February 28, 2014

That's My Kind of Night...

As I write this Thursday night, I am filled with excitement for the weekend ahead of me. Our girls weekend getaway to Bismarck, ND to see Luke Bryan is finally upon us! Seeing Luke Bryan in itself is an awesome thing, but I will also be getting to cross something off of my 30 x 30 list and my bucket list. 

You see, this will technically be my first ever concert. Yes, you read that right. At 26 years old I am going to my first concert. I've been to country music festivals - Hootenanny in the Hills (yes, that was the real name of it) when I was a little girl. Pam Tillis was one of the main acts and to this day hearing 'Maybe It Was Memphis' or 'Shake the Sugar Tree' instantly transports me back to my childhood and brings back so many good memories. I also spent 5 years straight going to the Craven Country Jamboree, located right here in good old Saskatchewan. I've seen Reba, George Strait, Jason Aldean, Carrie Underwood, Sugarland, Taylor Swift, Gretchen Wilson, Big and Rich, and the list goes on.

But I have never been to a concert of an artist on  tour in an arena or stadium.  And that is all about to change. So seeing my first concert is getting a big ole' check mark on my bucket list. And seeing Luke Bryan is crossing off  'See one of my favourite artists in concert' on my 30x30 list. 

My parents are both country music fans and I have them to thank for my love of the country music genre. We bought my dad a karaoke machine for Christmas one year and he spent the entire Christmas holidays pretending he was Randy Travis. Don't tell him I said this, because it will go completely to his head, but he isn't that bad of a singer. I myself had big dreams of turning into an amazing singer once my tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy was complete - I had read stories about people whose voices completely changed afterwards. Alas, when I sing it still sounds like someone is strangling a cat. Nonetheless, it still doesn't stop me. I feel sorry for the poor folks who will be stuck next to me at the concert while I belt out 'Country Girl (Shake It For Me)'. 

I'm only working until noon tomorrow and then we are heading across the border and (hopefully) getting away from the weather that is being forecasted for Saskatchewan. It's apparently supposed to get to -62 with the windchill. Brrrrr!

Check back on Monday for a recap of the concert and the weekends shenanigans! 

February 27, 2014

One of Those Days...

You know when you're just having one of those days where nothing comes easy? Today is one of those days. I fell asleep on the couch last night watching television, with my contacts still in my eyes.  I woke up this morning and it felt like my contacts were glued to my eyeballs - I could barely open my eyes enough to see the time on my phone.  I also woke up with a sore back from sleeping on the couch, my phone was only at 17%, and I didn't have enough time to shower so now my hair is in the messiest ponytail imaginable and has about half a can of dry shampoo in it

I got to work only to discover that there were heating issues - thankfully the plumber I called was able to come right away and got it going, although it was pretty slow to warm back up. I'm now on my lunch break and on my third cup of coffee (the only thing keeping me going). Oh, and did I also mention I had plans of getting up early this morning to type up a post I've been meaning to do for awhile? Obviously that didn't happen, which is why I'm spending my lunch break blogging instead of packing for my weekend getaway

The only saving grace for today is that Erin has given me an easy out from trying to come up with something of substance for today's post. When I was still trying to get my eyeballs to co-operative this morning I was checking my phone (with the one eye that would open enough to read) and saw that she was doing round two of The Blogmopolitan Quiz. Hallelujah - a post of substance without having to put my brain into overdrive

Also, I suck at using photoshop (or in this case, picmonkey) so please don't judge me by how horrible my fill in the blank answers look

February 25, 2014

These Are My Confessions...

Tuesday Confessions

1// I spent at least two hours the other hour night googling Colleges and Universities in both Canada and the US, trying to decide what I want to do with my life. I'm 26, have a college diploma, (and a career!) but for a while now have been thinking a lot about wanting to get my degree,  in a completely unrelated field than the one I took my diploma in. Which would mean at least three more years of schooling on top of the two I've already taken, if not four. Then I saw the prices for tuition and just like that those plans went completely out the window. I don't want to live in debt, even if it is good debt from schooling. I just can't fathom it

2// All I want to do right now is book a vacation - I haven't been on a real vacation (Minneapolis doesn't count - airplanes weren't involved) since April of 2013 when I went to Vegas.  The weather here is still completely miserable, today it's -40 with wind chill warnings, and it just makes me want to escape and go somewhere far, far away. Or somewhere even not that far away. Las Vegas is calling my name., like it does every year. I'd even settle for another trip to Minneapolis

3// It's really hard to concentrate on work and regular life stuff when you have great weekend plans. Friday at noon cannot come fast enough. I just need to decide what I'm wearing on Saturday when I shake it for Luke Bryan...

