December 6, 2013

Five on Friday...


I haven't linked up with Darci and co. for a long time and it is about time I got back at it!


Tomorrow is my Cookie Swap get together with the Beaver Cove crew. I may still have a shit ton bit of baking left to do but I am super excited to get together with the ladies. I bought some fun photo props in Target and have the most ridiculous outfit planned for tomorrow so stay tuned for a photo recap next week!


The Canadian Olympic Curling Trials are on right now and my favourite team of all time, the Jennifer Jones rink, is in the final. However, the final is tomorrow night and I will be in 'the city' for the Cookie Swap. We plan on going out for supper so I have made the stipulation that we cannot go anywhere with a television because I don't want any spoilers on how the game ends. I will also have to stay off all forms of social media after the game starts. I will be recording the game and watching the instant I get home. Judge me all you want, curling is the SHIT


I ordered myself a Sony VAIO laptop on a Cyber Monday sale from Best Buy. The laptop was originally $699 and with the CM sale was down to $499. I 'cashed in' some of my VISA reward points for a $250 Best Buy gift card AND have over $220 in my safety deposit box from my '$5 Saving Plan' (more on that in a different post) so I am actually only paying $85 for the laptop. That's a win in my books


I accidentally found out some very exciting news and have been DYING to tell somebody. It is killing me not having anyone to talk with about it.  Unfortunately I can't even blog about it in case the people it involves reads this blog - STUPID me for not having a separate blog IG or Twitter account! But when the big news is finally out I will absolutely be blogging about it!


I'm SO excited to get the rest of my Christmas decorating done this weekend. What I'm not excited for is seeing this every time I walk into the house:

My parents bought a 6ft tall inflatable Santa for outside,  but somehow he has made his way into our dining room. This is the first thing you see when you come into the house from the porch. Even though I know he is there it still startles me every.single.time. Everyone on FB and IG agreed with me that it is absolutely terrifying but my family doesn't see anything scary about it #they'recrazy


 photo signature-21.png


  1. Yea Santa in the doorway....creepy! I hate having secrets I can't share with anyone!

  2. I won't lie either, that Santa freaks me out haha. And girl, I FEEL YOUR PAIN on not being able to blog about stuff.... that happens to me alllll the time, but because certain people read it, I know it's not my place to say. Darnit! Also- SUCH a great deal on your laptop, yay!!

  3. that Santa is super creepy! hahaha. So nice to find fellow Canadian blogger, even if you are half way across the country haha.

  4. OMG that Santa would scare me senseless!!

  5. LOLOLOL that Santa would definitely make me scream!!! Is it youuuuuur exciting news or someone else's? I'll be looking forward to you spilling the beans!!!!


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