May 15, 2014

10 Days in Texas...

Guys. I leave for 10 days in Texas tomorrow and I haven't packed a single thing yet. I haven't even made a list of everything to pack yet, and making lists is one of my favourite things!

I also haven't painted my toes, redone my nails, or scheduled any blog posts for next week. And let's not forget that I still have to get a ton of work done to prepare the Centre for a week of my absence. I'm not kidding when I say I'm the ultimate procrastinator

I still have to withdraw some more USD, call my credit card company to let them know my card will be being used from North Dakota to Texas and all the States in between, and make arrangements to have my paycheque deposited next Friday

The best part of choosing to drive instead of fly to our destination is the fact that I don't have to worry about an overweight suitcase - I'm slightly OCD and always over pack in case there is the slightest chance that I might need something. So I usually end up with enough clothes for a month away, and enough beauty products for an entire year. It's a real problem. But one I don't have to worry about this trip. Twenty minutes before we leave I will probably end up adding even more to my suitcase, 'just in case'

These are the only two pictures I could rustle up from one of my two previous trips to Texas. This was waaay before the digital camera age y'all. Also, do you like how I slipped that 'y'all in there? It's one of my favourite words, but sounds ridic coming from a girl from SE Saskatchewan.  But while in Texas I'm going to do as the Texans do. And say y'all. A lot

Be prepared for an overload of pictures when I'm back in the GWN. And for me to say y'all All.The.Time from then on


  1. I'm terrible at over-packing too and ALWAYS think my luggage will be too heavy when we fly. Usually I'm not even close to the limit though, lol! Shows how much I know! Have SO much fun IN TX :)

  2. I wish I could see you while you are here!! Have fun :)


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