4// I've registered for the Colour Run in the Twin Cities again this year, and am also going to register for Run or Dye in the Queen City the weekend before the Colour Run. I guess this means I better start running again....

5// I want to go on Blogcation SO BAD but everyone I try to convince has horrible excuses for why they can't go.  Attending a blog conference is on my 30 X 30 list and I can't think of anything better than attending one a freaking cruise ship. Wanna go with me Mama Bear?

6// Last night I drank the rest of a bottle of wine that I had opened on Super Bowl Sunday and then forgot about. (I hadn't been able to drink more than a glass that night because of medication I was on). It was a little stale, but I still finished it off. No shame in my game

7// I'm ridiculously sad that the Olympics are over. Why can't they happen every year?

8// I almost tear up every time I think about How I Met Your Mother ending next month. I'm gonna bawl like a baby. This will be me when the finale airs:

February 22, 2014

Cast of Characters...

 As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I'm getting a blog makeover from Kalyn @ Geez Louise Design. While updating my 'Meet K' page for Kalyn to work her magic on I realized I've never actually introduced all the people I talk about on a regular basis. I also don't call them by their names so that has got to be confusing. So to clear up some confusion here is a 'Cast of Characters' that you will see making regular appearances on the blog

February 21, 2014

How the Olympics Have Taken Over My Life...

Ok, don't let the title of my post scare you away. I already posted once about the Olympics so I've tried realllly hard to keep this 5 on Friday list down to only one point about the Olympics. But fair warning, this is going to be a very random post - I'm writing this on about 4 hours of sleep,  with a belly full of caffeine, while anxiously watching the Men's hockey semifinal...

1// The Olympics have taken over my life. As much as I love them, I'm kind of glad they're almost over so I can get back on a normal sleeping schedule. Waking up at 2:30 am when you have to work at 7:15 is no good. Can the next host of the Olympics please be in the same time zone as me? Much thanks. And while I'm on the topic of Olympics - I need to mention how my favourite team of ALL TIME, Team Jennifer Jones, made Olympic history yesterday when they went undefeated throughout the entire event to capture Gold. I'm so full of happies right now. Also, how intense was that hockey game yesterday? I don't think I've ever watched a more intense game. These athletes have done Canada proud! (Sorry to any readers outside Canada - can we go back to being friends after the Olympics are over?)

2// I only had to work three days this week - Monday was a stat holiday due to Family Day in SK and today is my EDO (earned day off) of work. I could sooo get used to this kind of work week, though it would have been nice to sleep in today instead of getting up at 5:00 for more Olympics. (Can you say #obsessed?). I'm trying to come up with a change of career that would allow me to only work three days a week but still make the same amount of money I currently do. Ideas are welcome! (for my IRL peeps who read this, JUST KIDDING)

3// It's almost the end of February (crazy, right?!) and I have yet to tackle my goals for this month. Whooops. It really should come as no surprise to anyone...

4//In exactly one week I will be heading to Bismarck to shake it for Luke Bryan. And I still don't have any cowboy boots :(

5// You may have noticed things are looking a little wonky with my current blog design. This little space of mine is getting a brand new design from Kalyn @ Geez Louise Design, so I started messing with the old design while trying to change up my pages, and ended up deleting my old header. Not to worry, I got a preview of my new design the other day and it was everything I wanted and more. I can't wait until it's all ready so everyone else can see how amazing it is! If you're in the market for a new design I highly recommend Kalyn. I gave her a few suggestions of what I like and dislike and she completely blew me away with how spot on she was with the design!

Whelppp, back I go to watching the hockey game with no interruptions. It's currently scoreless, but I'm hoping we can get some goals early on so I don't have to hyperventilate during the last period like I did yesterday! Also, I read somewhere that tomorrow is National Margarita Day? I swear last year it was in March or April, but regardless, it gives me a good reason to break out my Margaritaville blender and pretend I'm poolside in Vegas. Happy Friday!

