July 31, 2013

How to Completely Ruin Pictures...

A few weeks ago we took a Cameron family photo at my cousin's wedding. I'd been holding a Vodka/OJ and had to set it down on the head table behind us so 'it didn't ruin the picture' (side note: notice that the grooms brother, front and centre, is still holding his. His brother is going to be pissssssed). So. This got me thinking of all the times that alcohol has ruined pictures. I like to drink. That should come as no shock if you've been around these parts before. So photos of me often include my bff's (alcohol). It would be rude to exclude my friends from the photos. However, looking back through pictures I realized it probably would've been a good idea, in many circumstances, to just put the drink down

Let's take a stroll down memory lane 

I'm super classy like that...

Here we are in Vegas at the Pussycat Doll Burlesque Saloon getting a picture with none another than the creator of the Pussycat Dolls herself, Robin Antin. Britt, the Twin, Robin, Star, my $15 BFF Vodka/OJ and Me. In my defense, Star also has  a drink in the picture, she just made it a little less noticeable. Smart cookie that one

Here I am at age 20 standing on top of a baseball dugout and clearly trying to make my Pilsner the star of the photo. Can I just say, 20 year olds are stupid. So glad I never have to go back to that age. Anyways... Try explaining this one to people after its posted on FB and they realize you're standing on top of a baseball dugout. Oy vey

Here's a lovely picture of the Cameron cousins at my 'Auntie' Jen's wedding. What's that in my hand? Just my BFF again. My cousin Dustin was smart. He at least used his OTHER hand to hold his drink

Earlier in the day, before the wedding, our cousin took pictures of us Cameron girls in the Valley behind my parents house. No this was not an advertisement for Bud Light Lime, though you may think it the way I'm posing

What a frameworthy picture - if only I had mastered photoshop and could remove the drink from my hand

Me and two of my Mathison cousins. Would've been a great picture to give to our Granny - if it weren't for my BFF again. "Grandma, I swear it's just orange juice!"

Barely legal and double fisting. Pretty sure this was once my FB profile picture... Good thing I've been the boss for years and don't have to worry about employers creeping my FB to find pictures like this and decide NOT to hire me...

I couldn't even be bothered to take the straws out of my mouth for the previous pictures... At 20 I clearly had my priorities straight...

I'd just like to point out that at least I don't have an ENTIRE BOTTLE OF WINE photo bombing this one. Millz gets most of the blame for this picture. Her wine distracts from the fact that I am also holding a drink. Thanks for taking the heat on that one Millz!

I'm blaming the wedding photographer for this one. This picture actually made the cut of pictures that made it onto the Bride and Grooms flash drive of pictures. Ignoring the fact that one of the bridesmaids isn't even looking, and I have hair all over my face, lets get to the point that two of us have DRINKS IN OUR HANDS. What kind of photographer doesn't tell you to put your drink down because she's taking a picture?! Shitastic ones, that's what kind

Clearly that is coffee in that cup... 

This is also a difficult one to explain, considering we were in the middle of nowhere and I have a beer in my hand. "No Mom, we weren't drinking in the vehicle. I found the beer on the ground....?"

And finally, Star's wedding in Vegas, posing at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign. Was there no one around to hold our super classy red solo cups for us? Like really

The sad part is, I'm sure I could have dug a little deeper and found at least 20 more pictures where my BFF's make themselves known. So, moral of the story kids: PUT YOUR DRINK DOWN. You'll thank me one day. And to thank me, you can send me some alcohol
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July 29, 2013

Weekend Whirlwind...

