November 7, 2013

Twin Cities (Take Two)...

In July I headed to the Twin Cities with my sister Toni, and cousin, the 'Twin', to run the Color Run. I loved everything about the Twin Cities and knew that I needed to get back there asap. While we were still there we all talked about going back in the Fall, but bringing the girls (my nieces) this time, because we wanted them to experience Nickolodeon Universe, SeaLife Aquarium, the American Girl store, Rainforest Cafe, etc, etc. There is so much stuff for both adults and children to do that we thought it would be a good idea to bring them back as part of their birthday presents

Toni went much more low key than usual for their birthday party and we both went easy on the gifts since we wanted to be able to bring them back and actually afford to see/do what we had talked about in July. September was just to busy to head back, so we decided on the November long weekend. And then November snuck up on me and before I knew it we were supposed to be heading Minneapolis THIS WEEKEND and still hadn't made any concrete plans or even booked a hotel room

I finally sat down with my sister on Monday night to discuss our plans and then booked our hotel on Wednesday. Now it's Thursday and we leave tomorrow and I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that it's already the November long weekend. I swear it was just July and I was visiting the Twin Cities 

But, alas, it really has been four long months since my last trip, where we packed so many awesome things into just four days, like running the Colour Run, and having my first ever blate with Kate! There are so many things I am looking forward to on this trip, but I am giving you my top ten list: 

Top 10 Things I Am Looking Forward To In The Twin Cities

1// Frozen Yogurt - Can you believe that when I visited the Twin Cities in July was the FIRST (and only) time I have ever had froyo?! (Neither can I!) And I have been jonesing for some for almost 4 months now so this is a must have. We will be hitting up Pinkberry in Macy's for sure

2// Blast Blow Dry Bar - I hate doing my own hair. I have so much of it, it's so thick, it's curly. etc, etc. I like to use every excuse in the book as to why I maybe do my hair twice a week. So when I can sit back and let someone else work their magic on me I say hell yes and hand over my credit card without even blinking (budgets don't count on vacation. And neither no calories...)

3// Chipotle - I feel like I won't complete my initiation as a 'real blogger' until I've tried Chipotle. I didn't even know what Chipotle was until earlier this year (I live in the middle of nowhere people!) and then I went to Vegas in April and didn't find out there was a Chipotle in the Fashion Show Mall until after I was back on Canadian soil. (Lame). Then we went to the Twin Cities in July and Toni and the 'Twin' weren't adventurous enough to try it. But. This time I am getting myself a burrito bowl. And I'm hoping I love it because it has been built up in my head by other bloggers and I will be completely heartbroken if I don't like it...

4// Starbucks (and red cups!) - I've made no secret of my love for Starbucks. But my love for Starbucks grows even bigger every year around the Holiday's when the red cups and seasonal drinks (hello caramel brulee latte!) make their appearance. I have promised myself that I will get Starbucks no less than 5 times while we are gone

5// Shopping, Shopping, Shopping - Duh. I can't go to the MOA and not shop. But, more specifically, I am excited to start my Christmas shopping. Because what better place than the Mall of America? Right?! I'm reallly hoping the MOA is already decorated for Christmas because there is nothing I love more than shopping for Christmas gifts with a Starbucks red cup in my hand, with christmas carols playing on the loud speakers, and Christmas decorations EVERYWHERE

6// Ikea - I've never been to Ikea but I browse online all the time and tell myself I need all the things. There aren't any Ikea locations close to me here in Canada but there is an Ikea right across from our hotel in Bloomington and we will have the Mommy-mobile (aka Toni's Caravan) which means tons of rooms for all the things!

7// Caribou Coffee - By now you should realize that I am a coffee addict. I'm pretty much glued to the Keurig everyday at work. And until last year, just before Christmas, I had never even heard of Caribou Coffee. But I was partnered with Kate for a Christmas Swap and she sent me (among other things) Caribou Coffee's Reindeer Blend and I LOVED it. I'm hoping to snag myself one as well as a few for Christmas gifts

8// Benihanas - Another thing I had never heard of until my trip to NYC/PA last Summer was Benihana's (You're probably thinking I've lived under a rock all these years...). I had supper there before going out to a club for Mri's (the person we were visiting in Harrisburg) birthday. I loved everything about it, so when I found out there was a Benihanas in Minneapolis, tried convincing Toni and the Twin to go while we were ther. They both were unadventurous and didn't want to go and my heart was broken. But this time I've told Toni we are going and convinced her that the girls would love it because they get to wear hats and watch their food be cooked... 

9// Twin City Grill - Just for the Salt & Vinegar Fries. They are that good. And maybe this time Toni won't offend our super classy waiter by refusing a glass for her bottle of beer. I swear he almost fainted...

and finally...

10// Target - Target ranks in my top ten favourite things EVER so it is a must on any trip across the line. Especially since they have all their Christmas stuff out now. Be still my beating heart... (Now, I probably won't hit up Target until we get back to Minot on Monday, but it still counts as part of the trip)

I'm not even ashamed at all to admit that most of my plans for this (very quick) trip revolve around food or drinks. When you live in the middle of nowhere and never get to eat out or get Starbucks on a daily basis, you make damn sure to do so when you have the chance!

I'm also excited for the girls to get to experience everything while we are there. And I'm sure I will blow by Christmas budget on just shopping for them alone. But that's why I'm their favourite auntie. (Sorry bout it, Kels...) 

The only reason I am super sad I won't be at home on the long weekend is because my beloved Riders play in the West Division Semi-Final on Sunday and I will miss it. And if we lose it is the end of our Season. No more games. No more dressing up to cheer them on. No more excuses for getting completely blitzed during a Sunday afternoon. I will have to have myself a little pity party (complete with wine of course) in the hotel room on Sunday if my team doesn't win. Everyone send some good luck vibes their way! And to end this suuuper long post, make sure you're following me on Instagram. There is sure to be lots of pictures of red cups, frozen yogurt, and maybe even a few selfies after my blowout (your're welcome! HA)

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  2. Ohhh my goodness! SO MANY GOOD THINGS you're about experience haha. My jaw literally dropped at the thought of someone never having Chipotle before!! I'd have it 5x a week if I could! Have SO much fun! :)

  3. hey hey hey! haha first off I would have went to Chipotle (but I hate mexican food haha) and I dont even remember you saying anything about Benihanas! I dont even know what that is! lol but you guys will have a blast again! I wish I could have gone this trip but you know why I couldn't! :( Cant wait to here all the details your trip!

  4. A friend just brought me a Caribou iced coffee the other day and I didn't get the hype until I tried it --- SOOOOO freaking good!! I went to Target yesterday and felt an anxiety attach brewing seeking the aisle and aisles and aisles of holiday decor, until I found the cutest little fox and my heart was still lol. I'm not ready for the holidays, but I totally am at the same time!! Let me know how you like Chipotle! I just had Qdoba today for the first time and I prefer it 12389749837434% percent to Chipotle, but I think something might be wrong with my tastebuds because every other blogger and their mother loves Chipotle lol.


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