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February 19, 2014

I'm the Kinda Girl Who...

... doesn't say a word, who sits at the curb and waits for the world  Ok, but seriously who knew Teddy would have such a catchy song?! When Holly announced her link up I had that song playing on a loop in my head. No bueno... Anways, on to my actual post

//Fell in love with NYC after only one visit

//Gives in to peer pressure easily

//Swore up and down I hated wine after trying it while in Italy at 15. Now, I'm a wino

//Drinks the leftover pickle juice from the jar

//Has a hard time saying no to people. Especially my sister. Damn you Toni!

//Is a super fast reader and can spend an entire day in bed reading books

//Is always planning my next vacation

//Wishes I could have enjoyed city life more when I lived in the Hat

//Watches  PLL or HIMYM every night before going to sleep (unless I'm on vacay)

//Prays every night before going to sleep but has only been to church a handful of times 

//Wants to go back to school but doesn't want the debt

//Is loyal to a fault. If my friends hate someone, I hate someone

//Cries when I'm angry and hates it because I see it as a sign of weakness

//Still hasn't mastered the art of backcombing

//Is extremely superstitious but has the number 13 tattooed on my forearm

//Hates public speaking but once rapped (along with my sister and two cousins) a welcome to the family speech at my cousins wedding

//Cringes when someone I know IRL tells me they read my blog

//Hates having my picture taken alone

//Has to be doing something while watching tv - googling useless facts, checking social media, reading blogs, etc

//Has an unhealthy obsession with Target

//Tears up over anything involving the Olympics

//Gets stressed out during football games and curling games to the point that I have to leave the room when field goals are kicked or last rocks are thrown. This actually just happened this morning

//Always rounds up my age and, thus, always forgets how old I am

//Makes lists for everything. And loves doing it

//Still loves having my Mama Bear french braid my hair

//Loves to travel but stresses out over all the details. Will my flight be delayed? What if we have car troubles? What if the hotel double booked us? 

//Will wake up at 4 am to watch my favourite team of all time play a semifinal match at the Olympics but will hit snooze at least 4 times every other morning

//Laughs out loud during every episode of New Girl

//Loves country music but will always change to a different XM station if Eminem or DMX is playing

//Would eat chips all day every day if calories didn't count

//Spends waaay to much time on the Humour and Holidays & Events sections of Pinterest

//Critiques every single blog post I write

Linking up with Holly...

What kind of girl are YOU?
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February 18, 2014


This weekend the company I work for, along with the local fitness centre, held our Hearts for Heroes fundraiser, an event to honor heroes and volunteers in the community. The event was held on Saturday the 15th, the day after Valentine's day. The decor for the event was all tied in with Valentine's Day, and my cousin and I had the task of putting together the centerpieces for the event - over 35 in total. All of the ideas for the centerpieces came directly from Pinterest, taking different aspects from a bunch of different pins. As well, I did up three different paper buntings to decorate the front entrance table and the silent wine auction tables. 

I LOVE doing crafty projects like these but never seem to find the time  make the time to do up projects like these at home. I've decided one of my March goals will be to finish at least three of my incomplete projects sitting on my work station

At my previous job, where I was Director as well, there were 90 children. That's right, 90. Waaay to many children to give each one something for Valentine's Day. But, now that I work in a much smaller Centre I started thinking about how I should do up something for each child for Valentine's Day. I scoured Pinterest and pinned and liked some cute ideas, but nothing ever actually came from them. Valentine's week was a busy one with one last board meeting before the fundraising event as well as a bunch of last minute details to get done before the event. 

I was on my lunch break on Friday when I realized that I never had done up anything for them and I started feeling guilty. I quickly headed uptown to check out what I could grab to throw together for the children. There was not a single pack of valentines cards and not a single bag of valentines candy left in this one-horse town. The grocery store, which two days before was stocked full of Valentine's themed treats, did not have a single one left on the shelf. They were, however, having a sale on fruit snacks so I decided that my crafty ideas would just have to go out the window, and the children would just get something random. I noticed that Fruit Roll Ups were on sale as well and came with 10 in each box so I bought two boxes of those to equal out to how many I needed - for a grand total of $4.00

When I got back home after my quick stops the overachiever in me started worrying that these weren't blog worthy good enough. That's where Pinterest once again came in (I heart Pinterest sooo much!). I searched 'Fruit Roll Up Valentine's' and found a cute printable that was exactly what I was looking for. I had a bunch of leftover valentine's bags from the Dollarstore from years ago and they came in handy

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February 13, 2014

We Are Winter...

