June 4, 2014

June Goals...

It has been a hot minute since I set some monthly goals for myself. I found that I was setting the goals but never following through with them, which then led to not making any goals at all for a couple of months. Which now means I am soooo behind on many, many things. So, I'm getting back to setting these goals in the hopes of finally get caught up on life. I am also going to post my list of goals somewhere (either my bedroom or office at work) that I will see every day to make sure I follow through with them

1// Recap my amazing #10DaysinTexas vacation (I'm aiming for this Friday!)

2// Order all my photos from Texas via Shutterfly

3// Send out two forms of snail mail

4// Complete 2011 and 2012 Project Life Albums

5// De-clutter and sell items on FB Garage Sale Site

6// Order Papa Bears Father's Day Gift

7// Hold an engagement party (aka BBQ) for Kenton and Kelsey

8// Drink 2 Nalgene bottles of water per day

9// Do 5 projects from my Pinterest boards

10// Try 3 new recipes this month

11// START RUNNING (again)!

Number 11 is SO important. Today is National Running Day and even though I am Canadian I am going to pretend its (Inter)National Running Day and I'm going to lace up tonight and get back at it (even though I know I am going to get mega blisters...)

What are your monthly goals? 


  1. Those are great goals. Good luck with running. I really need to start running again soon. I'm signed up for an obstacle course running event next month and I have not trained for it at all. Maybe I should use (inter)national running day as a reason to start!

  2. Great goals! Im trying to start running again too the C25K app is pretty great!

  3. Great goals! Hope today was the push you needed to get back on the running wagon :)

  4. Awesome goals..good luck with them!


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