October 31, 2014

This is Halloween...

I have a love for Halloween that almost equals my love for Christmas. (Only almost. Christmas still has my heart). The Nightmare Before Christmas, Hocus Pocus, Love, Actually, and Home Alone are all Christmas and Halloween themed and they all rank within my top ten favourite movies. I am OBSESSED with the holidays. For now, lets focus on my love for Halloween
Exhibit A

I channel my inner Martha Stewart and whip up treats for friends, co-workers, and the tiny humans that come a-knocking 

Exhibit B 

In addition to the yummy treats that are always made in abundance, I also spend countless hours decorating at home to make the tiny humans happy. I even decorate parts of the house that the tiny humans don't see... 

Exhibit C

I spend ridiculous amounts of money each year to make sure that my pets are not seen in the same costume as last year (GASP), even though they are constantly biting, shaking, scratching, and clawing their way out of their costumes and end up wearing them for a total of ten minutes. (When I spend at least 20 trying to get them dressed)...

Stay tuned for adorable pictures of Krickit as a unicorn. A UNICORN!

Exhibit D

I LOVE dressing up in costumes. I get to dress up as a Naughty Nurse, Slutty Pumpkin (shameless HIMYM plug there...), or Sexy Schoolgirl and, as I tell myself,  no one can judge me because its Halloween. JUST KIDDING.  Everyone is judging. Which is why I would never in a million years wear any type of costume that begins with Slutty, Naughty, or Sexy...

No, my costumes tend to be more traditional. Crayola crayon.  Ladies from the 80's. Zombie.  The usual

Sometimes I think I actually am Martha Stewart and I whip up a costume on my own. The year I went as Katy Perry in her 'California Girls' video I glued a million and twelve sequins to a pair of shoes, handmade a tutu out of white tulle and spray painted it bright colours, bought the game Candyland with the sole intention of only using it to glue game pieces to my outfit, and then, to complete the look,  I glued candy all over the outfit. (Which people then ate off me all night long. GAG!) Another year I went as a voodoo doll with friends. Our costumes were a HIT. I don't know how we didn't win Best Costume...

Sometimes I come up with a costume idea at the very last minute and it ends up winning Halloween. Aca-believe it

And then. Oh, and then. Sometimes I dress up even when its not Halloween. All of the pictures below. NOT HALLOWEEN. I think I have a problem... 

I also realized that I may have a problem when I was looking for pictures for this post and found that I have been a flapper no less than three times in the last 6 years

But the thing I love most about Halloween? Seeing all the tiny humans in their adorable costumes. Melts my heart. I mean seriously, baby spiders?! I die

Happy Halloween!

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  1. oh wow you really do whip up the treats!! i love your costumes from years past! halloween is sooo fun I just love it! and kids in costumes is just the cutest!


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