The past few weeks I have been glued to the television watching sporting events. Normally, I'm not a fan of watching sports on tv, unless it's football (CFL only), curling, or the Olympics. Curling has been on non-stop for the last little while with the Continental Cup, provincial playdowns, and then the Scotties.I also got into the Superbowl this year. Initially I planned on cheering for the Seahawks because there is a player from Regina on the team, but then I started rooting for the Broncos because everyone loves a Cinderella/come back from behind story (which obviously they didn't). 

Thankfully, the time I have been waiting for for four years has finally arrived - the Olympics. I love both Summer and Winter but Winter has a slight edge for me since there is curling involved. It doesn't hurt that Canada always does so well at the Winter ones either... 

The DVR at home is full of Olympic events that I need to catch up on (good thing this weekend is a loong one!). I'm so dedicated I woke up at 4 AM yesterday just to watch a curling round robin game - Team Canada versus Great Britain. It helps that Team Jones, representing Canada, has been my favourite team for almost ten years. I cried when they won the Olympic trials. I cry when I read articles about them. The Olympics just make we weepy, period. They bring out my patriotic side and make me so proud to be Canadian. Almost makes me rethink my plans to move to NYC. (I said almost...). 

So far Canada has 10 medals - 4 gold, 4 silver, and 2 bronze, and there's still a lot of events that Canada is favourited in. Canada's slogan for these Olympics is 'We Are Winter' - and that couldn't be more true.

Now, you should head on over to Taunia's blog and check out today's post. Taunia lives in 'the city' and is friends with a good friend of mine,  Mallory. Mallory is guest posting for Taunia while she is on vacation, and is talking about her favourite things. Mallory is an avid blog reader but has yet to start her own blog (something I hound her about ALL.THE.TIME) so everyone should go leave a comment telling her to start her own blog. Aaaand, go!

This is Mallory's oldest daughter. We were out for lunch on Saturday and she was repping Canada with her outfit. We ate at Boston Pizza and she kept watching the tv's, which were featuring the Olympics, and talking about Hockey and Curling. A future Olympian perhaps?

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February 12, 2014

I'm Going to Memphis, Ya'll...

Just kidding, I'm not going to Memphis. I just like saying ya'll. And I do have a funny story for you that relates to Memphis

Ever since last May the ladies in my extended family have been trying to plan a weekend getaway. We have good intentions but just have never been able to work it out so all 7 of us could get away together. Last May it ended up being only 3 of us who got away for Mother's Day weekend when it was supposed to be all of us going.

On Monday my cousin started a group text with all of us about going to a Luke Bryan concert in Bismarck, ND (about a three hour drive from home) on March 1st. We were all in (aside from my sister who has to work - boo you whore) and so it was decided to buy the tickets. So imagine our surprise yesterday when our phones start blowing up with text messages from my cousin saying this:

 'So change of plans we r going to Memphis TN!'. 

After a few people questioned her, asking her WTF she was talking about we get this response:

 'Your not gonna like this you all owe me money for tickets that I bought for Luke Bryan in Memphis!'. And then a screen shot that told us this: SHE ORDERED THE TICKETS FOR MEMPHIS,TN. 

2,278 KM's from O-town, as opposed to the 342 KM's it is from O-town to Bismarck. After receiving an email confirmation about the SIX tickets she had just purchased she noticed that the date said March 7th instead of March 1st. After looking the confirmation over, she realized she had purchased them for Memphis. A faaar cry from Bismarck. Thankfully, she ordered them on StubHub so she can turn right back around and (try to) re-sell them. So if you're in the Memphis area and want to see Luke Bryan on March 7th give me a shout! I'm sure my cousin would be eternally grateful! (And don't worry - you can laugh at her. We all did!)

