October 29, 2013

A-ca-Scuse Me?...

This past weekend was considered Halloween weekend for adults. Last year I was in the 'Queen City' for a Rider game and went out to the bar there. This year I was wanting to do something more low key since I am trying to save money for a possible Minneapolis trip next weekend. O-town shockingly has two bars (about the only things in this town...) but unfortunately they both are ridiculously lame. But I decided to give one of them a shot anyways since there was absolutely nothing else going on. My SIL and I talked for WEEKS about what we wanted to dress up as. A few of the ideas thrown out were: 
Shark Week
Mean Girls
Toddlers in Tiaras
'Dunkin' Donuts

And then. Aaaaand then.  I came up with a brilliant idea:

If you don't know who we are then you can just a-ca-scuse yourself right off this page (Kiddddinggg)

We were the Barden Bellas! The costumes were soooo easy and very inexpensive to make. I already had a dress that worked perfect, but decided to buy a blazer anyways ($34.99) since it is already freezing here in the GWN and because I've been wanting a blazer for forever so two birds, one stone. I bought a $10 white shirt with a collar and a $2.00 head band that I cut and tied around my neck as the scarf from the Bella's performances. We bought Icebreakers sour candies and I glued blue B's onto them to make our pitch pipes. And voila. Costume complete

So many people didn't know who we were because they have never seen Pitch Perfect! Say whaaat?!  I told everyone who hasn't that they need to educate themselves. Most of the people who had never seen Pitch Perfect thought we were dressed as flight attendants. Which is okay, because when the Barden Bella's dressed like that in Pitch Perfect I always wondered why they wanted to look like flight attendants. So obviously we nailed it! Now if only we had a blonde friend who could've been Fat Amy...
Hands in aca-bitches

We danced. We drank.  I sang 'The Sign' (badly...) waaaay to many times. I ran into an old high school classmate who, when he found out I was back living in O-town, told me 'You're too good for this town'. (But that's a story for another post). Our costumes felt a little bit wasted on a small town bar with maybe 75 people but we still had fun and it was definitely a memorable night. And for dreaming up the idea to be the Bella's on Friday afternoon and putting them into action the next day, I think we did pretty good!

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  1. ahhhhh love it!!! such a good idea :)

    1. For some reason your comment and Maura's comment didn't show up in my inbox. Weirdd... Anyways, thank you! I patted myself on the back a few times on the weekend for coming up with such an awesome idea! LOL

  2. oh my gosh, cutest costumes ever!!! love them!

    1. Thank you! My sister totally doubted me so now I can rub it in her face that they were a total success! Hahaha

  3. Ha! I love coming up with costume ideas that not everyone "gets." I tried to convince my husband that it would be funny to dress up as the "twerking girl" that caught her yoga pants on fire, but he told me that a) no one would get it, and b) yoga pants are not a costume.

  4. uhm PUMPED I have found your blog. We are practically neighbors! (Manitoba up in hurr).

  5. Amazing!! I only just watched the movie a few weeks back after having a friend nag me to watch it for months. My only regret is waiting so long to give in!

  6. I love the picture of us cousins!!! To me you guys should of won best costume, it was way better then that guy dressed as a girl!


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