May 19, 2014

May Long 2014...

This past weekend is referred to as 'May Long' back home in Canada. Today is a Stat holiday, for Victoria Day, making it a long weekend for everyone lucky enough to work a job that doesn't require work on the Stats.  My May Long weekends usually consist of camping and drinking. And lots of beer pong. But not this year.  This year, this post comes to you from River Road in New Braunfels, Texas

We got on the road around 2:45 pm on Friday. We stopped in Minot, ND for a quick bite to eat and to grab some snacks to fill up our cooler so we wouldn't have to make many stops. Our original plan was to stop somewhere in Kansas for the night to get a few hours of sleep, but instead we drove 27 hours straight (Side note: When I say 'we' I really mean my brother drove 24 of those hours, and Kels drove 3.  Maybe they don't trust my driving...?). We arrived at our Aunt and Uncle's at 6:30 our time on Saturday night. It felt soooo good to be out of the car. The most we stopped the entire time was at a tiny rest stop area after we got to Texas for about 15 minutes. We were dead set on getting to Texas as quick as possible

On the way down we stopped at a tiny town in Northern Texas called Canadian (I'm so moving there) to fuel up and so Kels and I could use the washroom. As soon as I saw the washroom I exchanged a look with Kels and said 'Stay classy, Texas'. This was before I knew it would get worse.  I go in, shut and lock the door, and immediately see a scorpion on the floor. I almost stepped on it, having not seen it at first. We had a staring contest (that I won) and then I very carefully stepped over the scorpion and got the hell out of there. We don't have scorpions in Canada - I wasn't expecting them in Canadian, TX either

We slept in yesterday morning  - it was well deserved. The most sleep we got on the drive was about 3 hours, and that wasn't even all at once. Then we headed into New Braunfels for lunch and  a liquor store. We had real priorities. We went to Chipotle for lunch-  I had made sure to check and see if there was one before we came. Kenton and Kels had never been to one, and I've been craving it since November

Funny story: I had a margarita (best one ever!) with lunch, and got ID'ed. I handed over my ID and when the cashier handed it back she asked 'Where was that ID from?' I answered back 'Saskatchewan' and when I saw the blank look on her face I clarified with 'It's in Canada'. Her response "Oh I thought it was a Native American one or something".  Hmmm. I didn't realize Native Americans had there own kind of special ID's. But thank you Chipotle cashier - not many people realize I have Native ancestry when I'm traveling. I mean, when I was in Mexico everyone thought I was one of them...

The rest of the day was spent getting our drink on down at our Aunt and Uncle's store. They made us Texas BBQ for supper, and despite starting a small fire, it was delicious. I think my Aunt is loving having us here - she doesn't get to see her Canadian family very often and she has been reminiscing about the good ole days back in Canada a lot

The weather is amazing - the nights are like our days back home in Canada. Our plan for today is to float the river and get our day drunk on. We are on vacation after all. Expect lots of pictures in the next few days! 

Oh, and the last time we floated the river - 12 years ago - Kenton almost drowned. Kirstin and I had to save him when he was stuck in a current. He was only 11 years old but we still razz him about it all the time, So here's hoping I don't have to play lifeguard today! 

This is my view of the store (and behind it, the river) from the window as I sit on the couch typing this post


  1. That margarita and the food look yummy! I still get carded all the time. It's funny she thought the ID was Native American.

  2. Glad we got some rain before you came down hopefully the river is a little full!!


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