July 31, 2013

How to Completely Ruin Pictures...

A few weeks ago we took a Cameron family photo at my cousin's wedding. I'd been holding a Vodka/OJ and had to set it down on the head table behind us so 'it didn't ruin the picture' (side note: notice that the grooms brother, front and centre, is still holding his. His brother is going to be pissssssed). So. This got me thinking of all the times that alcohol has ruined pictures. I like to drink. That should come as no shock if you've been around these parts before. So photos of me often include my bff's (alcohol). It would be rude to exclude my friends from the photos. However, looking back through pictures I realized it probably would've been a good idea, in many circumstances, to just put the drink down

Let's take a stroll down memory lane 

I'm super classy like that...

Here we are in Vegas at the Pussycat Doll Burlesque Saloon getting a picture with none another than the creator of the Pussycat Dolls herself, Robin Antin. Britt, the Twin, Robin, Star, my $15 BFF Vodka/OJ and Me. In my defense, Star also has  a drink in the picture, she just made it a little less noticeable. Smart cookie that one

Here I am at age 20 standing on top of a baseball dugout and clearly trying to make my Pilsner the star of the photo. Can I just say, 20 year olds are stupid. So glad I never have to go back to that age. Anyways... Try explaining this one to people after its posted on FB and they realize you're standing on top of a baseball dugout. Oy vey

Here's a lovely picture of the Cameron cousins at my 'Auntie' Jen's wedding. What's that in my hand? Just my BFF again. My cousin Dustin was smart. He at least used his OTHER hand to hold his drink

Earlier in the day, before the wedding, our cousin took pictures of us Cameron girls in the Valley behind my parents house. No this was not an advertisement for Bud Light Lime, though you may think it the way I'm posing

What a frameworthy picture - if only I had mastered photoshop and could remove the drink from my hand

Me and two of my Mathison cousins. Would've been a great picture to give to our Granny - if it weren't for my BFF again. "Grandma, I swear it's just orange juice!"

Barely legal and double fisting. Pretty sure this was once my FB profile picture... Good thing I've been the boss for years and don't have to worry about employers creeping my FB to find pictures like this and decide NOT to hire me...

I couldn't even be bothered to take the straws out of my mouth for the previous pictures... At 20 I clearly had my priorities straight...

I'd just like to point out that at least I don't have an ENTIRE BOTTLE OF WINE photo bombing this one. Millz gets most of the blame for this picture. Her wine distracts from the fact that I am also holding a drink. Thanks for taking the heat on that one Millz!

I'm blaming the wedding photographer for this one. This picture actually made the cut of pictures that made it onto the Bride and Grooms flash drive of pictures. Ignoring the fact that one of the bridesmaids isn't even looking, and I have hair all over my face, lets get to the point that two of us have DRINKS IN OUR HANDS. What kind of photographer doesn't tell you to put your drink down because she's taking a picture?! Shitastic ones, that's what kind

Clearly that is coffee in that cup... 

This is also a difficult one to explain, considering we were in the middle of nowhere and I have a beer in my hand. "No Mom, we weren't drinking in the vehicle. I found the beer on the ground....?"

And finally, Star's wedding in Vegas, posing at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign. Was there no one around to hold our super classy red solo cups for us? Like really

The sad part is, I'm sure I could have dug a little deeper and found at least 20 more pictures where my BFF's make themselves known. So, moral of the story kids: PUT YOUR DRINK DOWN. You'll thank me one day. And to thank me, you can send me some alcohol
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  1. This is hysterical! I found your blog through the I Wore Yoga Pants's group giveaway and I am so glad I did, I love it and I am now following you!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  2. I love this post! Thankfully, in my sorority there was a rule that we could not be holding alcohol in pictures if you were under 21 and this included red solo cups. I got really good at hiding my drink and to this day whenever there is a camera I hide my drink. Except when I am with family because we are all holding our drinks! haha.

  3. LMAO! Oh my goodness, this post is hilarious! I love it! You should do a link-up about this--I'm pretty sure I have a ton of drink-in-hand pictures, too!


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