Now I'm off to download every single Luke Bryan song (that I don't already have, obvi) and browse online for cowboy boots. Happy Humpday!

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February 11, 2014

Birthday Shenanigans...

The last week and a bit has been chock-full of birthday shenanigans. My (not so) little brother and sister in law have birthdays three days apart from each other (side note: I JUST realized this and what makes it so weird is that my sister and I have birthdays three days apart...) and both just celebrated turning the big 2-3 (oh, to be that young again!)

We celebrated early with a supper the Friday before their birthdays at the Olive Branch, an amazing restaurant in a neighboring town. (A few pictures from that night here)

Kenton's (the little bro - I don't know if I've ever called him anything but little bro on here...) birthday is February 2nd which just so happened to be Super Bowl Sunday. Being Canadians, as well as HUGE Saskatchewan Roughrider fans, the Super Bowl really doesn't hold much interest for us, but we will use any excuse we can to eat good food and drink excessively. Kenton requested stir fry for his birthday supper (my Mama Bear is such a sucker - she still takes requests for homemade birthday suppers) so we had a feast, watched the game, and enjoyed some drinks

Kenton and his birthday supper. Please ignore the ridiculous hair - the more we tell him to cut it, the more he grows it out just to annoy us. Brothers...

Kels' (aka my sister in law) birthday is February 5th, which was a Wednesday this year. Because we all work during the week we decided to have her birthday 'party' on Friday the 7th. After seeing an Instagram post of Erin's girls night with her sister in law I decided that was the PERFECT idea for Kels' birthday

We ate bad food (and also the delicious macaroni salad that I made at the request of the birthday girl), watched chick flicks, wore matching pajamas, and drank wine. It was the perfect girls night in my books

Mama Bear got us matching pj's from Victoria's Secret for Christmas. How awesome is she?! I felt like a kid again

Kels has been a part of our family for so long that she just fits right in as if she has always been there. It also helps that her name begins with a K too...

We watched Mean Girls and She's The Man and Kels and I quoted the entire movies (no joke). We put Bridesmaids in next and Kirstin and Kels were asleep before the opening credits. I made it about fifteen minutes in before crashing. So much for an all night slumber party. I had a huge stack of movies to choose from so I guess that just means there's another girls night in our future

Mama Bear was supposed to take part in the festivities but curling was on which was more important than our girls night (harumphh). She did come downstairs for a photo op but I value my life to much to post in on here (your welcome Mom!). She was also supposed to french braid our hair like at slumber parties when we were little so I'm calling that in at our next girls night

In the morning the birthday girl requested waffles for breakfast and it because I'm the most amazing sister in law ever there were mimosas to go along with the waffles 

I've already told Kelsey that I expect an awesome birthday party in return - something that involves brunch (aka mimosas). I wouldn't be mad if that brunch happened to take place in Vegas...

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February 10, 2014

February Goals...

It's that time again - time to set some goals for myself for February to keep myself on track. My track record with these goals is not the greatest but I'm hoping February will be my month. February is a short month but I'm challenging myself by setting even more goals than usual, and some loftier goals at that

This upcoming weekend is a looong weekend here in snowy Saskatchewan - Monday is a stat holiday due to Family Day. I have BIG plans for accomplishing a lot of things off my to do list and my goals list this weekend (with a lot of Olympic watching thrown in there too - the Olympics are my favourite!) and I really hope I can keep myself motivated. I'm still dealing with a nasty cold/chest infection/throat infection but I'm hoping the meds I've been on for the last 11 days will finally start working some magic so this nasty feeling doesn't affect my plans! 

  1. Complete 2011 AND 2012 Project Life albums (this is VERY ambitious)
  2. Clean out spare bedroom # 2
  3. Do Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30 DVD at least 4 times/week
  4. Take down all Christmas decorations (this one breaks my heart)
  5. Order Dad's Father's Day present from LAST YEAR
  6. Send out two forms of snail mail
  7. Successfully complete Kym and Jenn's February 12X30 Challenge: No Spend Challenge
  8. Drink 2 Nalgene bottles full of water per day 
  9. Organize photos on my old laptop and (finally) put away in storage
  10. Visit a former coworker in 'the city' and finally drop off her baby gift (her baby was born in July... I'm horrible)
  11. Blog at least 3 days/week
  12. Wake up every morning when my alarm tells me to (no more setting 8 - that's right, eight - alarms to hit snooze on before finally getting up)
  13. Comment on more blogs. I read blogs every morning when I first wake up and every night before I go to sleep, but rarely ever comment. I need to work on this 
What are your goals for February? Anyone else still have their Christmas decorations up? What's your favourite Olympic even to watch? Lemme know in the comments below! 

