June 23, 2014

Longest Day of the Year...

Before updating y'all on my first weekend of Summer (and a picture overload) I first need you to direct your attention to the picture below (I am bursting with excitement!)

I am the proud new puppy mama to that baby girl, named Krickit! My family has always had dogs, but this is my first ever puppy to call my own! I've known for forever that when I finally got a puppy her name would be Krickit, it was just finding the perfect puppy part that needed to happen

About 10 days ago a lady posted on O-town's garage sale group on FB that she had Chiwiennie (half chihuahua/half dachshund)  puppies for sale and they would be ready to go soon. A couple of months ago there had been another Chiwiennie puppy for sale (by a different family) and I came thisclose to getting her, only to find out she had been sold a couple hours before. My puppy plans went on the back burner after that, until one day when I was browsing through Facebook and my heart melted when I saw the pictures of Krickit and her siblings. I got the message on Friday night that Krickit was ready to go, and Toni and I headed to Carlyle on Saturday afternoon to pick up my new baby. Right before we left for Carlyle I was sitting on the deck at home and all I could hear were crickets. I took that as a sign that I was making a good decision about getting her

She is sooo tiny. I knew that she would be small from the pictures that I had seen on FB but I was unprepared for how tiny she was when I held her for the first time. It was definitely love at first sight. When I got back to the house later that afternoon, after stopping in for a visit at my cousin Star's place, there were 4 dogs at the house. Kendee and Kirby, my families dogs, and then my brother and SIL's dog, Dexter, and our family friend Moe's dog Rider. Krickit was a little overwhelmed by her new friends but they all get along great, which was my biggest concern

Now, back to the first weekend of the Summer (how excited is everyone else that it's finally Summer?!).  Mother Nature didn't seem to have gotten the memo that it's now Summer and that the sun is always supposed to shine and she decided to make the days cloudy and gloomy, with only the occasional glimpse of sunshine. However, the weather did coincide with the terrible news I received on Friday. Late Friday afternoon I found out that a former daycare family of mine (whose children will always hold a special place in my heart) lost their fiance/step-father/father in a quadding accident that morning. My stomach was in knots and my heart was (and still is) so heavy imaging how Jo is going to manage with 6 young children coping with the loss of their Dad,while she also copes with the loss of her fiance just months before their wedding. On the weekend I would look outside at the clouds and get annoyed that the sun wasn't shining, and then I would remember that this family was going through a tragedy and that the weather not cooperating is a non-issue and that I need to concentrate more on being thankful for the things that I do have. The Byers family could use all the positive vibes they can get, so please keep them in your thoughts and prayers

Despite the tragic news, and the gloomy weather, I wanted to start the first day of Summer off on a good note. I woke up early and started off my morning with coffee out on the deck, enjoying what little sun would come my way whenever the clouds would move and let the sun shine. After finishing my coffee, I moved on to Lime-A-Rita's (because I couldn't not start the first day of Summer off without alcohol!) And of course you already know what the best part of my day was. I also welcomed the first day of Summer with a blizzard from DQ while in Carlyle waiting to meet up with the lady dropping Krickit off (when is O-town going to finally get a DQ?!)

But back to Krickit.  I'm not going to lie, being a puppy parent is HARD work. If I didn't know before that I wasn't ready for babies, Krickit's first night at home would've definitely made me realize.  I wanted to start her out right, sleeping in her own bed in my room, but that definitely didn't happen. If I wasn't cuddling with her, or always touching her, she was crying. Obviously that was to be expected, on her first night away from her mom. So Krickit and I slept curled up together, sharing a pillow, and snuggled all night. Every couple of hours she would wake me up with a nasty puppy breath lick to the face, or a tiny paw batting at my face, and we would trudge outside, me with only one eye half open, for her to do her business. By 8:00 am (my normal weekend wake up time) I felt like I had been out drinking all night long and battling the worst hangover of my life. I'm definitely used to my uninterrupted 7 hrs of sleep each night! I like to keep things real on this space of mine, so here is what the first night of being a puppy parent looks like the morning after

The struggle is real. The longest day of the year thing turned out to be pretty accurate when I felt like I barely slept at all on Saturday night. Saturday and Sunday just kind of blurred together and felt never ending.  Oh, and right before this picture was taken, Krickit peed on my bed... It's a good things she's cute!

The girls had been at their Dad's for the weekend so they didn't meet Krickit until supper time on Sunday night. They both fell in  love right away and there have been numerous fights already about whose turn it is to hold her. Ay caramba!

The gloomy weather and the puppy snuggles didn't allow for much off the Summer Bucket List to get accomplished but getting Krickit was worth it! Last night the entire family was together and we had barbecued burgers and steaks, baked potatoes, and the most amazing macaroni salad EVER for supper. It  was a great way to end the first weekend of Summer :)

Cheers to Summer 2014!


  1. Holy moly, he is adorable! I'm glad you survived your first night as a puppy owner. It's a long road, but once they get used to their surroundings it's all worth it. Have fun, and cheers!

  2. Seriously SUCH a cute pup!! Can't wait to see more cuteness!! ;) So sorry to hear about the family's loss, will be thinking of them for sure.

  3. She is sooo cute!! The name is also too haha. Oh mannnnn that DQ blizzard looks amazing, I haven't had one in years.

    1. My 3 year old niece keeps forgetting her name and calling her 'Grasshopper'. Close enough? LOL

  4. oh my gosh, your puppy is ridiculously cute. and now i want a blizzard, but who am i kidding, i always want a blizzard.

  5. Oh my gosh! I am squealing like a little girl! Who doesn't love a sweet puppy!!! Also, Straw-ber-ita's are currently stocked in my fridge for Summer :)

  6. How am I just seeing this puppy?? Congrats momma, she is so stinking cute!! Dibs on dog sitting!!!! haha


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