Sami's Shenanigans

This weekend was a complete whirlwind. After work on Friday I packed a bag and headed off to Yorkton, SK, a 2 1/2 hour drive from O-town. I spent the night at a friends and the next morning at 6 am we headed off to my college best friends wedding in Oyen, AB. Then Sunday morning at 11 am we headed right back to Saskland. To say that I am completely and utterly exhausted today would be an understatement

1,748 km
18 hours of driving
13 bathroom breaks
12 cups of coffee
Waaay to many drinks at the Toonie Bar
1 raging hangover
And only gone from O-town for just over 48 hours

  1. This picture is actually from last Wednesday, my birthday, but I hadn't shared it on le blog yet. My new tattoo for my Granny 
  2. Graycie bear 'helped' me pack before I left and somehow I ended up leaving my UD Primer Potion behind
  3. My parents gave me $ for my birthday and I bought myself this Margaritaville blender on Friday. Last year it was a beer pong table, this year a Margaritaville blender. Clearly turning 26 25 again has not made me grow up at all...
  4. It was just me and the open road for the 2 1/2 hour drive to Yorkton
  5. I coerced my friend Scooby into coming to the wedding with me. She had never met Marissa before but I didn't want to make the looong drive by myself. She's a teacher and gets summer off so she was the perfect road trip companion - she had nothing better to do anyways. She just recently moved to Yorkton where her parents have been living for awhile - her mom is the absolute cutest - this is how she had the spare room ready for me when I showed up
  6. The bride, my gorgeous college BFF Marissa, and her dad making their way down the aisle
  7. Me and Scooby before we headed off to the wedding dance
  8. College friends. Lil Kim, Marissa, and I
  9. Marissa had so many things set up around her venue that tied her theme all together. This lemonade area was so cute. And of course I'm a bad blogger and didn't get any pictures of the other stuff... FAIL
  10. Marissa and I. 5 years later and we still make sure to keep in touch
  11. Toonie bars are the devil. Powerade is the only thing that kept me going on Sunday morning
  12. We stopped for lunch in Saskatoon on the way back home at a restaurant called Windows. The restaurant has windows all along one wall with a gorgeous view of the Riverbank
  13. Just around the corner from the hotel we ate lunch at was Bus Stop Refreshments
  14. Ice cream shadows
  15. Bubblegum ice cream. Takes me back to my childhood
  16. Smiling because I was so close to home. I'm so done with roadtrips for awhile
Make sure to head on over to visit Whitney and enter to win some amazing prizes!

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July 24, 2013

It's My Birthday!...

It's my birthday bitches!

Today I turn 25... again. Seriously, I refuse to age past 25. 26 is closer to 30 than it is to 20 so I will stick with being a 25 year old thankyouverymuch

I'm heading to Brandon this morning with my lil bro to get new tattoos! I'll post pictures on IG (chiglechic) 

I'm also going to gift myself with a million bottles of wine that I can only buy in Brandon (a 2 hr drive) even though I have already gifted myself with a bunch of stuff already. You only turn 26 25 once right? (HA!)

There will also be Starbucks. Lots and lots of Starbucks

And in case you've been stumped on what to buy me - no worries! I've created a list of a few of the things I've been loving lately. You know, in case you want to send me a belated birthday gift or something...

1. Scentsy Blueberry Cheesecake. I will turn my warmer on for 20 minutes and can smell that thing for TWO DAYS afterwards. Delish!

2. Naked 2 Palette. I bought this back in April and it is the only eyeshadow I use. In LOVE

3. VS Noir Tease. The only scent I have been using lately

4. Vaseline Spray & Go lotion. So much more convenient than regular lotion!

5. Suave Dry Shampoo. I've tried almost every dry shampoo out there and this is my fave. It doesn't leave my hair totally white when I spray it and the smell isn't totally rank like some of the others 

6. My Contigo water bottle. In my favourite colour of course...

7. Barefoot Sweet Red... Sigh... I don't know how I went so long thinking I didn't like wine. This completely changed my mind

8. Does anyone remember these?! We used to have this when I was little and then they stopped making them and a little piece of me died. Then I was in Brandon a few weeks ago and Target had one! I HAD to have it 

9. Dill Pickle Spitz. One of the best things about Summer

10. Starbucks Raspberry Pomegranate Refreshers. Sometimes the only way I can make it through an afternoon

11. Snapple Lemon Iced Tea K-Cups. I bought them across the line (aka in the US) so they taste like American iced tea which I LOVE but can never get in Canadaland

12. My Vino2Go and Brew2Go. Make's drinking on the go that much easier (And I don't mean drinking and driving in case that's what anyone was thinking!)

13. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. It's a must have

14. Olay BB Cream. The tint in it is perfect for my skin tone AND it seriously has the best smell 

15. I'm an OPI girl through and through but I saw this at my local drugstore and picked it up. I LOVE the color. It's called 'Flip Flop Fantasy' 

16. And lastly - my Country Girl Lace Shorts from Kiki La Rue. Obsessed. I had four pairs but I gave a coral colored pair to my sister. You can dress them up or dress them down  - they go with anything

Now I'm hitting the road to Brandon to disappoint my Mother with another tattoo  to gift myself with many, many birthday presents!

Does anyone else do this or is it just me?! (Please tell me I'm not the only one!)
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July 23, 2013

Color Run 2013...

The Color Run 2013 - Twin Cities, Minnesota

I honestly wasn't sure what to expect. I had never ran any sort of organized run before. I started 'training' for the run in March. And then I went to Vegas, started a brand new job and worked crazy hours, and stopped training... until 10 days before the run. It wasn't until 3 days before we left for Minneapolis that I ran 5k at once (with a little bit of speed walking thrown in there)

I could barely sleep the night before the run I was so excited. I also drank a little more than I should have the night before a run...  I was up by 5:00 am SK time to start getting ready. We dressed up like tools in our awesome Color Run gear, took a quick 'before' picture, and then headed out. We stopped to grab bananas from the breakfast downstairs at our hotel because we figured we should have something in us before the run, but we were too nervous to even eat. We had figured out that the fairgrounds were about 25 minutes from our hotel, so decided to leave an hour early to give ourselves some extra time before the run started. WRONG!

Traffic was a bitch. Everyone and their dog was trying to get to the fairgrounds for the run. We were in the first time slot for the run, 8:30, and we didn't even pull up to the parking lot by the fairgrounds until 8:27. Then we had to make our way through hoards of people until we got to the starting line. Which was massive. There were people everywhere

We waited for what seemed like FOREVER (and in reality was only about 20 minutes) before we finally made it to the front and were able to start the run. There were people of all different shapes, sizes, and ages. A lot of people had the intention of walking the entire 5 KM's. So starting out it was hard to keep up a good pace because we were constantly having to dodge people left, right and centre. We were weaving our way in and out of the people walking for the first 10 minutes of the run, before we finally lost most of them. BUT then we had to deal with the walkers from the previous starts - there was really no escaping them

It was an overcast morning and I am so thankful for that! I don't know if I would've been able to keep up a good pace if it would have been any hotter. At one point it even drizzled rain for a little bit and it was such a welcome rain! 

After about 10 minutes in the blisters on my feet were hurting so bad that I needed to slow down. (Note to self: Never go out 2 nights before a run and walk all over downtown Minneapolis in heels!)  Toni and I had lost the Twin somewhere close to the starting line and at that point I started to slow down to walk out the pain from the blisters exploding (sorry for that) and Toni kept up her pace. I told myself to suck it up and started running again soon after.  I was weaving in and out of people like it was my job. All I wanted to do was yell "MOVE BITCH!" to people that got in my way. It seemed like forever before I finally got to a color station. I wasn't prepared for the feeling of breathing in the color - it dried my mouth out so bad. And thank gawd I wore a pair of cheap sunglasses because if that dust would've gotten on my contacts I would've been ripping them out of my eyes and then had to have ran basically blind. When I would go through some of the darker colors there was such a haze of it in the air that you just hoped and prayed that there was no one directly in front of you or you would be plowing into them

There was only one water station the entire run and I desperately needed it. The color was so gritty in my mouth that I felt like a person that had been trapped in the desert for days. As I came up to the water station I saw my sister just ahead of me so I ran to catch up to her, thinking there would be another water station soon that I could stop at. WRONG. Apparently they only had one water station the entire run.  At the halfway mark . That's it

The rest of the run is kind of a blur. I remember thinking to myself that I was so glad the fairgrounds were paved and we didn't have to run on gravel. Then all I could think of was getting to the end and drinking enough water to hydrate me for a year. I had my phone in my fanny pack (yes, I wore a fanny pack. Deal with it) and had music to listen to but I honestly don't even remember hearing a single song. I would just weave in and out of people and wonder how far I had gone so far

