June 28, 2013

Holy Eff, I'm old...

Yesterday, 5 minutes into my workday, the power went out (while I was all alone I might add - thank goodness for emergency lighting). I was expecting it to come back on within a few minutes. I waited, and waited, and waited... for SEVEN FREAKING HOURS. Yes, we went without power for 7 hours. And I felt like a flippin pioneer. No computer, no phone, no radio, no air conditioning. My cell phone was down to 10% battery so since its my lifeline  I ran my car for an hour while I was on my lunch break just so I could charge it. I seriously don't know how the pioneers did it!


In other news, it was 8 years ago today, on June 28 2005, that I graduated from OPHS. And that makes me feel really effin old. Add that to the fact that Monday marked only one more month until my dreaded 26th birthday and I feel like you might as well just get me a wheelchair

Anyways, enough about me bitching how my life is almost over. Here is how the graduation festivities work in O-town:

First comes Grad Picture Day where the Josten's Photographer leers at you and creeps you out. You take casuals, cap and gown photos, and then photos with your closest friends. 

My grad portrait. I'm so glad I never wore makeup in high school... said no one ever. What was I thinking?!

We don't have 'Senior Skip Day' instead we have 'Grad Rocks'. O-town is surrounded by valleys, so to get to O-town from the west you have to go up and down 'the hill'. On the hills next to 'the hill' is where all of the grad rocks are located. Each graduating class paints rocks shaped into their graduating year. Each year the grads skip school, go out to the hills, and drink paint their grad rocks. After grad rocks are over, and everyone has gotten drunk enough that they swim in the river that cows shit in, then its time for Grad BBQ. All the grads and their parents head out to one of the grads farms for a BBQ where all the grads pass out by 11. 

The guys got stuck with the job of digging the trenches for the rocks and the girls got the job of painting the rocks. I was to busy drinking to do any actual work other than be the official photographer of the day 

Our beautiful bright orange 05 rocks. The class of 05 is forever immortalized on the hills of O-town 

Then grad day comes around. We don't have a prom. We don't wear caps and gowns. Girls get a fancy dress for the occasion and the guys rent tuxes. We get beautified, get pictures taken, get drunk, then go to Grad Supper with our Parents. Immediately after Grad Supper we head to the community rink, where the Grad Ceremony is located. We do our grand entrance, sit on stage while speeches are made and awards are handed out. Then we exit the stage, where we are met by our escorts. We then proceed to do 'Grand March' around the rink. Then we dance once with our escorts, then with our parents and then its time for the party to start.  Everyone goes home, changes out of their grad attire, and heads out to grad party, located in a field on a farm of one of the graduating class members. That's when shit gets craay. Some of us may have already been  drunk by the time the grad ceremony rolled around, so partying and drinking until 4 in the morning might be a bad idea. Someone (definitely not me...) might have jumped on a guys back and beat him over the head with a to go mug for messing with her friend. There are some crazies out in this world, you really gotta be careful...

Before the drinking began
Right after our formal pictures we cracked the drinks open

With my BFF since Kindergarten, my sister from a different mister, J

My entire graduating class up on that stage. Only 34 of us. You know you're from a small town when...

Then its grad party time! The part the grads are always the most excited for

Check back in 2 years when it will be my TEN YEAR HIGH SCHOOL REUNION. You might have to talk me down from a ledge...

June 25, 2013

Empire State Of Mind...


Today I'm linking up with Holly and Amy to talk about my favourite vacation EVER! (Doesn't Holly always have the best link ups?!)

Some of the people from the tiny town I grew up in have never left the province, let alone the country. Growing up my family traveled around Canada a lot in the summers months, mostly through SK, MB, AB, BC, and ON. We'd spend weeks at a time in our camper exploring different places. Some of my best childhood memories are from the summers we traveled. 

When I was in Grade Eight we took our first trip to Texas, to the San Antonio area, to visit my Aunt and Uncle. We drove there and spent two weeks exploring the San Antonio area. We also took few days and went to Corpus Christi. The next year, again during Easter Break, we road tripped back to Texas. I haven't been back since but am dying to get back there. 

The next year, my Grade 10 year, I went on an EF Tour of Europe during Easter Break. We went to Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Austria. My 15 year old self didn't appreciate the history as much as she should've so I've been wanting to go back for years to rediscover everything.

This past winter I traveled to Mexico just before Christmas for the first time ever, to celebrate the wedding of one of my oldest friends. We stayed at an amazing resort and I never once felt unsafe the whole time I was there. 

