June 19, 2014

Fair Fun Twenty-Fourteen...

Last night I put another check mark beside an item on my Summer Bucket List. Toni was at training for work in the Queen City from Mon-Wed so the Twin and I took the girls to the fair in 'the city' for her,  since it only runs Mon-Wed. We drove through a monsoon to get there, got soaking wet the entire time we were there (it poured on and off for the entire three hours we were there) but it was worth it because the girls had fun and I got to complete an item off my list!

They got their faces painted like Jack Skellington (and made so many people laugh), rode the rides, played a game and won a prize, and got their beloved cotton candy before we left. I'm hoping I'll be able to convince Toni that we need to go to the ND State Fair in Minot, or Buffalo Days in the Queen City. Wish me luck...

I've been going to the fair in 'the city' for many, many years and I've never seen it this dead. You usually can't walk through the sea of people. Getting completely drenched and looking like a drowned rat was worth it for the lack of crowds!

Fair food is the reason I go to fairs. Nothing beats a poutine made with homemade fries. Mmmmm

Mini donuts at the fair has been checked off my Summer Bucket List. Frozen Lemonade from the fair was also on my list but as we were leaving and about to get our lemonade it started torrential downpouring and the lemonade tent was almost blowing away, so we went to Tim Horton's and got frozen lemonades for the drive home. Still a win in my books

The arrow is pointing where Rae, who is SEVEN, was riding. We ran into a few of the girls that work for me, and two of my cousins, and none of them could believe that Rae was riding it. She's a daredevil and loved every minute of it!


  1. Oh man, I love Poutine. I am so craving it now. I love firs, even if it does rain, they always are a blast!

  2. Yum, yum yum! Now I'm getting excited about all the local fairs/festivals coming up in our area! :) I cannot waittt! Glad you all had a blast despite the rain!


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