June 30, 2014

2014 Flood...

School just finally let out in our area on Thursday (the 26th), so this weekend was the first weekend of Summer holidays for most people around here. Tomorrow is Canada Day so most of us in the GWN get tomorrow off as a Stat holiday. A lot of people (not this girl, unfortunately) also took today off to have an extended long weekend. The Canada Day long weekend usually consists of camping, fishing, boating, tanning at the pool, etc. - outdoorsy activities to partake in after a loong Winter. Late last week it didn't look too promising for many of those activities due to a gloomy forecast, but looking at the forecast on Friday I never would have imagined the devastation that so many people are facing right now

The forecast called for rain all weekend, and then turned into a rainfall warning. I'm not kidding when I say that it maybe stopped raining for a combined total of 4 hours since Friday. I went out for supper at the Olive Branch in C-duff on Saturday with the Beaver Cove ladies and as I got into the vehicle when they picked me up I mentioned that I felt like I was living in the Twilight movie. Not a single glimpse of the sun all weekend. Torrential downpours all day and all night. Might as well be living in Forks, Washington

The weekend was a major bummer. There was no beer pong being played. No drinks on the deck. No tanning poolside. Not a single item crossed off of my Summer Bucket List. But all that seems so ridiculous to be upset about in comparison to what is happening all around here

Neighbouring towns have had to declare a state of emergency. All the residents of a town 40 minutes from me had to be evacuated. The town where my sister works is basically underwater. Portions of the highways are closed or completely washed out. There are some towns that have no way in or out -  residents are stuck in their homes, or are unable to get to their homes

In 2011 the SE corner of SK, as well as North Dakota, got hit hard by flooding. People who lived by the river in O-town lost their homes. Our ball diamonds were completely destroyed and the town is still fundraising three years later to have them replaced. The campsites in the valley will never be as beautiful as they once were. The flood of 2011 was called by some the 'Once in 50 Years Flood'.  Unfortunately, they were wrong. We may not be releasing water from the dams to cause the flooding, but apparently someone pissed off Mother Nature enough to cause this amount of flooding. My heart is heavy again

The only redeeming quality about this weekend was that last night was the season opener for the Riders and we wiped the floor with the Ti-Cats. Oh, and they managed to do that while playing in torrential downpours (no domed stadiums for us). But all kidding aside, please keep those being affected by the flood in your thoughts and prayers. They are going to need all the extra positive energy they can get! 

We now own lake front property. But compared to what other areas are going through, this is nothing
I was so afraid Krickit would follow the big dogs into the water. Her favourite thing right now is puddles. Oh, and my polka dot rain boots from Target were one of the best purchases I've ever made. All this rain will make buying Hunters when I'm in Minneapolis even more justified...

Beer is absolutely necessary when reading about all the flooding. And when watching football...

June 26, 2014

There Is Something Good In Every Day...

It's A Good Day When...

... I find a link up to join and can stop staring at the keyboard, hoping it will write a post itself

... I actually get to drink my first cup of coffee before it gets cold 

... Krickit only gets me up once in the night (Hallelujah!)

.... I actually wake up (and get out of bed!) when my 2nd alarm goes off. The first is just a warning... Or so I tell myself

... I get home from work and Krickit is so excited to see me that she can't stop shaking and starts crawling up my legs trying to get to me

... I receive one of the million packages I've ordered

... I manage to put in some time working on my fitness

... I receive flowers from my daycare kiddos

... I manage to leave work at the time I'm supposed to, instead of half hour to an hour late...

... It's payday and I still have money in my chequing account

... Big Brother is on!

... My favourite song comes on XM during my 2 minute drive to work

.... I can watch Harry Potter in bed 

... My morning starts off with a few snapchats that make me smile

.... I get together with girlfriends for supper at the Olive Branch

... I manage to do my hair/put anything more than mascara on. I work reallly early guys

.... My workday zooms by and it's 4:30 and time for wine  to head home before I even realize it 

... I get to cross something off my to do list

... I've finished one of my monthly goals

... The sun is shining

... I have a vacation to look forward too!

=It's A Good Day Linkup

June 24, 2014

26 Things in my 26th Year...

Exactly one month from today I will be leaving on a jet plane, bound for Las Vegas. Oh, and it will also be my 25th 27th birthday. I didn't plan on spending my birthday in Vegas but that's just the way it worked out when we were booking flights (I'm heading there with one of my best friends from high school). Our flight doesn't leave until late on the night of my birthday so I'm hoping I'll still be able to commiserate celebrate with family before we take off for Minot. With cake. Lots of cake. And margaritas. Aaand probably some mimosas. But I digress. I've been freaking out about this upcoming birthday since I turned 26. My reluctance at turning 27 even inspired my 30X30 list. Thinking about turning 27 reminded me of how reluctant I was to turn 26. But, looking back on the past 11 months, I have to say this - 26 was a pretty great year. There are so many things I want to remember from my 26th year, but today I leave you with 26 of them

