February 12, 2014

I'm Going to Memphis, Ya'll...

Just kidding, I'm not going to Memphis. I just like saying ya'll. And I do have a funny story for you that relates to Memphis

Ever since last May the ladies in my extended family have been trying to plan a weekend getaway. We have good intentions but just have never been able to work it out so all 7 of us could get away together. Last May it ended up being only 3 of us who got away for Mother's Day weekend when it was supposed to be all of us going.

On Monday my cousin started a group text with all of us about going to a Luke Bryan concert in Bismarck, ND (about a three hour drive from home) on March 1st. We were all in (aside from my sister who has to work - boo you whore) and so it was decided to buy the tickets. So imagine our surprise yesterday when our phones start blowing up with text messages from my cousin saying this:

 'So change of plans we r going to Memphis TN!'. 

After a few people questioned her, asking her WTF she was talking about we get this response:

 'Your not gonna like this you all owe me money for tickets that I bought for Luke Bryan in Memphis!'. And then a screen shot that told us this: SHE ORDERED THE TICKETS FOR MEMPHIS,TN. 

2,278 KM's from O-town, as opposed to the 342 KM's it is from O-town to Bismarck. After receiving an email confirmation about the SIX tickets she had just purchased she noticed that the date said March 7th instead of March 1st. After looking the confirmation over, she realized she had purchased them for Memphis. A faaar cry from Bismarck. Thankfully, she ordered them on StubHub so she can turn right back around and (try to) re-sell them. So if you're in the Memphis area and want to see Luke Bryan on March 7th give me a shout! I'm sure my cousin would be eternally grateful! (And don't worry - you can laugh at her. We all did!)

Now I'm off to download every single Luke Bryan song (that I don't already have, obvi) and browse online for cowboy boots. Happy Humpday!

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  1. That is a bummer! Funny story, but a big bummer. At least she'll hopefully be able to make her money back. Luke Bryan would be an amazing show! :)


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