December 2, 2013

Life Lately & December Goals...

Oh, hi blog. Have  you been feeling a little neglected lately? Sorry bout that. Life, ya know? 

HUGE apologies to the wonderful ladies I was sponsoring in November. Kind of hard to promote someones blog when they only post 4 times in the month. Whoooops

Here's a little of what I missed posting about lately:

My parents had a Grey Cup party at the house and THE RIDERS WON THE GREY CUP AND I'VE BEEN ON CLOUD 9 EVER SINCE. And we didn't even start a small kitchen fire at this years Grey Cup Party... 

We're number ONE!

I went on a little weekend getaway to Bismarck, ND with a friend and got 1/2 of my Christmas shopping done and ALL of my supplies for the Christmas baking that is about to begin!

Candy Cane has made her return! I LOVE doing this for my nieces and am so excited for it this year. Last year I was in Mexico for a week and had to leave the elf shenanigans to my Mama Bear for an entire week. Though I do wish I was going to Mexico again ... :(


I've been wanting to set some goals for myself and I figured the best way to make sure I accomplish them is to put them out here for everyone to see

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  1. you can totally do the cheesecake thing. i was just talking to a friend the other day about cheesecake and how it seems daunting but isn't. either make the smores cheesecake by cookies and cups or the caramel apple cheesecake by a beautiful mess! i've made both, both are awesome, neither are really hard!

    1. The caramel apple cheesecake sounds AMAZING! Maybe that will be my new goal - thanks Kristy!

  2. I'm looking forward to reading your posts every weekday this month!!! I haven't watched this past season of SOA past the first epi, I was too sick and shocked and yuck. What season are you on?


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