June 5, 2014

It's a Sip of Wine, It's SUMMERTIME...

I LOVE Summer. I'm pretty certain the only reason I can ever make it through harsh Saskatchewan Winter's is because I know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and that light is the Saskatchewan sun during Summer. I love the heat, and loathe the cold. Yet here I am still living in Saskatchewan. Somebody tell me why that is again?

The sun is my friend and I would spend all day every day outside if I could. To bad that pesky thing called work has to get in the way... 

I wish I could spend all Summer poolside in Vegas. Or floating on the River. Sighhhh

Last year I made my Summer Bucket List and then had surgery at the beginning of August and barely got anything accomplished off my list since I was basically a zombie for all of August. This year I do not have to have surgery (crossing all my fingers and toes right now!) and I am hoping I can accomplish all these things plus more that I think of as they come up!

*Complete 5 things off my 30 X 30 list

*Go Mini Golfing   Completed August 10th 

*Eat mini donuts and drink frozen lemonade at the Fair   Completed June 18th 

*Re-read all the Harry Potter books (ordered them off Amazon on Tuesday!) Completed June 19th

*Help Kelsey work her way through my  'Must Watch Movies' list for her

*Make s'mores and pizza sandwiches over a campfire

*See fireworks

*Make a copycat version of Applebee's Berry Sangria

*Visit the Red Barn in Kenosee  Completed August 10th

*Go to a Farmers Market

*Spend a day at the Beach

*Run a 5K (July 13th Colour Run in the Twin Cities again this year!) Completed July 13th

*Make lemonade from scratch and help the girls set up a lemonade stand

*Watch all of the Harry Potter movies (I've only ever seen 1!)

*Host a Favourite Things party

*Try 5 new recipes

*Do 27 Acts of Kindness for my 27th Birthday 

*Spend my birthday weekend in Vegas with one of my best friends from school  Completed July 24th-28th

*Get a blow out at the Blow Dry Bar in the Mall of America Completed July 13th 

*Watch a movie at the Drive-In  Completed August 17th 

*Make this Paradise drink and enjoy it all Summer long

*Learn to shoot a gun (maybe in Vegas? Gotta get Scooby on board for that one...)

*Go on a camping trip 

*Listen to 'Pontoon' on repeat while on the pontoon

*Take a picture every day in July & August

*Have a Family Game Night 

*Re-watch my favourite movies while in bed on a rainy day 

*De-clutter and re-organize my life

*Read 50 books. Preferably poolside 

*Practice yoga outside

*Take the girls to the Zoo (Went to the zoo August 3rd, just not with the girls)

*Have supper and drinks on a patio

*Make homemade ice cream

*Get lunch from a food truck (Twin Cities?)  Completed August 10th at the Red Barn

*Have an outdoor movie night

*Eat dessert for Supper

*Find a brunch spot with unlimited Mimosas. Never leave 

*Watch a Rider Game at Mosaic Stadium

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What's on YOUR Summer Bucket list?


  1. Feel like I should have done a better job on my list because yours kicks its butt. Enjoy all the HP - I'm a Potter fan for life! This almost makes me want to go through all the books for the 3rd time!

    1. Mine is verrry ambitious to make up for last Summer!

      My brother owns all the HP books but refuses to lend them out because they are now super fragile from being read so much between him, me, and our older sister. HP fans for life!

  2. I love your list! And now I am craving s'mores and pizza sandwiches (campfire style).

  3. I just did my summer bucket list too. It is fun to have a to do list of awesome activities to get done before the fall months arrive! I have camping under the stars, night swim, game night and hosting a BBQ with a few others on mine.

  4. I love your list! I was going through and kept saying "Oh! Me too!" I'm headed to the drive-in Saturday. It's one of my favorite summer activities! IO don't know what I would do if they took it away!

  5. I can help with you the rider game. We are gone on holidays and there is a home game. You can have our tickets:)

    1. OMG I would love you forever, and ever, and ever! (Not that I already won't! haha). Can't wait to see you next week - it's been waaaay to long!

  6. Ive seen a lot of people say get food from a lunch truck... Im intrigued! haha

  7. yay hope you get your summer bucket list done! boo to surgery, hopefully you dont have to have that again!

  8. Great list! I just made one too. I'm not usually a goal/bucket list type person, but this summer is going to change that.

    I'm saving the Harry Potter Marathon for the fall. I haven't seen any yet (or read any), so I am a legit HP virgin.

  9. So many things on your list sounds perfect!! I especially loved finding a brunch spot with unlimited mimosas and never leave. Yes, yes, yes! When you find it, let me know and I'll be on the quickest flight out! :)

  10. These are so fun! I'm stealing making smores and going to a fair off your list.

  11. haha. Just yesterday I was at the library picking up the audiobook for The Sorcerer's Stone! It's a goal of mine to listen to all the books this summer.

    <3 Jackie

  12. You most certainly should watch the Harry Potter movies. I absolutely love the Deathly Hallows films, even though they are slightly different from the book.


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