May 30, 2013

It's Gonna Be A Long Hot Summer...

I've been planning my Summer since last Summer. When you live in a place where it's Winter 9 months of the year you really make every minute of Summer count

It's going to be very hard to beat last Summer. I was a bridesmaid in my friends wedding (while she married my cousin - matchmaker right here!) and we threw the best Stagette EVER (the wedding was alright too I guess). I went to freaking NYC - I don't know if I'll ever be able to top that! My parents bought a boat and we spent hours out on the water. I got a beer pong table for my 25th birthday (even though I asked for a sewing machine...) - no gift will ever top my beer pong table! 

My 2013 Summer plans include:

Taking the girls to the Fair in 'the city'. Mini donuts, mmmmmm

A trip to the Twin Cities with my Sis and Twin for shopping The Colour Run - where I also get to meet up with some awesome blog ladies! Ok, there will definitely be some shopping (and drinking) thrown in there with the Colour Run

Playing Bones for hours and hours with family and friends while we get completely shit-faced. If you've never played Bones while day drinking you are missing out!

Many, many margaritas outside on the deck. New deck is being built right away and I can't wait to get drunk on it every night  have my morning coffee on it every morning all Summer long 

Reuniting with all my crazy Cameron cousins to celebrate Jeremy and 'Fun Brittany's' wedding. 

 Spending as much time as possible outside with my girls 

 Reuniting with my College BFF after three long years to watch her get MARRIED!

Trip to NYC... If only I could win the lottery and go back to my happy place :(

Hours spent drinking on the boat and listening to 'Pontoon' on repeat

Pool time with the girls - my ass WILL be in a bikini this Summer!

Beer Pong. All.Summer.Long

Dressing up like a fool to show off my Rider Pride. Only a few more weeks until football season starts!!!!!

Day trip to the Kenosee Superslides

Camping trip with the family - I miss our Summer vacations. Being a grown up sucks

Going to the drive in 

Random Acts of Kindness for my 26th birthday

Weekend getaways 

Trip to a beach. Preferably in Florida...

Host a 'Favourite Things' party

Beaver Cove Town Council Spa Retreat in MJ

My bank account is already scared... Its not gonna know what hit it! And I'm sure I'm even forgetting some of the things I want to accomplish this Summer

What are your Summer plans?

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