June 16, 2014



Reading: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. The above picture most accurately describes what I've been up to lately. I received the entire Harry Potter series (finally!) on Tuesday night, started (re) reading them Wednesday after work, and am currently halfway through book 6... I wasn't kidding when I said that being a really, really fast reader is my only talent

Listening: To the above song on repeat. Also, I tweeted something about it a few days ago and Ryan Kinder retweeted me, which just made me love the song even more, if that's even possible 

Celebrating: The soon to be arrival of Baby Eecherk. Yesterday was Amanda's baby shower in 'the city'. It's crazy to think that just over a year ago we were celebrating her wedding and now we're celebrating Baby Girl Eecherk. But anytime I think about Amanda leaving us I get a huge case of the sads so I try not to think about it too much

Planning: Kenton and Kel's engagement 'party' aka BBQ with the family. Part of my 'June Goals'

Sending: Snapchats. All day every day.  If you're not my friend on Snapchat (and why not?!) you're missing out. I sent this gem out on Friday after my hair refused to co-operate. I got a close up back from a friend of her face with a couple of  pimples on it with the tag 'My face is like Hannah Montana - 14'. I'd insert the crying laughing face emoji here if I could

 Enjoying: Drinks on the deck every night after work (whenever Mother Nature isn't PMS'ing). Have I mentioned how much I love Summer?! 

Feeling: Sad that I had to miss Rae's last baseball tournament (and game!) of the season and seeing her get her medal after winning the tournament :(

Waiting: For the last day of school, when it finally officially feels like Summer. Graycie had her last day of Pre-K on Thursday. Only one more year of Pre-K and baby girl is off to Kindergarten!

Loving: That the Estevan fair is this week and I get to take my girls and cross another item off my Summer Bucket List!


  1. I looove eating/drinking outside on the back deck after work. There is seriously nothing more relaxing!!!

  2. My face is like Hannah Montana too what gives it isnt even that T.O.T.M grrr!
    Sounds like your summer is going pretty great..Im kinda jealous! LOL

  3. Reading really fast is also my only real talent! Loving that book cover too! Is it wrong to want all the books with all the different covers?? Seriously I have a problem...

  4. Just went and listened to this song. It's a great one!!


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