February 5, 2014

January Spending Freeze Results...

Love, Fun and Football

Every year at Christmas I (and my entire family) go completely overboard. I spend more money in December than I make in 2 months. For serious. It's a very real problem, and one I struggle with every year. Between buying presents, all the groceries bought for (ridiculous amounts of) Christmas baking, supplies for craft and decorating projects, and hotels and food for weekend trips to get my Christmas shopping done, I blow my 'budget' completely out of the water. By the end of December, when the credit card statement arrives, I find myself completely sick over all the money that was spent, with little to actually show for it 

When I saw that Erin and company were challenging everyone to a January spending freeze, I figured I would be able to do that no problem, considering I never want to leave my house in January anyways. I've mentioned before how much I dislike Winter (why I live in Canada I have NO idea!) and how, come January of every year, the Winter blues really start setting in. I don't want to leave the house. I don't want to interact with anyone. I want to hibernate in my room until Spring finally makes its appearance

Days before Christmas my Dad had asked me to pick up his present for Mama Bear from the pharmacy. I paid for it a few days before Christmas, and just before New Years was given the cash for the amount of the present - $70.00. My plan for the January spending freeze was to stick to the $70.00 for non essentials
Then. Only 2 days into January, my sister convinces me I need to go with her and my nieces to see Frozen. My $70.00 started disappearing quickly

January 2nd - $35.50 

$12.00 - Admission to Frozen. (Of course, it HAD to be the 3-D night and cost me even more of my hard earned money!)

$12.50 - Movie snacks. Popcorn and a drink for myself, a bag of cotton candy for the girls to share and a drink for Graycie (Their Mom was trying to convince them they needed to share a drink and didn't need any cotton candy so Super Auntie to the rescue)

$11.00 - Tim Horton's K-Cups and a Lrg French Vanilla cappuccino. Mama Bear asked me to pick some K-Cups up for her while we were in 'the city' and of course I couldn't leave Tim Hortons without a coffee. When in Rome...

Half of my $70.00 gone and it was only the 2nd day of January...

I went until January 17th without spending any money, other than on fuel and my monthly expenses (cell phone, car payment, car insurance). I meet up in 'the city' once a month with friends (affectionately known as the Beaver Cove Town Council - don't ask) and our 'meeting' was on the 17th

January 17th - $48.16

$20.00 -  In late 2013 we decided that we would start doing 'Splurge' in January. And since it was my idea I couldn't just back out. The 'twin' ended up being the lucky recipient of the $140.00 that night

$28.16 - Supper and two beers while out with the Town Council ladies 

At this point I was already over my $70.00 limit by $13.66 but I was still proud that I had been able to resist the pull of online shopping

As part of my January goals (results to be posted tomorrow!) I wanted to complete my 2011 Project Life album. A hard feat when half of your pictures from 2011 still weren't developed. So I ended up ordering the pictures, rather than wait until February and have a large amount of pictures that needed to be ordered all at once

January 20th - $41.81- Pictures from Shutterfly

On the 24th my brother, sister, sister in law, and I had drinks at the house and then went out to the bar for a few drinks. Because of the January spending freeze I convinced my brother and sister they each needed to buy me a beer and that I would pay them back in February (which I still haven't done... whooops). Then I started feeling guilty about it. So I technically did spend that money in January :(

January 24th - $10.50 - Two beers at the bar

I was on the path to having a great month, and then I got sick. I've been doctoring in 'the city' for years due to my commute, so when I made an appointment to see my Dr. to get my sickness under control, it meant a trip into 'the city'. Which then meant spending money

January 31st - $108.93

$6.82 - Prescription for antibiotics. Thank goodness I finally have benefits again (they finally kicked in at the beginning of January - I had no coverage since leaving my job in 'the city') because it saved me a total of $25 on my prescription

$38.96 - 6 Coronas, a bottle of Moscato, and a bottle of champagne. The Coronas were part of my brothers birthday present - his birthday was on Sunday Feb 2nd. The bottle of wine was for the sister in laws birthday, which is today. The champagne was for me for mimosas to help ease the Winter blues. I could've waited one more day to buy the birthday presents but its so much easier to grab things while I'm already in 'the city' and the selection is a million times better

$63.15 - Supper and drinks at the Olive Branch to celebrate my brother and SIL's birthdays. We all hadn't been to the Olive Branch (an amazing restaurant in a neighboring town) together in a loong time so it was long overdue

I would like to note that I didn't make an unnecessary purchases while in 'the city'. I bought groceries which could have waited but like I said, 'the city' obviously has a much better selection than my tiny town does. I didn't grab lunch like I normally would - mostly because being sick left me with no appetite but it still counts! I did make a stop at Tim Horton's before heading back to O-town and to work but I still had a gift card from December so I didn't have to hand over any of my cash

The total of non essential purchases for January? $244.90. Obviously a looong way off from the $70.00 I initially planned to spend. I didn't count on having to spend any money on the February birthdays in January, but that's just the way it worked out. I also didn't plan on spending money getting pictures developed but it really is better to order smaller amounts at once

I was able to pay off my credit card from Christmas time (wahoooo!) and put a little into my savings. I feel like I did an awesome job this month.  No random trips to the grocery store. No useless trips into 'the city'. No books downloaded on my Nook. And no sponsoring any blogs (insert sad face here)

At the beginning of January I was itching to spend money. I had a note on my phone where I wrote down every cent that I spent, but I also had a note on my phone with a wish list of purchases for February. However, Kym and Jenn are doing a February No Spend Challenge as part of their 12X30 challenge so I am going to play along this month too! I really want to boost my savings account and put some money aside for traveling so these no spend challenges are really helping me accomplish this! 

And because no post is complete without pictures: 

My DELICIOUS supper from the Olive Branch. Mmmm

The birthday peeps

My sister and I... Gawddd I hate wearing glasses

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  1. I told you that you don't have to pay me for the beer. So you can take that off your total haha.

  2. Great job! You paid off your Christmas debt and put a little into savings and were mindful of the rest of your spending. No shopping is always a bonus.

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. Hi Kayla!

    I came across your blog working on my Liebster Award... and I've nominated you! You seem to have a fun blog and I'm looking forward to reading :)

    I have questions posted for you on my blog for the Liebster - please check them out! I look forward to reading your answers.

    Happy Wednesday!


  4. Jealous of the splurge group. Do a favorite thing party with your group.

  5. You did GREAT with the spending freeze!!!!


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