a lot accomplished around the house, which know means less things on my to - do list; aka: more time for blogging!

Now today feels like Monday and I am completely messed up. I'm probably going to be one day behind all week!

Here are some pictures to recap how I've spent the last month:

My empty desk just before I walked out my office doors for the last time as the Programming Director of the Centre in 'the city' 

My dresser at home with some of the parting gifts I received - I really was blessed to work at such an amazing place for over 4 years. One day I will post about the amazing scrapbook that brought me to tears that was made by the staff and children 

Because of work going on at the Centre on my first official day of work in O-town I got to work from home. I enjoyed coffee outside on the most gorgeous Spring morning while doing some ordering. That right there really validated to me that I had made the right decide to switch Centre's

Clean up started at the new Centre in O-town - how a LOT of my time has been spent lately
I've been able to spend time with these two cuties:
Nice smiley face compared to evil face on Grandma's phone...
Something's not right here...

Headed across the border to Minot, ND with my Mama Bear and 'Auntie Jen' for the Mother's day weekend and got to shop at my favourite place - TARGET

Out for lunch at Badlands with my Mama Bear  on  Mother's Day
Kohl's just opened in Minot and I got a ton of great stuff  - like these hot pink  Rock & Republic jeans that are totally different from what I normally wear -  I'm in love with them!
Spent time last week in 'the city' with the girls and Toni for Rae's dance class and dance pictures. Stopped for Tim 's Iced Capp's before we left town
Me and Graycie waiting in Eleanor while Rae got her dance pictures taken

Best smile I have EVER gotten out of her! And all because she thought it was hilarious she was sitting in Rae's car seat
Had a 'town council meeting' last week with the Beaver Cove ladies. Three of them celebrated birthdays in May so I did up little Summer-y gifts for them

Now I can't wait to do some reading and catch up on some of my favourite blogs!