Not being able to use my Nike Running app sucked so bad. We couldn't use any of our data when we crossed the border (so to use FB, IG, Twitter, etc. we had to connect to wifi at our hotel) so the app wouldn't work to tell me how much ground I had covered. Looking back I think the color stations were at every 1k mark but at the time I had no idea how far I had gone

Toni and I had gotten back to running side by side just before the last color station and we stayed together until we finished. We had just slowed down to catch our breaths for a minute when a man standing on the sidelines was cheering to everyone and saying that we were at the 3 mile mark and were almost done. We ran from there and then hit a wall of backed up people going through the finish. We started weaving our way in and out of people because we didn't want a wall of backed up people to completely screw up our time. It was such an amazing feeling to cross that finish line. It may have only been a 5k but I am so proud that I did it. 7 months ago I couldn't imagine myself running for 5 minutes on the treadmill, let alone running an outdoor 5k. Now I have an itch to do another color run, or any kind of run! Does that officially make me a runner?!

Once we got out of the sea of people at the finish line I had one thing on my mind - finding water. We finally found water and it was the best thing ever to finally rinse the color out of my mouth. Toni and I headed back to the finish line to wait for the Twin to finish. About 15 minutes after we finished we saw the Twin head across the finish line. We then made our way over to the stage area where they played music, threw prizes into the crowd, and would do a color throw every 30 (?) minutes. We probably stayed in that area for at least an hour and a half, it not longer. We honestly weren't that colorful after we finished the run but by the time we left the stage area we were completely covered. They had hosed us down with colored water a few times while we were in the crowd at the stage so all of the colors blended together into a nasty green/brown combo. It wasn't pretty. After getting drenched with water for the millionth time we finally decided we'd had enough and headed to the car. We had taken my baby, Eleanor, on our road trip and anyone who knows me knows that I am very particular about my things and especially my vehicle. Thankfully I keep babywipes in the car for when the girls are with me and I had a bunch of garbage bags stashed in the back. Cleaning off was not easy. By this time we were starving and wanted to just go and eat but didn't think that we would be allowed to go anywhere looking like we did. I'm still kicking myself that we didn't just go and find a food truck somewhere - we never did have time to try one :(. Next time!

After about 20 minutes of cleaning ourselves up with baby wipes we were finally able to enter Eleanor. We still looked absolutely ridiculous but were headed back to the hotel to shower and get ready to hit up the MOA again. It took a LOT of scrubbing, and three rounds of shampoo before I was finally clean and even then there were still some traces of color. We even died our hotel bathtub and shower curtain blue. Whooops...

I am so glad that Toni and the Twin came with me to do this. It was such a fun experience and I am already making plans for the next one! The next color run we do I won't worry so much about my time and will just have fun with the run. It's definitely not a run that you go to set a PR- there are way to many people walking and getting in the way for that. There were people everywhere stopping to take pictures of fun signs that they had, or to stay in the color station and get completely colored and I was more worried about time than having fun like that. Next time will be different. BUT now I want to do a more organized run that is about how fast you finish. I need to start researching! It was definitely a great fun run for my first ever 5k and I'm happy to say that I now have running fever! And I'll see you next year for the the Color Run Minneapolis!

Side note: My parents were up in Northern AB and my Dad was telling all of our family that we were in Minneapolis running a MARATHON. *face palm*. Now I feel like I need to run one because my family thinks that I did! 

1. Group shot at our hotel before we left. Look how clean we were
2. With the Twin, waiting to start
3. Toni and the Twin before the run
4. Starting area. Was so nervous/excited. I just wanted to GO
5. We're off!
6. We finished! Ignore the fact that I look like I have no hair and concentrate on the fact that WE FINISHED!

