May 5, 2014

My Baby Brother's Getting Married!...

Remember this post where I vaguely mentioned some exciting news? Well it's finally official and I can sing it from the roof tops - my baby brother is getting married!

A few months ago I accidentally learned that my brother had been saving up money to buy a ring for his girlfriend, Kelsey. They've been together for SEVEN years (albeit they are only 23) so it was very exciting. The only downside was that I am horrible at keeping secrets. Horrible. But I am proud to say that I didn't spill the beans to Kelsey, and even after checking out rings while in Edmonton for CC's wedding she was completely blindsided with the proposal

They went away to Saskatoon for a work conference for Kelsey on Tuesday and on Wednesday night he proposed. I just wish they would have had someone hiding in the bushes to record the proposal so we could see it.  They kept it a secret for over 24 hours until they were back in O-town and could tell family in person

When they told Kels' Dad and Step-Mom, her dad pushed Kels out of the way to go hug Kenton - he's also been one of the one's not so patiently waiting for it to happen

On Friday I was off work and Mama and I headed to Minot for a quick shopping trip - and I wasted no time getting Kelsey started on her wedding planning (more on that later this week). Saturday night the newly engaged couple came to the house so we could take a couple of pictures to announce their engagement on IG and FB

I can't wait for the wedding and am so excited that the girl I've been calling a sister for 7 years will finally officially be my sister (in law)! Both Kenton and Kels have LARGE extended families so this is going to be a big wedding and My liver is already worried

Oh, and I'm most likely going to have to rap a wedding speech again. Awesome....


  1. How did you accidentally find out?? Congratulations to your families!!!

  2. HOORAY!!!! :) So happy for them, they are too cute! How fun that you are close to your future sister too, that's SO special to have :)


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