February 11, 2014

Birthday Shenanigans...

The last week and a bit has been chock-full of birthday shenanigans. My (not so) little brother and sister in law have birthdays three days apart from each other (side note: I JUST realized this and what makes it so weird is that my sister and I have birthdays three days apart...) and both just celebrated turning the big 2-3 (oh, to be that young again!)

We celebrated early with a supper the Friday before their birthdays at the Olive Branch, an amazing restaurant in a neighboring town. (A few pictures from that night here)

Kenton's (the little bro - I don't know if I've ever called him anything but little bro on here...) birthday is February 2nd which just so happened to be Super Bowl Sunday. Being Canadians, as well as HUGE Saskatchewan Roughrider fans, the Super Bowl really doesn't hold much interest for us, but we will use any excuse we can to eat good food and drink excessively. Kenton requested stir fry for his birthday supper (my Mama Bear is such a sucker - she still takes requests for homemade birthday suppers) so we had a feast, watched the game, and enjoyed some drinks

Kenton and his birthday supper. Please ignore the ridiculous hair - the more we tell him to cut it, the more he grows it out just to annoy us. Brothers...

Kels' (aka my sister in law) birthday is February 5th, which was a Wednesday this year. Because we all work during the week we decided to have her birthday 'party' on Friday the 7th. After seeing an Instagram post of Erin's girls night with her sister in law I decided that was the PERFECT idea for Kels' birthday

We ate bad food (and also the delicious macaroni salad that I made at the request of the birthday girl), watched chick flicks, wore matching pajamas, and drank wine. It was the perfect girls night in my books

Mama Bear got us matching pj's from Victoria's Secret for Christmas. How awesome is she?! I felt like a kid again

Kels has been a part of our family for so long that she just fits right in as if she has always been there. It also helps that her name begins with a K too...

We watched Mean Girls and She's The Man and Kels and I quoted the entire movies (no joke). We put Bridesmaids in next and Kirstin and Kels were asleep before the opening credits. I made it about fifteen minutes in before crashing. So much for an all night slumber party. I had a huge stack of movies to choose from so I guess that just means there's another girls night in our future

Mama Bear was supposed to take part in the festivities but curling was on which was more important than our girls night (harumphh). She did come downstairs for a photo op but I value my life to much to post in on here (your welcome Mom!). She was also supposed to french braid our hair like at slumber parties when we were little so I'm calling that in at our next girls night

In the morning the birthday girl requested waffles for breakfast and it because I'm the most amazing sister in law ever there were mimosas to go along with the waffles 

I've already told Kelsey that I expect an awesome birthday party in return - something that involves brunch (aka mimosas). I wouldn't be mad if that brunch happened to take place in Vegas...

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