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February 6, 2014

January Goals Update...

  1. Win my DietBet game. Eff... I was about .4 lbs off from winning my DietBet game. My scale only does full or half numbers so it was off by that much. I was honestly shocked when I stepped on the scale and it was that low though, considering I didn't work out ONCE in January. I fail at life
  2. (Successfully) Complete No Spend January (more on this in a separate post). I think I did a pretty good job on this. Birthdays in February hindered my progress a bit but I'm calling this one accomplished!
  3. Make a monthly budget for 2014. Donezo. But then I lost the notebook I write all my financial info in :( Wahhhhh. I swear I'm losing my mind. I've misplaced more things in the last few weeks than I ever have in my entire life
  4. Finish 2011 Project Life. Whelpp. Remember how I had to order some pictures from Shutterfly in January even though I was trying not to spend money? Well, it was so I could accomplish this goal. And then the pictures didn't even make their appearance until last Thursday. Tomorrow is my EDO from work so I am going to try and get most of it accomplished
  5. Order Dad's Fathers Day present FROM LAST YEAR. Wal-Mart in 'the city' was going through a bunch of renovations and their photo lab was shut down for most of the month so this will be moved to February's goals. And it WILL get ordered!
  6. Send out two forms of snail mail. Does it count if it was for work?....
  7. Organize pictures on my old laptop and (finally) put away in storage. Almost done. I have around 5000 pictures on that thing and its so tedious that I finally had to give myself a break or I was going to go crazy
  8. Clean out spare bedroom # 3. 3/4 of the way done. I finally got rid of a bunch of old clothing that had been sitting around for years and that felt SO.GOOD
  9. Wake up every morning when my damn alarm tells me to! Wake up, yes. Get out of bed, no. 
  10. Stay up to date on 2014's Project Life. Ordering the pictures as we speak so I don't end up two years behind again
  11. Drink 2 Nalgene bottles of water a day at work. FAIL. It's a work in progress. Sometimes I get so busy I forget
Tomorrow I'll be posting my February goals. I have some big goals for this month and considering its a short month (and my track record with goals) I'm really challenging myself this month

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February 5, 2014

January Spending Freeze Results...

Love, Fun and Football

Every year at Christmas I (and my entire family) go completely overboard. I spend more money in December than I make in 2 months. For serious. It's a very real problem, and one I struggle with every year. Between buying presents, all the groceries bought for (ridiculous amounts of) Christmas baking, supplies for craft and decorating projects, and hotels and food for weekend trips to get my Christmas shopping done, I blow my 'budget' completely out of the water. By the end of December, when the credit card statement arrives, I find myself completely sick over all the money that was spent, with little to actually show for it 

When I saw that Erin and company were challenging everyone to a January spending freeze, I figured I would be able to do that no problem, considering I never want to leave my house in January anyways. I've mentioned before how much I dislike Winter (why I live in Canada I have NO idea!) and how, come January of every year, the Winter blues really start setting in. I don't want to leave the house. I don't want to interact with anyone. I want to hibernate in my room until Spring finally makes its appearance

Days before Christmas my Dad had asked me to pick up his present for Mama Bear from the pharmacy. I paid for it a few days before Christmas, and just before New Years was given the cash for the amount of the present - $70.00. My plan for the January spending freeze was to stick to the $70.00 for non essentials
Then. Only 2 days into January, my sister convinces me I need to go with her and my nieces to see Frozen. My $70.00 started disappearing quickly

January 2nd - $35.50 

$12.00 - Admission to Frozen. (Of course, it HAD to be the 3-D night and cost me even more of my hard earned money!)

