June 24, 2014

26 Things in my 26th Year...

Exactly one month from today I will be leaving on a jet plane, bound for Las Vegas. Oh, and it will also be my 25th 27th birthday. I didn't plan on spending my birthday in Vegas but that's just the way it worked out when we were booking flights (I'm heading there with one of my best friends from high school). Our flight doesn't leave until late on the night of my birthday so I'm hoping I'll still be able to commiserate celebrate with family before we take off for Minot. With cake. Lots of cake. And margaritas. Aaand probably some mimosas. But I digress. I've been freaking out about this upcoming birthday since I turned 26. My reluctance at turning 27 even inspired my 30X30 list. Thinking about turning 27 reminded me of how reluctant I was to turn 26. But, looking back on the past 11 months, I have to say this - 26 was a pretty great year. There are so many things I want to remember from my 26th year, but today I leave you with 26 of them

1// Starting off my 26th year by getting a memorial tattoo for my Granny, who passed away in June 2013

2// Attending my best friend from college's wedding (talk about making me feel old...) in AB with one of my best friends from high school

3// Having surgery to remove my tonsils and adenoids (19 years after I was initially supposed to...). I don't want to remember the actual surgery or recovery, because that was hell, but the fact that I haven't had strep throat in over a year (knocks on wood)

4// Completing my 2nd 5K

5// Coming up with the BEST Halloween costumes for the girls, and myself and Toni and Kels

6// Taking the girls on their first (but not last!) trip to Minneapolis

7// Watching the Riders win the Grey Cup. And spending the weeks after on cloud 9

8// Cookie swappin' with the Beaver Cove Town Council 

9// Starting a 'Mexican and Margaritas' Christmas Eve tradition (and Home Alone drinking game tradition)

10// Ringing in the New Year with mimosas. And family. And Cards Against Humanity

11// Celebrating Kels' birthday by wearing matching pajamas and watching chick flicks. And drinking wine. (Duh)

12// Going to my first 'real' concert, Luke Bryan, with the Cameron ladies 

13// Watching my gorgeous cousin CC get married to the love of her life on a Wednesday in April 

14// Being with my Mama Bear for her first tattoo

15// Watching Graycie dance in her first recital

16// Photographing an engagement announcement. Ok, more so the ENGAGEMENT than anything 

18// Tasting Spring

19// Vacationing in (and drinking my way through) Texas 

20// Raising money and riding the Big Bike for the Heart and Stroke Foundation

21// Learning at an Ooey Gooey Lady professional development event in Saskatoon

22// Celebrating one year of operation on the 10th of June

23//Purchasing the Harry Potter series and re-reading them all in a week 

24// Celebrating Baby Eecherk's upcoming arrival

25// Taking my girls to the fair in 'the city'

26// Bringing Krickit home

There's still one more month until the big 2-7 hits, and I'm hoping for many more amazing memories in the next month. And you know what? 27 doesn't seem so scary after all


  1. That last one is a great pic of you!

    1. Thanks! I did my hair that morning specifically b/c I knew I'd be getting a picture with my new puppy haha

  2. Love this idea for a post!
    I'm hitting 36 this July, YIKES!!!

  3. Looks like you had an awesome year. I'm sure 27 will be even better!!

  4. What an amazing year you've had girl!!! I just turned 27, so hurry up and join me here!! ;) It ain't so bad!


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