May 21, 2013

My Month of May So Far (with pictures)...

I took an unintentional blogging hiatus for about a month. I was in Vegas for a week,  then I had two busy weeks left of work in 'the city' to finish up all of my projects (while still also working on things for the new Centre in O-town) and then life has been crazy trying to get this Centre open. 

I'm definitely missing certain aspects of my job in 'the city'  - mostly the staff and the children, but also the things that 'the city' had to offer that I can't get in my small town. 

But I am loving having a two second drive to work. And being able to sleep in an extra 45 minutes in the morning. And just having more time at home

This past weekend was what is known as 'May Long' here in Canadaland - a long weekend to celebrate Victoria Day. In the past for me May Long has always been centred around drinking. Saturday, Sunday, and  Monday were usually spent drinking from the moment I woke up to the moment I went back to sleep. But not this year. The last month has gone by so fast because I have been so busy that the long weekend completely flew up on me - before I knew it it was here. So I didn't even have time to think about plans for May Long - which ended up being a good thing because I once again have a nasty throat infection.  So my weekend was vastly different than usual. Of course it wouldn't be May Long here in SK without it pouring rain (or even snowing) all weekend. We usually just grin and bear it but this year the rain coupled with being sick just made me miserable. I did however find the energy to get a lot accomplished around the house, which know means less things on my to - do list; aka: more time for blogging!

Now today feels like Monday and I am completely messed up. I'm probably going to be one day behind all week!

Here are some pictures to recap how I've spent the last month:

My empty desk just before I walked out my office doors for the last time as the Programming Director of the Centre in 'the city' 

My dresser at home with some of the parting gifts I received - I really was blessed to work at such an amazing place for over 4 years. One day I will post about the amazing scrapbook that brought me to tears that was made by the staff and children 

Because of work going on at the Centre on my first official day of work in O-town I got to work from home. I enjoyed coffee outside on the most gorgeous Spring morning while doing some ordering. That right there really validated to me that I had made the right decide to switch Centre's

Clean up started at the new Centre in O-town - how a LOT of my time has been spent lately
I've been able to spend time with these two cuties:
Nice smiley face compared to evil face on Grandma's phone...
Something's not right here...

Headed across the border to Minot, ND with my Mama Bear and 'Auntie Jen' for the Mother's day weekend and got to shop at my favourite place - TARGET

Out for lunch at Badlands with my Mama Bear  on  Mother's Day
Kohl's just opened in Minot and I got a ton of great stuff  - like these hot pink  Rock & Republic jeans that are totally different from what I normally wear -  I'm in love with them!
Spent time last week in 'the city' with the girls and Toni for Rae's dance class and dance pictures. Stopped for Tim 's Iced Capp's before we left town
Me and Graycie waiting in Eleanor while Rae got her dance pictures taken

Best smile I have EVER gotten out of her! And all because she thought it was hilarious she was sitting in Rae's car seat
Had a 'town council meeting' last week with the Beaver Cove ladies. Three of them celebrated birthdays in May so I did up little Summer-y gifts for them

Now I can't wait to do some reading and catch up on some of my favourite blogs!

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  1. Love those jeans!! Hopefully one day I will be able to pull off something like that!!


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