1// Starting off my 26th year by getting a memorial tattoo for my Granny, who passed away in June 2013

2// Attending my best friend from college's wedding (talk about making me feel old...) in AB with one of my best friends from high school

3// Having surgery to remove my tonsils and adenoids (19 years after I was initially supposed to...). I don't want to remember the actual surgery or recovery, because that was hell, but the fact that I haven't had strep throat in over a year (knocks on wood)

4// Completing my 2nd 5K

5// Coming up with the BEST Halloween costumes for the girls, and myself and Toni and Kels

6// Taking the girls on their first (but not last!) trip to Minneapolis

7// Watching the Riders win the Grey Cup. And spending the weeks after on cloud 9

8// Cookie swappin' with the Beaver Cove Town Council 

9// Starting a 'Mexican and Margaritas' Christmas Eve tradition (and Home Alone drinking game tradition)

10// Ringing in the New Year with mimosas. And family. And Cards Against Humanity

11// Celebrating Kels' birthday by wearing matching pajamas and watching chick flicks. And drinking wine. (Duh)

12// Going to my first 'real' concert, Luke Bryan, with the Cameron ladies 

13// Watching my gorgeous cousin CC get married to the love of her life on a Wednesday in April 

14// Being with my Mama Bear for her first tattoo

15// Watching Graycie dance in her first recital

16// Photographing an engagement announcement. Ok, more so the ENGAGEMENT than anything 

18// Tasting Spring

19// Vacationing in (and drinking my way through) Texas 

20// Raising money and riding the Big Bike for the Heart and Stroke Foundation

21// Learning at an Ooey Gooey Lady professional development event in Saskatoon

22// Celebrating one year of operation on the 10th of June

23//Purchasing the Harry Potter series and re-reading them all in a week 

24// Celebrating Baby Eecherk's upcoming arrival

25// Taking my girls to the fair in 'the city'

26// Bringing Krickit home

There's still one more month until the big 2-7 hits, and I'm hoping for many more amazing memories in the next month. And you know what? 27 doesn't seem so scary after all

June 23, 2014

Longest Day of the Year...

Before updating y'all on my first weekend of Summer (and a picture overload) I first need you to direct your attention to the picture below (I am bursting with excitement!)

I am the proud new puppy mama to that baby girl, named Krickit! My family has always had dogs, but this is my first ever puppy to call my own! I've known for forever that when I finally got a puppy her name would be Krickit, it was just finding the perfect puppy part that needed to happen

About 10 days ago a lady posted on O-town's garage sale group on FB that she had Chiwiennie (half chihuahua/half dachshund)  puppies for sale and they would be ready to go soon. A couple of months ago there had been another Chiwiennie puppy for sale (by a different family) and I came thisclose to getting her, only to find out she had been sold a couple hours before. My puppy plans went on the back burner after that, until one day when I was browsing through Facebook and my heart melted when I saw the pictures of Krickit and her siblings. I got the message on Friday night that Krickit was ready to go, and Toni and I headed to Carlyle on Saturday afternoon to pick up my new baby. Right before we left for Carlyle I was sitting on the deck at home and all I could hear were crickets. I took that as a sign that I was making a good decision about getting her

She is sooo tiny. I knew that she would be small from the pictures that I had seen on FB but I was unprepared for how tiny she was when I held her for the first time. It was definitely love at first sight. When I got back to the house later that afternoon, after stopping in for a visit at my cousin Star's place, there were 4 dogs at the house. Kendee and Kirby, my families dogs, and then my brother and SIL's dog, Dexter, and our family friend Moe's dog Rider. Krickit was a little overwhelmed by her new friends but they all get along great, which was my biggest concern

Now, back to the first weekend of the Summer (how excited is everyone else that it's finally Summer?!).  Mother Nature didn't seem to have gotten the memo that it's now Summer and that the sun is always supposed to shine and she decided to make the days cloudy and gloomy, with only the occasional glimpse of sunshine. However, the weather did coincide with the terrible news I received on Friday. Late Friday afternoon I found out that a former daycare family of mine (whose children will always hold a special place in my heart) lost their fiance/step-father/father in a quadding accident that morning. My stomach was in knots and my heart was (and still is) so heavy imaging how Jo is going to manage with 6 young children coping with the loss of their Dad,while she also copes with the loss of her fiance just months before their wedding. On the weekend I would look outside at the clouds and get annoyed that the sun wasn't shining, and then I would remember that this family was going through a tragedy and that the weather not cooperating is a non-issue and that I need to concentrate more on being thankful for the things that I do have. The Byers family could use all the positive vibes they can get, so please keep them in your thoughts and prayers

Despite the tragic news, and the gloomy weather, I wanted to start the first day of Summer off on a good note. I woke up early and started off my morning with coffee out on the deck, enjoying what little sun would come my way whenever the clouds would move and let the sun shine. After finishing my coffee, I moved on to Lime-A-Rita's (because I couldn't not start the first day of Summer off without alcohol!) And of course you already know what the best part of my day was. I also welcomed the first day of Summer with a blizzard from DQ while in Carlyle waiting to meet up with the lady dropping Krickit off (when is O-town going to finally get a DQ?!)

