June 13, 2013

Letter To Myself at 21...

Dear 21 Year Old Self

You have just turned 21, already graduated College, and are working your first 'big girl' job out of College. Congrats! When you were 18, had no idea what you wanted to do with your life, and took a year off after high school you probably thought you would never end up at College. But thanks to two great friends you headed off to AB and had an amazing 1st year at College together. They may  have left you to head back to SK but you sucked it up and headed back to AB for your 2nd year all by your lonesome. You somehow convocated with honours. It's still a mystery to me how that happened. If you could have majored in sleeping in until noon and drinking every night you would have. But I digress. You may have had dreams about city life after College but the first chance you got to head back home you did. Don't worry about it. You are still going to see the world one day and get to live city life, I promise

You will absolutely HATE your 1st 'big girl' job out of College.  Don't worry, it gets better! By the time you are 22 you will be working somewhere that you will stay at for over 4 years, develop amazing friendships,  and work your way to the top.  That 1st job was just a stepping stone to get you where you are today. Side note: just because you hate your current employers does not mean you should show up hungover everyday. You are embarking on a lifelong career. Don't screw it up for me - Act like a professional! You will really seem like a hypocrite when one day YOU are the boss and you have a strict policy on drugs and alcohol... 

Speaking of alcohol, you have been able to drink legally for 3 years so turning 21 is not that big a deal like it may be for people who grew up in the States. 21st birthdays aren't that special around these parts but you will  make a big deal out of the fact that you are suddenly so old and your life is almost over. Your Mom will have a special surprise for you when you get home from work on your birthday. Since birthdays have never been a big thing for our family it will really make you smile. Remember to thank her for that

You may question your life because your sister and your best friend are both in relationships and have children. Just because your Mom was married at 21 and started having kids at 22 does not mean you are a failure. By the time you are 25 you will realize that kids are sooooo far off in your future and that you don't need a man to make you happy (Though his money would be nice...)

That car you drive that you hate so much? You know, that free one that your parent's bought you when you were 15 and is in perfectly good condition?  Don't think that just because you now have a career that you need to upgrade everything in your life. That brand spankin' new, shiny red car that you buy will not be very practical with commuting to work in the wintertime. Save yourself the money and drive the free car that your parents bought for you until you can actually afford a brand new vehicle. Don't be so stubborn for once! That money could come in handy for, I dunno, a trip to Vegas maybe...

Which reminds me, when the Twin asks you to go to Vegas with her and Auntie Diana for fashion shows don't think of how broke you are and hum and haw over it for days, just do it! You will fall in LOVE with the city and go back every year. You will also get to have your first legal drink in the States with an elementary school BFF that you ran into on the plane. You will also get your 1st tattoo in Vegas, after wanting one for years. Don't balk at the high prices. Get it and enjoy it. It will spark an addiction to tattoos that will most likely last a lifetime

Lose the number of that boy that texts you when he either a.) wants a piece or b.) wants you to take care of him when he's drunk or stoned. He's not worth it. It will also be really embarrassing when you try to sneak him out of the house one morning and your parents are upstairs having coffee. Even more embarrassing that they tell everybody about how funny it was. (it sooo won't be funny to you)

You are going to go through a phase of experimentation with something I like to call Mary J. It won't kill you so let loose and have a little fun. By the time you reach 22 the novelty will wear off and you will never touch the stuff again. Mary J is nothing compared to what some of your peers will be doing (and still do...) and your parents will thank their lucky stars that's all you've experimented with

For the love of God DO NOT chop all your hair off. Your Grandma will get mad at you and it will take 2 YEARS to get back to your normal length. It may be easier to do every morning but trust me, the novelty will wear off and you will miss the long hair like crazy. JUST DON'T DO IT!

You are going to spend NYE in Brandon with some of your favourites. But please do me one favour and double check that your dress isn't see through when there is a camera flash. It might be hard to post pictures from the night if you don't...

You'll have to make a tough decision between attending your cousin's wedding in Saskatoon or going to Craven. I'm not going to tell you how to handle this one - you will have to figure that out on your own. If you go to Craven you will get to reunite with Marissa, your College BFF, after not seeing her for months. But if you go to the wedding you will get to see the family that you don't see very often. Choose wisely grasshopper

You are going to have a falling out with one of your best friends and it will be years before she is finally the bigger person and reaches out to repair the relationship. BE THE BIGGER PERSON. You are going to miss her in your life so much so just man up and reach out to her sooner! PLEASE! 

Most importantly, don't change who you are just to fit in with other people. Some of the people you call best friends today you will barely talk to five years from now. And maybe that's okay. Just don't stop being you to please anyone else. People should love you for who you are not who you are trying to be. Always remember that! 

(PS. If I could time travel I would come back and bitch slap you for tyPiNg liKE tHiS on everything. Grow up!)

Love, 25 (almost 26) year old K

Craven with my College BFF Marissa

My convocation... I went from hair that long to....

....hair that short. No wonder my Grandma yelled at me

 21 years young and visiting Vegas for the 1st time

Gretchen the G5, the first car I ever bought myself and shouldn't have

Guess what we went as for Halloween that year...

NYE 2008. Note that you can't see my outfit because you could see through it

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  1. I loved this, lady! I wish I would have been the bigger person too. :)


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