October 30, 2013

Someday I Will...

The Daily Tay

When I read that Taylor from The Daily Tay was going to be hosting this link up I was all over it like a fat kid on a cake. I've had a bucket list/30 before 30 post sitting in my drafts for FOREVER that I keep adding to as something new pops into my head. It's still a work in progress but you can call this a sneak peek at my Bucket List

Someday I will... own my dream home. And it will look like this 

Someday I will... visit all 50 states ( 6/50 complete -doesn't include states I've passed through) and all 13 provinces/territories ( 5/13 complete)

Someday I will... learn how to drive a standard

Someday I will... spend an ENTIRE paycheque at Target

Someday I will... do something completely out of my comfort zone

Someday I will... document a day in my life through pictures

Someday I will... take a spontaneous road trip 

Someday I will... not press snooze for two hours before finally getting up

Someday I will... get caught up on Project Life

Someday I will... travel back to Venice, Italy and not get lost exploring

Someday I will... write a novel 

Someday I will... navigate an airport on my own without getting lost ( I have NO sense of direction. Ask my sister)

Someday I will... run a 1/2 marathon - preferably at DisneyWorld

and on that note

Someday I will... visit Disneyworld! 

Someday I will... speak fluently in another language (I suck at being Canadian - I barely know any French)

Someday I will... live in NYC. Come hell or high water I WILL live there one day. I made a promise to myself

Someday I will... save all the animals! (or do my best to try)

Someday I will... set a budget and stick to it

Someday I will... figure out what I want to be when I grow up

Someday I will... learn to let go of the little things

Dreams quote via Five Words


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  1. You can come to Texas and visit me :)

  2. the last one is definitely the hardest!
    i do know how to drive a standard, but i wish i didn't i hate driving it!

  3. I have a terrible sense of direction too, Siri/Google Maps is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I really want to start Project Life and drool over all the supplies every time I'm in Michael's but it's so intimidating that I've yet to buy any of it. So excited to come across another Canadian in blogland! :)

  4. I feel you with the snooze button, but that's what it was made for! Great list x

  5. obviously, you need to run the disney half marathon so you can kill two somedays i will with one stone!

  6. Love your list! I want to have a budget and stick with it but I also want to spend an entire paycheck at Target! :)


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