April 10, 2014

Wednesday Wedding Recap...

As mentioned, last week I was in Edmonton, AB to see my cousin CC get married. Over ten years ago we were in St. Albert, AB, where my Aunt Cindy and Uncle Merrit were living at the time. CC was around 14 years old and introduced us to her boyfriend, Dylan. I never would have thought that when she told us, at age 14, that she was going to marry him, that 10 years later we would be watching the new parents get married. Their dating anniversary is April 2nd and they wanted to keep it as their anniversary, which is the reason they were married on a Wednesday

It had been almost 6 years (did not seem that long until I started counting back!) since the last 'Mathison' wedding, when we also traveled to Edmonton for Bobbie-Jo's wedding.  My cousin Boonie got married two years ago but she had an extremely small wedding with only immediate family, so a big family wedding was much needed. Unfortunately a lot of our large family couldn't make the wedding, but we had a great time catching up with those who were able to attend. Kenton got a lot of heat for not having a ring on Kelsey's finger yet, so hopefully all that pressure will finally get the ball rolling for those two - we need another family get together to look forward to (fingers crossed everybody!)

The bride and groom were gorgeous, baby Kace stole all of our hearts, the twoonie bar probably made a killing, and Kels and I made some new Aussie BFF's. Unfortunately picture taking and drinking do not go hand in hand so I didn't get as many pictures of family (and the bride and groom - epic fail on my behalf) as I would have liked.  One of the brides cousin's on her Dad's side took photos all night long and kept getting everyone together for photos so hopefully I'll get to see them one day soon

Champagne was served immediately following the ceremony while the wedding party had photos taken 

CC had toys and colouring books and crayons to keep the little ones entertained. Graycie and Harlow plopped themselves down on the floor and coloured away while the adults enjoyed their champagne

Rae and Papa Bear - doesn't he clean up nice?!

Uncle Merrit and Auntie Cindy (with Bobbie and Paulette hiding behind them) doing their Welcome to the Family toast to Dylan

Kelsey and Kenton stole my phone and took a 'selfie'. I told Kenton I was going to tell everyone the reason his hair is so long is because he is growing it out for locks of love. The truth is the more we bug him about it the longer he plans on growing it 

A decent picture of Mama Bear and Papa Bear only happens once every few years so this had to be showcased

Graycie Bear and Kirstin before Graycie snoozed the rest of the wedding away 

Me and my favourite 3 year old

The beautiful bride, CC, getting ready for the bouquet toss. There's a super cute story that goes along with that tractor you see in the background. One of the flower girls rode in on the tractor pulling 6 month old Kace (the bride and grooms 6 month old son) behind in a wagon. The best part of the story is that CC won that tractor when she was 4 years old at an event in her hometown, and one of the other children in the running for the wagon was none other than 5 year old Dylan, the future groom

Dylan about to toss the garter

There he is, baby Kace. This little man stole all of our hearts. It's an 18 hour drive up to High Level where CC and Dylan live so this was most of the families first time meeting the little man. He is the happiest baby I have EVER met and I can't wait for the next time I get another snuggle 

Toni and I had to take a 'selfie' 

Me and Mama Bear - many, many drinks in....

Dylan's mom is originally from Australia and I believe 5 years ago his parents, sister and two brothers moved to Australia. This is his brother Rhys' girlfriend, Lauren. We met her in the bathroom, heard her Australian accent, and proclaimed her our new BFF

Hanging outside the venue with Rhys and Lauren, and Dylan's auntie. Kels and I may have invited ourselves to visit them in Australia, and to their wedding (they're not even engaged...)

Close to the end of the night - Rae lasted through the entire night of dancing

I love weddings and getting the family all together and this one was definitely one for the books. To say the next day was a struggle would be an understatement. To top it all off it was our only day to hit up West Edmonton Mall before we made the trek back home. Next time we need to have more time to recuperate from hangovers before being expected to go shopping and take the girls to Galaxyland!

Friday was a sad day having to leave Edmonton behind and start the long drive back home. We didn't get as much visiting in with our Alberta family as I would have liked, but we already decided that an Edmonton/Saskatoon trip  is needed for this Summer

On the way back we stopped at Vegreville to see the 'Easter Egg'. Whenever I was little we always stopped on our way back from visiting our Alberta family, so Papa Bear made sure to stop so the girls could check it out. Photo credit for this one goes to Kelsey

The girls posing in their brand new dresses at the Egg

We also have family (on the other side) in Saskatoon so we stopped in for a quick visit while passing through on the way home. Graycie was fascinated with something in Uncle Butch's front yard

Getting back to 'real life' after 4 days off work (and a weekend thrown in there to) is HARD. I'm still recovering from the wedding and have yet to unpack my suitcase. I haven't done laundry in almost two weeks so its a good thing Spring has decided to come out and play for awhile - I've been taking advantage of pulling out some Summer clothes while I avoid the mountain of laundry 

I Instagrammed this picture on Monday, and the only change to the suitcase is that I needed my makeup case and toiletries. Otherwise, everything else is still the same. And yes, champagne is necessary for any form of traveling...

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  1. THAT EGG! I have no idea where that egg is (never heard of Vegreville), but there is a great picture of my grandma standing in front of it that I used in her memorial video.

    Sounds like a fun wedding. I went to a wedding this weekend too. It seems like a lot of people did.


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