$12.50 - Movie snacks. Popcorn and a drink for myself, a bag of cotton candy for the girls to share and a drink for Graycie (Their Mom was trying to convince them they needed to share a drink and didn't need any cotton candy so Super Auntie to the rescue)

$11.00 - Tim Horton's K-Cups and a Lrg French Vanilla cappuccino. Mama Bear asked me to pick some K-Cups up for her while we were in 'the city' and of course I couldn't leave Tim Hortons without a coffee. When in Rome...

Half of my $70.00 gone and it was only the 2nd day of January...

I went until January 17th without spending any money, other than on fuel and my monthly expenses (cell phone, car payment, car insurance). I meet up in 'the city' once a month with friends (affectionately known as the Beaver Cove Town Council - don't ask) and our 'meeting' was on the 17th

January 17th - $48.16

$20.00 -  In late 2013 we decided that we would start doing 'Splurge' in January. And since it was my idea I couldn't just back out. The 'twin' ended up being the lucky recipient of the $140.00 that night

$28.16 - Supper and two beers while out with the Town Council ladies 

At this point I was already over my $70.00 limit by $13.66 but I was still proud that I had been able to resist the pull of online shopping

As part of my January goals (results to be posted tomorrow!) I wanted to complete my 2011 Project Life album. A hard feat when half of your pictures from 2011 still weren't developed. So I ended up ordering the pictures, rather than wait until February and have a large amount of pictures that needed to be ordered all at once

January 20th - $41.81- Pictures from Shutterfly

On the 24th my brother, sister, sister in law, and I had drinks at the house and then went out to the bar for a few drinks. Because of the January spending freeze I convinced my brother and sister they each needed to buy me a beer and that I would pay them back in February (which I still haven't done... whooops). Then I started feeling guilty about it. So I technically did spend that money in January :(

January 24th - $10.50 - Two beers at the bar

I was on the path to having a great month, and then I got sick. I've been doctoring in 'the city' for years due to my commute, so when I made an appointment to see my Dr. to get my sickness under control, it meant a trip into 'the city'. Which then meant spending money

January 31st - $108.93

$6.82 - Prescription for antibiotics. Thank goodness I finally have benefits again (they finally kicked in at the beginning of January - I had no coverage since leaving my job in 'the city') because it saved me a total of $25 on my prescription

$38.96 - 6 Coronas, a bottle of Moscato, and a bottle of champagne. The Coronas were part of my brothers birthday present - his birthday was on Sunday Feb 2nd. The bottle of wine was for the sister in laws birthday, which is today. The champagne was for me for mimosas to help ease the Winter blues. I could've waited one more day to buy the birthday presents but its so much easier to grab things while I'm already in 'the city' and the selection is a million times better

$63.15 - Supper and drinks at the Olive Branch to celebrate my brother and SIL's birthdays. We all hadn't been to the Olive Branch (an amazing restaurant in a neighboring town) together in a loong time so it was long overdue

I would like to note that I didn't make an unnecessary purchases while in 'the city'. I bought groceries which could have waited but like I said, 'the city' obviously has a much better selection than my tiny town does. I didn't grab lunch like I normally would - mostly because being sick left me with no appetite but it still counts! I did make a stop at Tim Horton's before heading back to O-town and to work but I still had a gift card from December so I didn't have to hand over any of my cash

The total of non essential purchases for January? $244.90. Obviously a looong way off from the $70.00 I initially planned to spend. I didn't count on having to spend any money on the February birthdays in January, but that's just the way it worked out. I also didn't plan on spending money getting pictures developed but it really is better to order smaller amounts at once

I was able to pay off my credit card from Christmas time (wahoooo!) and put a little into my savings. I feel like I did an awesome job this month.  No random trips to the grocery store. No useless trips into 'the city'. No books downloaded on my Nook. And no sponsoring any blogs (insert sad face here)

At the beginning of January I was itching to spend money. I had a note on my phone where I wrote down every cent that I spent, but I also had a note on my phone with a wish list of purchases for February. However, Kym and Jenn are doing a February No Spend Challenge as part of their 12X30 challenge so I am going to play along this month too! I really want to boost my savings account and put some money aside for traveling so these no spend challenges are really helping me accomplish this! 

And because no post is complete without pictures: 

My DELICIOUS supper from the Olive Branch. Mmmm

The birthday peeps

My sister and I... Gawddd I hate wearing glasses

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