April 16, 2014

World's Toughest Job...

Yesterday, while on my earned day off from work, I was browsing through Facebook when I saw a video being shared over and over and over again by friends and family, titled '24 People Who Applied For The World's Toughest Job Were In For Quite A Surprise'. I normally don't click on these links, for fear of viruses, yet with all the shares my curiosity got the better of me and I clicked on over to You Tube to see the 'surprise 'these people were in for

This is the video being shared, if you haven't seen it already:

Halfway through the video I started getting a suspicion that it was going to be about motherhood. I watched the entire video, smiled at the sweet words to these 'interviewees' mothers,  them immediately showed it to my Mama (and my Dad happened to watch halfway through as well). We all agreed it was a great, inspiring video to show Mom's how valued they are. That night, while eating supper together as we do most nights, my sister brought up the video and we once again discussed how great it was. Not once did we discuss the fact that the video called motherhood the 'toughest job'. To us, it was just a sweet video to show the value of mom's everywhere

Today it has been shared over and over and over, once again, by more friends and family. Everyone had positive things to say regarding the video. Until. A friend of mine shared the video below, along with a comment that this video was in 'retaliation to one of the stupidest things seen on Facebook this week'


The friend of mine who shared the above video is one of my best friends since Kindergarten (and also a mother). However, just because we are close friends does not mean we always see eye to eye on things. In fact, we usually have differing opinion on almost everything. I commented back that if she was talking about the video about Mom's then she must have no heart (a running joke between us - not actually meant as a snotty comment). She responded that she was in fact talking about the 'Mom' video and that 'a Mom is farthest from the hardest job on the planet'. Her comment got a 'like' and another woman (also a mother) agreed with her. I'm not one to start  'wars' on Facebook or other social media sites, so I left my single comment as that and moved on to discover what else was new in the land of Facebook. However, I do have strong feelings regarding the video, and believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Here is mine:

Let me preface this by saying, for those who are unaware, I am not a mom. However, my job would share many of the same points on a job description as a Mother's would (you know, if motherhood came with a job description...). For those who don't know, I'm the Director of a childcare centre. I went to school for Early Childhood Education and spent many years working 'on the floor' (as we call it) with the children. Yes, now most of my days involve paperwork, phone calls, dealing with parent and staffing issues, and putting out small fires (not literally) to keep the Centre up and running, but I put my blood, sweat and tears into many years working on the front lines with the children. I know firsthand how exhausting it can be to devote your time to taking care of tiny humans

For those who feel that motherhood isn't the toughest job there is on this earth, maybe that's true. But every other job out there an individual can simply walk away from it when it gets to tough. When the pay isn't enough to equate the amount of work being put in. When co-workers, or customers, are just to much to deal with. A mother doesn't have that luxury. Sure, they can take a holiday or take their kids to a sitter or a daycare and get some peace and quiet and time away from their children. But they will never be able to 100% walk away from the 'job' of being a mother. (And if they do - they do not deserve the title of 'mother'). A mother's 'job' does not end when a child turns 18 and goes off on their own into this great big world. A mother constantly worries about her child and the decisions their child will make in their life

The 'toughest job' video did not single out stay at home mom's as having the toughest job. The emphasis was strictly on motherhood as a whole, whether you stay at home with your children all day or work outside the home, it is all tough. Nor did I find that the video dis valued the role of a Father. The video was made with Mother's Day in mind, not to discredit the job of fatherhood. Perhaps in June a new video will make the rounds regarding fatherhood...

Maybe my opinion on the subject is swayed by the fact that I was lucky enough to have an amazing and supportive woman in my life since birth, my Mama Bear. She's been my cheerleader, protector, caretaker,  and has always supported me no matter what. Now that I'm 26 (and my two siblings are also grown) she is not 'retired' from the job of motherhood. It is a job she will keep until her last day, and one I imagine she will continue to excel at until the day she takes her last breath

Motherhood may not be 'the toughest job on the planet' but Mother's deserve credit where credit is due. This post is for you Mama Bear!

And as I said, I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinions. If you have a different opinion on this subject, please comment and let me know. This world would be a ridiculous place if everyone always agreed on everything

“People can tell you to keep your mouth shut, but that doesn't stop you from having your own opinion.” 
― Anne Frank

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