1. Mine and Toni's time. Not the best but pretty good for all of the weaving we had to do
2. The Twin going through the finish area
3. One of the MC' s on the stage
5. Toni loved it
6. Color bomb going off near the stage. SO.MUCH. FUN
1. Toni just before we headed out
2. Me. Soaking wet, colored head to toe, and wouldn't have had it any other way <3
3. You can still see Toni's arms completely stained blue. Also note that she is wrapping the steering wheel with a baby wipe because she knows how controlling I am
4.Cleaning up outside of Eleanor before we headed back to the hotel
5. I miss it so much already :(
6. My runners that will never be the same again. I've wanted to go to the Running Room to get fitted for a pair of runners for a long time so this is a good excuse

Sorry for the long winded post - I just wanted to get it all down for myself so I could relive the feeling of the run over and over again
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July 19, 2013

Why I'm Moving to Minnesota...

Last Thursday the Twin, Toni, and I took off on a 9 hour across-the-border road trip to Minneapolis to dognap Cosmo,  shop  at the Mall of America,  run the Color Run! But you aren't going to find any information about the Color Run today because it deserves a post all to itself - so you'll just have to wait until Tuesday to find out why the Color Run was the BEST THING EVER. For now I will recap the non running related activities from the trip and the reasons why I am moving to Minnesota

1. We had to document our first time in Minnesota. Here the girls are gassing up Eleanor (also her first time in MN...) in Moorhead

2. Taking pictures in front of our hotel while waiting for the shuttle to the MOA (that was literally across the street from our hotel). We didn't get to the hotel until 2:00 am Minneaopolis time on Thursday night so getting up early on Friday morning was a no go. I think we finally made it to he mall just after 11:00

3. Our first stop was for lunch at Dick's Last Resort. The bartender talked me into getting a beer-garita. But letsbehonest - I've been wanting to try one for forever so it wasn't hard to persuade me. And now I have a huge ass wine drinking cup #winning

4. Friday afternoon we got our hair done at the Blast Blow Dry Bar. Love love LOVED it!  I'd much rather fork over some $ and have someone else do my hair than have to do it myself. Toni and I had wanted to try a blow dry bar in Vegas and just never did so it was a must for this trip

5. The Twin and Toni at Billy's in St.Paul on Friday night, where we met Kate for supper for my first ever blate. PS - trying to explain who she is to people in real life is hard. Trying to explain how I met her on the internet, but not in THAT way, is super hard. (Just because I'm single does not mean I am into girls, MmmmK people) I'm glad that now I can call her an IRL friend and won't have so much explaining to do!

6. Before we headed out to to downtown Minneapolis on Friday night (why am I always the only one holding a drink in pictures?!)

1. We met Kate at Billy's in St. Paul and had drinks/supper on the patio. One of my items on my to do list for the trip was to eat on a patio - I'm sure she must have gotten annoyed with how many times I pointed out how cute the patio was and how I wished we had an outdoor patio to dine on anywhere close to home. (I'm moving to MN asap). Anywho. Kate is one of the nicest people I have ever met. Meeting someone you feel like you know but have never actually met is a weird thing to do.  I worried that it would be awkward or that we wouldn't have anything to talk about but it was all good. I'm so glad I was able to meet Kate IRL and thankful to Kassie for pairing us together for the Blogger Swag Swap where we were able to get to know each other better!

2. COSMO! The whole reason for the trip . Meeting Cosmo didn't go quite like I had envisioned. In my mind we would instantly become best friends, making it easy for my to surreptitiously dognap him and take him back to Canadaland. Unfortunately meeting 3 strangers at once was a little much for Cosmo but I did get a lick on my elbow so that's something right? Maybe the next time I visit  my dognapping plans will work out... 

3. Ninja Turtles at the mall. You bet your ass if Michelangelo would've been there (with some pizza of course...) I would've been all over that 

4. Kids would build a city out of legos and each night employees would painstakingly take every single piece of lego apart. You couldn't pay me enough to do that job

5. Fanci-ness in the mall

6. I had my fair share of drinks on the weekend. That's what vacations are all about though, right?! (Someone please agree with me so I don't look like an alcoholic...)

1. We ate at Twin City Grill in the mall on Sunday night. The food was delish and the service was amazing. I don't know if I have ever had that great of service before in my entire (almost) 26 years. I will definitely go back!

