December 4, 2013

A Weigh In Wednesday Of Sorts...

If you've been around these parts for awhile you will recall that Wednesdays used to be reserved for weigh ins and progress on my fitness and weight loss goals. But it has been more than a hot minute since the last time I posted anything fitness or weight loss related. Why? Because my weight loss is at a complete standstill. But today I am taking control of that!

At the end of May I linked up my Operation Red Bikini progress. I was down to 169.5 lbs.  By the middle of June I was down to 166 lbs. I ran a 5k, the Colour Run in the Twin Cities, and truly felt like I was going to hit my fitness goals. I felt on top of the world.  And then I drank my way through the summer.  But then, at the beginning of August, I had surgery - a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. I went into that surgery completely unprepared. It had been almost 18 months since the first (and only) time I had met with my surgeon before the surgery. I looked up some information online but didn't really research much. It's something that I had been needing since I was 7 years old and it was about damn time I got it done

I guess what I didn't really realize was that it was a MAJOR surgery. It's no walk in the park. I had initially figured I would take only three days off work (one being the day of surgery),  have the weekend to rest, and then head back to work on Monday. I was SO wrong. I ended up needing 10 days to recover from the surgery before I could even think about going back to work. The first 10 days were the absolute worst - I couldn't keep anything down - the antibiotics I was on did not do well on an empty stomach and because of the incisions in my throat I could barely eat anything (I survived on freezies!) - and I could barely stay away for more than 1-2 hours at a time because of the pain medication. It was horrible! It ended up taking over 6 weeks before I started feeling normal again and over 8 weeks before my scabs fell over (tmi) and I was able to eat all my regular foods again

And that's where things really got ugly. After the 10 days following surgery I had lost over 13 lbs from not being able to eat, and from throwing up what little I was able to eat. But  when I could finally eat and not throw up I was eating everything in sight. Nothing was off limits because I hadn't eaten in almost two weeks dammit! 

I was still low on energy and completely overwhelmed from the surgery. I wasn't exercising but was eating like crazy. And days turned into months and now here we are. The only time I have worked out between the Colour Run and now is the 5k that I did at the end of September. And that completely horrifies me. I was doing SO GOOD and now have to start back in that routine all over again. I guess I should be happy that I'm not back at my original starting point - I've luckily managed to keep some of that weight off even though I have been eating like my old self (poorly!) and not exercising

I'm glad that I had the surgery, don't get me wrong. It was completely necessary and I am 100% happy with the outcome of the surgery. What I'm not happy with is that I let it completely fuck up my progress. But like I said, today I am taking control back

My plan: Start tracking again through my Weight Watchers app (I've only been paying for it all this time anyways...). Eat clean but allow myself those cheats so I don't go completely crazy and binge (it is the holidays after all!). And as part of my 'December Goals' I am challenging myself to work out at least 4 days per week doing Ripped in 30 to kick start my weight loss before rejoining the fitness centre in January, after the stress of the holidays is over

This was taken today (ignore the leggings - I was trying on my outfit for the cookie swap get together this weekend - I'm so excited for my outfit I had to try it on! LOL)  and will be used to track my progress

Wish me luck!

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  1. Ah good luck! I'm planning my weight loss-ness for 2014 tonight. I'm not even going to set myself up for disaster before Christmas. Too many cookies to eat, let's be real here.

    › xo fal •

  2. I had tonsillectomy in my early 30's. It hurt like hell. I was off work for a couple of weeks !!!

  3. I had mine removed when I was 5 thankfully! I have heard it is much worse when you are older.


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