October 3, 2013

I'm Allergic to the Outdoors...

Just because I don't look sick doesn't mean I am not sick.
Except I actually do look sick. Unfortunately...

After running the 'Run the Ox' 5K on Sunday I was a sniffling, sneezing, red eyed, splotchy mess. I just assumed that running outside in the cold weather without the proper outdoor gear (it's basically Winter here in the GWN) had given me the sniffles so I thought I would just pump myself full of Advil Cold & Sinus and would be good to go. Then Monday rolled around. And I woke up with a sore throat, sinus headache, earache, and to top it all off, could barely breathe. I made an appointment to see my Dr. in 'the city' for Tuesday morning and prayed for death all day Monday. I even fell asleep super early that night and missed a new episode of HIMYM. That's how I knew I was really sick. Only severe illness could get in the way of my friendship with Marshall, Lily, Ted, Robin and Barney...

When the Dr. saw me he took one look at my face and said 'you have allergies'. Then he looked in my ears and throat and told me I had a major sinus infection. He looked back through my history and deduced that I am 'allergic to the outdoors'.  I've always had seasonal allergies, to pollen, ragweed, grass, that kind of stuff, but the allergies only ever affected me in the Spring. Now, they are back in full force and kicking my ass. But at least I have a good excuse for not having to mow the lawn or rake leaves ever! I just have to take Reactine every morning from now on until eternity, but I'll take it if it means no stupid allergy symptoms!

Working with children all day when you feel like your head is about to explode is something I wouldn't even wish on my worst enemy (aka Angelina Jolie. HA). Tomorrow is supposed to be my EDO (earned day off) but I chose to take it today instead since we have low child:staff ratios. So I plan to cuddle with the kittens, lay in bed and watch HIMYM, take my medications, and drink copious amounts of coffee to keep me warm. 

Oh, and catch up on reading blogs!

Sally helping me write this post. Thank GAWD I'm not deathly allergic to cats like my lil bro. I would DIE

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