2. I couldn't go a weekend without my favourite wine. They had mini bottles (that you can't get here of course) that I LOVED. AND there was no pesky cork getting in the way of my drinking

3. My version of a morning mimosa to commiserate the fact that we had to head home and back to reality :(

4. We stopped in Albertville at the Premium Outlets on our way home and we grabbed some TCBY before we got back on the road again. I'm always so jealous when everyone IG's photos of their fro-yo and I have nowhere to get any. Just another reason I'm moving to to the great state of Minnesota...

Kate had given me a list of things to do/see while we were visiting but unfortunately we didn't make it to many places outside of Bloomington and the MOA. BUT that just means that I definitely have to go back soon to tackle that list! I WILL get back before the end of the year - See you soon Minnesota!

July 18, 2013

Finish the Sentence...

I'm bacccckkkk. Technically I've been back since Monday night but getting back into a routine from a vacation is HARD. I literally need a vacation to recover from my vacation. Anywho, tomorrow I will recap my AMAZING long weekend in Minneapolis, the Color Run (best thing EVER), and my first ever blate!

Today I am thanking Holly and Jake for doing these link ups and making this hellish Thursday a little better by giving me an easy out post. Here we go: 

If I had one extra hour in the day... I would plot ways to break up Adam Levine and Whatsherface
I wish my name... ended with Levine
I think anything chevron is... okay in moderation. But you don't need all your clothes, accessories, furniture, etc, to be chevron. Overkill
My last nightmare... was about tornados. Scared to death of them
Sometimes... I wish I was born and raised somewhere in the States instead of Canadaland. Only sometimes... Usually after I go on vacation and fall in LOVE with wherever I'm visiting
My last meal on earth would be... Steak, mashed potatoes, and macaroni salad - washed down with a Pilsner
I would much rather be in Minneapolis/Vegas/or NYC than O-town, SK right meow
Mayonnaise... again, okay in moderation. But dipping your fries in it? Super weird. Also, Miracle Whip is the only way to go
10 years ago, I didn't think... that I would ever be this close to 30 years old. Efffffff
Selfishly... I already want to go on another vacation from real life. Being a grown up SUCKS
My favorite show on TV right now... BIG BROTHER and Pretty Little Liars. Big Brother is the best thing to happen to Summer tv and I just recently got into PLL and am completely obsessed
And, George Zimmerman... should probably go underground for the rest of his life... 


Now I'm going to head back to work and repeatedly slam my head onto my desk. And prop my eyelids open with toothpicks 

July 11, 2013

If I Won the Lottery...


I think about winning the lottery all. the. time. It's almost always on my mind. The thing is, I never buy tickets. I'm to cheap, simple as that. Because if I don't win I feel like my money could have been better spent on something that I could actually use. Luckily my parents buy tickets religiously and they would probably be more than happy to write me a cheque to send my ass far away on a plane to NYC... But I digress. Lets just pretend that I buy lottery tickets.  This is what I would do with the money:

  1. I'm not one of those people who says they'll still keep their job even if they won the lottery. I would hand in my two weeks notice the second that big fat cheque was deposited in my account. I've volunteered on non profit committees before so I would probably spend my time doing that rather than  a 9-5 job.  I'd want to be able to drop everything and take off to sights unseen whenever I damn well pleased

  2. Buy an apartment in NYC to use as my permanent residence. Then I'd spend my days exploring the city since I wouldn't have to worry about that pesty thing called a job

  3. Get veneers. I'd be in that dentists chair in a heartbeat. Unfortunately non-lotto winning me cannot afford $10,000 on straight teeth. Whomp whomp

  4. Buy my way onto the set of How I Met Your Mother

  5. Perma-rent a penthouse suite somewhere on the Strip in Vegas and spend EVERY WEEKEND there

  6. Buy an acreage near O-town,  build a ginormous mansion, and adopt ALL THE ANIMALS

  7. Pay off all my parents debt so they could retire and have a life of leisure. They deserve it after raising me...

  8. Buy Adam Levine

  9. I'd travel for a year straight. Go back to Europe, hit up all of Canada andthe US. And spend waaay to much time on a beach somewhere 

  10. Buy an NHL team. Because holy hotness

  11. I would buy the house from Home Alone and make my heart super happy

Now I'm depressed that I can't do all these things :(

What would you do with the money?!

July 9, 2013

Random Tuesday...

