October 21, 2013

A Weekend In The City That Rhymes With Fun...

Dear Monday ...

Can I get an amen? I swear I was just at work and yet here Monday is again. Weekends where I am on the go fly by so fast and when I finally get home I realize I have accomplished nothing that is normally reserved for weekends. And now I have to wait 5 more days before I can get it all done... Anywhoodle, enough complaining, more weekend recapping

I've talked about my love for Barefoot Sweet Red wine at least a million times on here already.(And the fact that I have to drive two hours to get it.) Well, I'm down to one bottle and I'm saving it for when I absolutely need it. And Friday night I was pretty close to absolutely needing it. But instead I decided to try out a new Barefoot wine -the Moscato. I'm not normally a white wine fan but had seen on Twitter that Juliette mixes 1/2 Moscato with 1/2 Sprite and I've been wanting to try it. The verdict: AMAZEBALLS. I fell in love. Though Sweet Red still holds the key to my heart. The bottle of Moscato says that it is great paired with fruit and cheddar cheese, but I found that it went very well with Sour Patch Kids. (I'm a grown up, I swear). 

Saturday morning arrived and I had to get up early to get my hungover ass ready to head to the Queen City for the night to go watch my beloved Riders in their second last regular season game. The hangover meant getting up even earlier to hide the bags under my eyes. I also may or may not have drank wine in the tub for two hours the night before and when I finally got out I went to bed without even brushing my wet hair... So I was a hot mess express and needed all the help I could get. An hour later, with my favourite new scarf on, I looked semi decent enough to be seen in public. The lil bro and SIL picked me up at home and we were off to the city that rhymes with fun

We were meeting my friend Scooby and some friends of hers for the game and when we got to the city they were just finishing lunch. We only had two stops to make - Rider store for mittens and face stickers, and liquor store for liquid courage to combat the cold at the game. We beat Scooby to the hotel and because the room was in her name we spent a half hour drinking in the parking lot waiting for her to show up. (In our vehicle, of course). We're so classy. Scooby and I quoted Mean Girls via text and sent each other pictures of alcohol until she FINALLY got to the hotel

Then it was a mad rush to ingest as much alcohol as possible (because $6.50/drink at the stadium is a complete RIP OFF),  dress like snowmen in our Rider gear (because SK skips right over fall and straight into Winter), and get in a cab to head to the game. The first two pictures are in front of the hotel waiting for our cab. We were all already hammered. Whooops

It rained the entire time we were at the game. And our stadium is not covered by a dome (yet) so we looked like drowned rats before the 1st quarter was even over. But it was still a great night. The Riders beat the Lions 35-14 and we were high on life. The last picture is the bro and I facetiming our Mama Bear during the end of the second half. Then immediately after this picture was taken the lil bro went to put his phone back in his pocket and he dropped it down the rafters. We went to rescue it during halftime and he had to climb a barbed wire fence to get to it. Somehow the phone didn't even have a scratch on it. The lil bro wasn't so lucky though. He cut his hand on the fence climbing back over and it looked like he had a vag on his hand. It was disgusting and he probably should have gotten stitches but he was drunk and felt invincible so he just wrapped his Rider flag around it and was good to go. And I am so mad that in my drunkeness I forgot to take a picture of the vagina on my brothers hand. You wouldn't believe the amount of times we got to ask him how his vagina was over the course of the night and into the next day. Again, I'm a grown up, I swear. It's just not everyday that you get to ask your brother about his vag. I'm still laughing about this...

We went for supper at a pub after the game. Earlier in the day we had grand plans of going out after the game  but we were already so drunk that there was no way that was happening. Instead we played the iPuke Drinking Game in our hotel room.And hilarity ensued. Scooby ended up with a face full of eyeliner facial hair, all dares given to her in the iPuke game that she accepted, rather than taking the drinking consequences. But because I'm a bad, bad blogger there are no pictures of this. (Insert sad face here)

The next morning I miraculously woke up hangover free. We ate breakfast with Scooby and her friend Marie, said goodbye, and then headed to my favourite place on earth. Target. Can I just tell you how much I am LOVING that Canada now has Target?! I even scored the last Philip Lim bag they had, the perfect size for an overnight bag. It was supposed to be $60 but when it rang through it only rang up as $27. Kayla 1, Target 0. I am also loving that Starbucks is in all the Targets in the GWN. My two favourite places together at last 

Now I'm incredibly sad that I have to watch this weekends game from my living room (though I will definitely be warmer!) and go who knows how long without Starbucks and Target. I think a move to a city is in my future...

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  1. I've tried homemade grape wine with sprite before and it was AMAZING!!!

  2. Looks like a great weekend. Target and Sbux are pretty much my worshiping places, lol.

  3. Score on the over night bag:)


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