And if you have ever read this blog of mine before then you probably know of my love for Las Vegas. 

Those may have been some awesome vacations and I have some great memories BUT there is one vacation that I haven't mentioned yet that is absolutely, hands down, my favourite vacation EVER. 

Last summer I took my first trip to NYC. And it definitely won't be my last. 

I went with my high school friend 'Scooby'. A friend of hers is a medical resident at a hospital in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. We flew to Harrisburg, spent a few days exploring the area and surrounding areas, and then 'Scooby' and I headed off to NYC. 

We took the train from Harrisburg to NYC. If  When I go back to NYC, even if its not to visit Mri in PA, I would still fly into a smaller area like that, and then take the train into the City. It saved us soooo much money. Flying into NYC would've cost us at least $1000 more than we paid for our airfaire and train tickets combined. 

I'd never taken a train before so it was definitely a highlight of the trip. We stayed at a hotel a block from Times Square. It was pricey but worth it to be close. We only had three days to pack everything in, and we definitely tried our best. We mostly did the 'touristy' things since we didn't have a lot of time there. Next time I go I'd like to see NYC like a real New Yorker and visit the 'off the beaten path' places. 

I had a list a mile long prepared of what we needed to see/do while we were there. And even though we were only there for 3 days we somehow managed to accomplish almost all of them. 

Day 1
  • Lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square
  • Madame Tussauds Wax Museum
  • Pizza at an authentic pizza place in Times Square
  • Chicago on Broadway 
  • Exploring Times Square at night  

Day 2 - Our only full day in the city and definitely are busiest
  • We grabbed muffins from Magnolia Bakery, coffee from Starbucks, and then walked to Fifth Avenue had 'Breakfast' at Tiffanys
  • Central Park Zoo. Central Park was one of my favourite things - I wish we would've had more time to explore
  • Empire State Building
  • Shopping, Shopping, Shopping
  • Battery Park
  • Exploring the Financial District
  • St. Pauls Chapel
  • 9/11 Memorial

Day 3

  • Ferry to Ellis and Liberty Island - Spent at least 3 hours exploring the two Islands
  • Lunch, aka hot dogs from a hot dog stand, on the steps of the Met 
  • Shopping on Madison Avenue
  • Train back to PA :(

I'd always wanted to visit NYC but had no idea that I would completely fall in love with the city.  Everything about it captivated me. Everyone at home couldn't believe I wasn't scared to walk the streets or take the Subway. I felt safer in  NYC than I do in the Queen City.

I was thinking the other day about how badly I want to go back, how much I miss it, how different this summer is going to be from last, and it honestly brought tears to my eyes. I never thought I could love anywhere more than I do Vegas, but NYC stole my heart.

June 20, 2013

Pink Lemonade Party (SPD)...

Today I'm throwing it back to 2011 and linking up with Stephanie and Katie for Saw It, Pinned It, Did It. Pinterest was just becoming a 'thing' around this time and everyone and their dog was pinning imaginary weddings and birthday parties for the kids they hadn't had yet. I was one of those people. But I at least had two sweet little nieces who I could pin stuff for. My sister, Toni, also got into the pinning craze and decided to plan an extravagant birthday for Graycie's 1st and Rae's 5th birthday party. 

Rae and Graycie are a week apart in birthdays, September 15 and September 21st respectively. My Sister and I are exactly 2 years and 3 days apart.  Having birthdays that close to your sibling is haaaard! We always had to have joint parties and someone always ended up in tears (usually me). Birthday parties were never a huge thing in our family and since both our birthdays are during the Summer it was really hard to have a party when we usually camped all Summer and were never home. I can only remember having two birthday parties once we started going to school. So we've always been a little bit bitter when it comes to birthdays. But Toni is determined to make birthday parties a bigger thing than they were when we were little.

This was the 1st party that Toni went all out for it. She found a pin about a pink lemonade party, loved the idea, and soon both of our Pinterest boards were filled with pins about Pink Lemonade Parties. You can find me here

Pink Lemonade cupcakes I made. They were DELICIOUS  (Pink Lemonade is one of my loves). The link for the site I pinned has since moved so no recipe :(

The lemonade stand (that still resides in Toni's porch almost 2 years later...). As much as I dislike the girls Dad I do have to give him credit for building this for them. It has yet to leave the spot it sat in for the party but hopefully someday it will make its way outside so the girls can sell some lemonade.