I am the absolute worst at posting on Mondays. It's a real problem. 

My sister and I have been pushing ourselves at the gym lately because we run a 5k THIS SUNDAY and just started training. So my exhaustion level is at an all time high. Which is why my post today is in point form and completely random. My brain just cant handle anything else

  • So the whole Google-Reader-is disappearing- thing had me in a slight panic when in the final week of June I FINALLY rememberd to sign up for BlogLovin. I soon realized that I hate the way that Blog Lovin works. I was dreaded  having to read blogs that way. Until... the day Google Reader disappeared and I realized I never used it. Not once. I always just read off of my reading list in my Dashboard. And still continue to. This goes to show how completely clueless I am when it comes to a lot of things in BlogLand
  • I leave for a road trip to Minneapolis in two days and will be missing 2 1/2 days of work.  And I am slightly freaking out. Is it super conceited of me to think that the business I run just cannot run without me?!
  • I finally got the call on Friday that I am scheduled for surgery! After 18 months on a surgical waiting list and over twenty years of pain I am finally going to sayonara to my tonsils. Good riddance
  • I've spent way too much time (more than I care to admit) researching what food truck is the best food truck for us to try while we are in Minni.  Food trucks just aren't a thing here in SK so I am ridiculously excited to try one
  • I am running a 5k this Sunday and just started training again #whoops. I was training like crazy before I went to Vegas in April, but then I switched jobs and was working 15 hour days and getting to the gym was the last thing on my mind. And all of a sudden BAM it was July and the Color Run was only weeks away
  • It's my birthday month and my gift to myself was to sponsor four of my favourite blogs. Holly, Whitney, Aly, and Erin. Does anyone else gift themselves for their birthdays or am I the only crazy one?
  • I had dreams last night about two different bloggers splitting up with their boyfriends/husbands. WTF?
  • I am getting a much needed blog makeover and can't wait until it is complete! I have hated my free design since the day I started this blog but wanted to build my blog a little more before I paid someone for a design
Since this post is completely random I leave you with random pics of my two favourite people

July 2, 2013

Happy Birthday Canada...

I'm a day late for a weekend recap BUT I have a good reason. Today is a Tuesday that feels like a Monday, due to the long weekend that I just had. Yesterday was a stat holiday here in the GWN and this girl was off work in celebration of Canada Day

On Thursday night we had a family get together at my parents place with my Dad's side of the family. My Grandma had passed away a week ago that Thursday so we got the family that was around together for a BBQ before my aunt headed back to her life in AB after spending almost 3 months in O-town helping take care of Granny 

Graycie always makes herself the centre of attention. Her curls make her seem like an angel when really she's a demon. ( I kid you not)

  1. On Friday my Kiki La Rue order arrived. I LOVE getting good mail 
  2. Graycie, Toni and I made a quick trip into MB onto Saturday for Tarjay and wine. We stopped at Applebee's for lunch so I could have my favourite, Berry Sangria
  3. I bought the girls a toy from the $ bin in Tarjay. They played with it the first night they had it... and it also broke the first night they had it
  4. Cotton Candy ice cream... Mmmmm
  5. It is ridiculously difficult to get a decent picture of an almost 7 year old and almost 3 year old together. I bought them cute Canada Day shirts and I couldn't even get a good picture of them.  Good riddance
  6. It is also ridiculously difficult for an almost 7 year old to take a decent picture of someone without their head looking GINORMOUS

  1. Took my Beer Pong table down to the Valley where my family is camping. This is my favourite picture of the flip cup competition
  2. The SIL and I toasting with the delish Sangria I made
  3. My Vino2Go finally arrived last week and I was so excited to finally try it out!
  4. Some festive decorations 
  5. I love holidays. That is all
  6. The best Sangria ever. Barefoot Sweet Red, lemonade, and whatever fruit you want. It is heavenly 

It was a good weekend but very busy. Brandon on Saturday, 'the city' for a Grad BBQ on Sunday, and then Canada Day festivities yesterday have left me completely exhausted. I'm very much looking forward to a weekend of just relaxing before our trip to the Twin Cities!

Happy  (belated) Birthday Canadaland!