May 28, 2013

Bonus long weekend...

Technically last week was the long weekend in Canada; however, I had another long weekend due to having to change my EDO days at work so I got a bonus long weekend. If only every weekend was a long weekend...


Papa Bears big 50th birthday was Friday. My parents are camping in the Valley with friends so they had supper and drinks at the camper. My sister and I did up 50 presents for his 50th birthday, just like we had for our Mom and took it down to the camper. 

Part of the 50 presents for his 50th (I'll do a whole post on  it later this week)
Checking out his new shirts. This one reads: 'It's my 50th Year! Fetch me a beer!'  (Purchased at Spencers). He got a kick out of the bag they came in too.. (also purchased at Spencers). 
This was everyone's favourite part. An inflatable walker  (Purchased at Hobby Lobby). The 'old folks' had a lot of laughs with that thing...
While he blew out his candles, Kirby taste tested to make sure it was ok...

Rae's big dance recital was Saturday. She had two performances  - an afternoon and an evening and we attended the evening one. She did a really good job and looked so adorable up on stage!

Rae in her ballet performance dress

Posing in her jazz performance outfit at intermission
Unfortunately you aren't allowed to take any photos during the performances (Booooo) but my sister ordered the video from her dress rehearsal so hopefully I'll be able to get some stills from it.


Most of Sunday was spent doing a thorough cleaning of the basement and getting some spring cleaning done. I went through a bunch of items and have a pile of stuff to put into my aunt's garage sale this weekend and a pile to bring to the Centre. It feels so good to clear up some clutter. I've been accused of being a pack rat before but I'm working on it!

I've been having really bad sciatic nerve pain again so by the time evening rolled around I was really sore. I  sat down on the couch for a break and turned on Netflix. I've heard so many good things about Scandal but had never got into watching it. I saw that it was on Netflix and decided to check it out. I watched the entire first season in one sitting and now I NEED to get my hands on Season 2! I am in LOVE with this show! Why do we have to wait until fall for new episodes?! :(

I was sad that the first season only had 7 episodes but it was also probably a good thing or else I wouldn't have slept at all that night!

The girls were at the house in the afternoon and I was teaching them about important information aka: who the Spice Girls are. The bottom picture is Rae being Scary Spice

My little bro, SIL and I headed to MB for our tattoo appointments. This Friday was supposed to be my EDO day but because of a work meeting I had to switch the days around. 

Newest tattoo. Not completely finished- I'll be adding to it later this year
I've been looking EVERYWHERE for this wine and finally found it at a liquor store in Brandon. This and the fact that there is a brand new Target in Brandon means I will be making lots of trips to Brandon in the near future...

Got home to see that the package I've been waiting for had arrived! My project life album. Now I have to get caught up on 2012 so I can order my 2013 kit

That's my weeekend in a nutshell. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

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