 We went with the easy route and just made frozen lemonade and pink lemonade. I found a free printable online and printed off the banner, laminated it, and attached ribbon on the back to hang it . Toni bought the beverage containers ( I can't remember where from) and they LEAKED. As you can see in the picture, the one had to sit in a pan because it was leaking everywhere. I haven't bought a single container like these that haven't leaked, but if anyone has bought one that doesn't leak please let me know where you got it!

I found a few other free printables online and printed them off and laminated them for the party and so the girls could use them to play with their lemonade stand after the fact and they wouldn't rip or tear 

Pink and Yellow Tissue Paper Pom Poms that I made. So easy to do and they work great for all kinds of parties. Instructions can be found here

Rainbow Fruit Kabobs are a fun way to serve some fruit. Idea found  here

Toni's already been talking about their upcoming birthday party so stay tuned for details from it!

June 19, 2013

I Need Coffee STAT...

tired quotes photo: tired quote-notTired.jpg

I am dragging today. I don't know if I've ever been this tired before. My sister and I took the girls to the fair in 'the city' last night. The girls had a blast but it was an exhausting night. We got to the fair around 6:00 and finally rolled back into O-town at 11:30 with two sleeping kiddos in the backseat

This was Graycie's second year at the fair but the first being able to ride the rides. They were both really well behaved and didn't put up a fuss when it was time to go home. They (and me) were up waaaay past their bedtimes but every once in awhile that's ok. I just won't be winning any beauty contest today. I work at 7:30 and this morning I finally drug my ass out of bed at 7:15. No bueno.  Good thing I no longer have a 45 minute drive to work! 

But I wouldn't have traded anything about our trip to the fair. I just love everything about the fair (except the crowds). The food, the lights, the rides. Love, love, love. And I love being able to share those moments with the girls. My sister and I talked last night about taking a weekend trip to Winnipeg to take the girls to the amusement park we went to as kids so hopefully we'll get there this Summer!

Now I leave you with an over share of the girls at the fair, as promised

Graycie stole my frozen lemnonade

 She made herself comfortable

 Love that Rae has her arm around Graycie protecting her

 Waited in line for half an hour for these little bits of deliciousness
 Girls and their cotton candy
Graycie's snake that she won at the duck game

June 18, 2013

Is It Friday Yet?!...

Good Morning Eff that noise. Im so done with this week and cant wait for it to be the weekend.  Yesterday was a frustrating (to put it mildly) day. Everything that could go wrong did. I hate days like that and they seem to happen way to often

First, one of my staff quit with 5 minutes (yep you read that right!) notice. Some peoples children . Then I had to run to Carlyle, 35 minutes away, on my lunch break to get Eleanor in to be looked at. Papa Bear noticed a weird tick coming from her while she idled and wanted me to get her in while I still have warranty. I called yesterday morning to double check that I was just going to bring her in, have the problem diagnosed, and then come back another time to have her fixed. They said yes. So I was fuming when they told me they diagnosed the problem and were already in the process of fixing it. FOUR hours later I was finally able to leave. There is nothing worse than being stuck somewhere with no vehicle!  If you follow me on Twitter you would've seen that by spending so much time in the waiting area I made friends with a really sweet old man. We're basically besties now...

My phone died after hour 2 so I spent the next 2 hours people watching watching Dr.Phil and picking at my fresh manicure

My view for four hours. FML. Seriously.

I dont like to get extremely deep on here but Ill just say that last night we got some news about my Grandma, who has been in the hospital, and the family headed up there last night. I didnt get home until pretty late so I am draaaagging today. Yesterday was just not a good day in the life of K

Im hoping today will turn the week around. The fair is in 'the city' and my Sister and I are planning on taking the girls.  I can already taste the cinnamon mini donuts... Mmmm... Be prepared for an overshare of pictures if we do end up going! 


When I woke up this morning my Twitter feed was filled with info about an awesome giveaway. Some of my absolute favourite bloggers are involved and I would LOVE the opportunity to get some advice from them. I never win anything but Im hoping that this will finally be the time I do! Check out the giveaway over at Erin's blog


I can't believe June is almost over. I still feel like its the beginning of May. So when I realized I had yet to sign up for BlogLovin and July was going to be here before I know it I had a little moment of panic. So I finally bit the bullet this morning and signed up. You can now follow Keeping Up With K... via Bloglovin