But back to Krickit.  I'm not going to lie, being a puppy parent is HARD work. If I didn't know before that I wasn't ready for babies, Krickit's first night at home would've definitely made me realize.  I wanted to start her out right, sleeping in her own bed in my room, but that definitely didn't happen. If I wasn't cuddling with her, or always touching her, she was crying. Obviously that was to be expected, on her first night away from her mom. So Krickit and I slept curled up together, sharing a pillow, and snuggled all night. Every couple of hours she would wake me up with a nasty puppy breath lick to the face, or a tiny paw batting at my face, and we would trudge outside, me with only one eye half open, for her to do her business. By 8:00 am (my normal weekend wake up time) I felt like I had been out drinking all night long and battling the worst hangover of my life. I'm definitely used to my uninterrupted 7 hrs of sleep each night! I like to keep things real on this space of mine, so here is what the first night of being a puppy parent looks like the morning after

The struggle is real. The longest day of the year thing turned out to be pretty accurate when I felt like I barely slept at all on Saturday night. Saturday and Sunday just kind of blurred together and felt never ending.  Oh, and right before this picture was taken, Krickit peed on my bed... It's a good things she's cute!

The girls had been at their Dad's for the weekend so they didn't meet Krickit until supper time on Sunday night. They both fell in  love right away and there have been numerous fights already about whose turn it is to hold her. Ay caramba!

The gloomy weather and the puppy snuggles didn't allow for much off the Summer Bucket List to get accomplished but getting Krickit was worth it! Last night the entire family was together and we had barbecued burgers and steaks, baked potatoes, and the most amazing macaroni salad EVER for supper. It  was a great way to end the first weekend of Summer :)

Cheers to Summer 2014!

June 20, 2014

Sweet Summer Time...

Tomorrow it is officially (not to mention FINALLY) the first day of Summer! I know for some of y'all its already felt like Summer for weeks, if not months. Here in Saskatchewan, however, it probably won't even feel like Summer until about a three week stretch starting in mid July. I wish I was kidding. But regardless, I plan on making the most of what little Summer weather we get.  Before I know it the snow will be falling again and I will be back in hibernation mode

Friends of mine who read my blog have volunteered to help with my Summer Bucket List and I can't wait to really get the ball rolling. This weekend my only plans consist of repainting my nails, drinking copious amounts of wine, and (hopefully) sitting in the sun and working on my tan. The last one is questionable considering I haven't seen a glimpse of the sun in days. It's been gloomy and depressing around here, kind of like my mood ever since I finished the Harry Potter series. I started and finished (re)reading the entire Harry Potter series in one week and now I'm super sad that I'm done and I curse myself for going through them that quickly. Hopefully the wine this weekend will help improve my spirits

I'm also going to try and take some time to work on a few posts for next week so I can get fully back into the swing of things before July hits and life gets craaazy and vacations start happening. On that note, can it just be July 11th already?!

SALT IN THE AIR, SAND IN MY HAIR #summer #quotes +++For more quotes like this, visit www.quotesarelife.com

I wore a sweater (yes, a sweater) today with these exact words. Someone take me to the beach pleaaase! 

June 19, 2014

Fair Fun Twenty-Fourteen...

Last night I put another check mark beside an item on my Summer Bucket List. Toni was at training for work in the Queen City from Mon-Wed so the Twin and I took the girls to the fair in 'the city' for her,  since it only runs Mon-Wed. We drove through a monsoon to get there, got soaking wet the entire time we were there (it poured on and off for the entire three hours we were there) but it was worth it because the girls had fun and I got to complete an item off my list!

They got their faces painted like Jack Skellington (and made so many people laugh), rode the rides, played a game and won a prize, and got their beloved cotton candy before we left. I'm hoping I'll be able to convince Toni that we need to go to the ND State Fair in Minot, or Buffalo Days in the Queen City. Wish me luck...

I've been going to the fair in 'the city' for many, many years and I've never seen it this dead. You usually can't walk through the sea of people. Getting completely drenched and looking like a drowned rat was worth it for the lack of crowds!

Fair food is the reason I go to fairs. Nothing beats a poutine made with homemade fries. Mmmmm

Mini donuts at the fair has been checked off my Summer Bucket List. Frozen Lemonade from the fair was also on my list but as we were leaving and about to get our lemonade it started torrential downpouring and the lemonade tent was almost blowing away, so we went to Tim Horton's and got frozen lemonades for the drive home. Still a win in my books

The arrow is pointing where Rae, who is SEVEN, was riding. We ran into a few of the girls that work for me, and two of my cousins, and none of them could believe that Rae was riding it. She's a daredevil and loved every minute of it!